How do you give an oatmeal bath?

How do you give an oatmeal bath? I never did it before. My baby is breaking out from a lotion I used on her. And she keeps scratching her belly.


This is what I used when I had poison ivy and it works amazing

Put some oatmeal in a sock and just put it in the bath.

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So my first time as a mom, my mother told me to do an oatmeal bath. So I told my husband to give them one before bed while I was at work. He just poured oatmeal right in the water :rofl::rofl: don’t do that! :rofl:


My Mammaw said to put oatmeal in an old stocking or knee high. Put in bath pat spots with oatmeal in hose. Alot cheaper than aveno… Works great for chicken pox also.


Aveeno!!! Works wonders for chicken pox too!! My mother did this for me when I was 7 and had chicken pox!

Dr. Teals has some very good bath soaks. Most grocery stores have it. It comes in a blue bag.

Put oats in a sock and put it around the spout let the water run through it!


Get a bag of plain oats. Put them in a sock and put a knot in it to keep it closed. Put it in the bathtub with hot water. Let the bath cool and then put baby in when the temperature is safe. Let them soak til the water goes cold :black_heart:

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I use a knee high stocking and pour the aveeno oatmeal bath in it and put it over the bath spout and it pours the water through it and into the tub. Works like a charm.

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I actually put oatmeal in an old sock and put it in the tub as it runs. It works wonders. Sometimes i add some oat milk aswell.

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I stick it in a washcloth tie the washcloth and let it sit in the water occasionally ill squeeze it over the baby