How do you handle being home alone at night?

Mamas who have husbands that work out of state for a week how do you get used to being home alone at night? Ive always suffered with anxiety and the thought of being home alone at night time has me worried sick. I have a almost 3 yo & am 30 weeks pregnant


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you handle being home alone at night?

Agreed with getting a dog comment. I’m a single mom. If I ever hear some random noise at night, first thing I do is look at my dogs. If they didn’t hear it, or aren’t concerned, I’m fine. They have excellent hearing and great instincts. They’ll also follow you everywhere and become your little best friend. You’ll always have them to talk to. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And if you can, hook up some cameras for piece of mind.

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Get a dog. Best company, unconditional love and scares away anyone and gives you confidence

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Pistol. Dog. A good protective breed such as Rottweiler, German Shepard, pit, etc. Mainly because in my experience they will be big teddy bears with you and your kids but will lose their minds over someone bothering you. Ring doorbell camera, those are awesome. And if you have screen doors, lock them over the top of your locked regular doors. I do this because if someone tries to open it you will hear it for sure.

It doesn’t bother me… I have had people try to break in if they get in they aren’t leaving alive… I do my normal stuff

Make sure your doors are locked, I have firearms and two german shepherds…

Hopefully you have family close by.

Lock all the doors and windows, put up motion lights and cameras to check, I also have 4 dogs and lots of guns :woman_shrugging:

Maybe a fan or white noise machine would help you fall asleep. Meditate to calm down (try You Tube “Tai Chi Ch’ih: Joy Through Movement —it’s easy & you have to concentrate on your breath & learn to push those other thoughts away). Ask your doctor about anti-anxiety meds after you’ve stopped breastfeeding. Make friends with your neighbors.