How do you get your toddler to sleep at night?

Yalllll How are we getting our stubborn 3 year olds to sleep at night?

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1 mg melatonin gummy. If he doesn’t get it hell stay up till 3/4/5 in the morning. Hes also severly autistic

Melatonin and laying with them

I put on a movie, lay down with him, and then after awhile he normally falls asleep and I get up and go to bed myself. Normally if he has issues falling asleep I shut off the movie and only keep on a night light.

My son has a solid routine. Every night is the same. He knows what to expect and what is expected, it is something i enforced from a super young age…


What do you mean won’t sleep, like he comes to you for reassurance or he’s literally up all night