How do you handle bullying in middle school?

How do you handle bullying in middle school? My daughter is getting bullied by this girl. Its made her quit basketball, she’s completely with drawn … the girl i guess pulls her chair out from under her in the morning . Im so over it . I called the school counselor but i feep like the school is not going to do anything and the mom is one of the "my daughter does no wrong types ". So my daughter told her grandmother this and not me because she knows i wont just avoid it . Idk im really upset .


Keep going to the school , go up threw the ranks counselor , dean of student , principle, supertendent then school board, document everything . I had this issue many years ago the school wouldnt do anything the girl was a senior my daughter a freshman then i found out she was 18 . I told her in nice term that she was adult and so wasnt I.

Put your foot down and make the school do something. You’re your child’s voice. Be loud and be heard.


Don’t go to the counselor you need to go to the principal or vise principal. Keep bothering them until they give you a meeting with the other mom. Need to get it figured out regardless if its going to be a fight or not some kids and adults just don’t know how to act right anymore and need them to understand what they’re doing

You videotape your visit with the principal and the other girls parents addressing all these issues concerning your daughter. Use social media to your advantage, if nothing is done you have proof that your daughters wellbeing and safety is not of utmost importance to that principal and ultimately the school district. Take this as your daughters cry for help. Stay strong mamma. :heart:

Put her In martial arts its self defense.


Go to the principal, don’t let it go, file assault charges against the girl.

Teach your daughter to knock said girl in the mouth.

Maybe put her in martial arts so she can protect yourself and feel more confident.
If you have already gone to the school it’s time for the police station

Email them for you have evidence that you’ve contacted the school. If nothing gets better than you contact the superintendent in email n calls. Keep going higher in the line until it’s resolved.

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I’d be knocking on the kid’s door and ask their parents why their kid is a little :poop:

Keep pushing and don’t stop. Every incident, report it. If they aren’t taking action, take it to the media/social media. Blast their Facebook page.

As for your daughter, get her into a self defense type class. Martial arts of some kind. Not only will she learn to defend herself if that little a**hole puts her hands on your child again, but it will also teach her to be confident in herself.

Don’t stop pushing for her.