How do you give a toddler a breathing treatment?

How do you get a 3 year old to do a breathing treatment? My son has to a breathing treatment and it’s the first time in life he has had to have one and he is refusing to do it and he is saying it will hurt. Any advice?


Fun character masks and literally holding them down. I had to set my daughter against my chest and wrap my legs around her and hold her hands so she couldn’t take the mask off

I bought my daughter a fun mask from Amazon for the nebulizer! I let her pick it out and she never gave me an issue after that!

Just hold it as close as you can his face if he won’t let you put it on. Show him first by putting it up to your face that it won’t hurt then hold it as close to his face as possible until he’s comfortable with putting it on.

If he really needs it and you can’t wait until he is asleep you will just have to give it, sounds mean but tuck one of his arms behind your back (like having a cuddle) hold him close to your chest, he may kick and cry but won’t take long, stay calm and count the breaths out loud and give him lots of praise…then you can say “good boy all done, now let’s go play”

My son has a nebulizer in the shape of a panda and that seemed to help him

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I would give it to my daughter while she was sleeping I would just hold it in front of her face but idk if it’s the same treatment or not


I literally had to hold my daughter down to get her to do them, i would put her back against my chest and wrap my legs around her. He is probably going to cry and throw a fit, hold it up to his face as close as you can get it and he will breathe it in. It’s doesn’t absolutely need to be touching him, just get it as close as you can.


My son had to do that 5 x a day since he was 4 months old as he got older my older son had asthma also so he would help
Him to his buy playing a game with him

Do it while he’s sleeping.

Maybe don’t use the mask use just the tube with the mouth piece. Show him, you do it first for a few breaths, you don’t really have to inhale it. Put a show or something on to distract him. Or just hold it under his face so he is still breathing it, just not directly.

I would put it on myself without medication and let my daughter watch me. Then I would let her hold the mask while I “had” the treatment. And after I would say your turn. And I’d prepare it for her, and she was ready to try it

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Have him just put the mask on to show him that it won’t hurt then when it’s time for the treatment hopefully he’ll be OK with wearing it

My daughter gets anxious with the mask so I wil remove the mask from the pipe and hold it directly under her chin that way she inhales what is needed without the fuss and respecting her fears at the same time… She is now a little bigger so she wears the mask now while her unicorn wears the spare mask…

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Put the tubing into a hole you cut in a red solo cup- hold it up to his face. He will get the aerosol mist that way

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Before you put the medicine and you can turn it on put it up to your face a siblings even stuffed animals and showing it doesn’t hurt make it fun then say your turn to try hand him the tube and say here try it yourself grandson started doing treatments around two or three for asthma

The doctor told me to hold him tight and if he cries that is ok. The medicine is getting to him even faster.

Hold him down and do it. My son threw fits and cried like someone was killing him and the dr said let him because the more he cries the better he is getting the treatment. So that’s what I did and he fought Everytime but after a couple days he was better

Your doctor can prescribe a mask that attaches to the mouth piece specifically for infants and toddlers. That was the only way my son would do it.