How do you handle joint birthday parties?

For those of you who have done joint birthdays for their kids….how did you do present time? Did you let them both just open their gifts at the same time or did you have them take turns etc? This is the first year we are doing a joint bday for my 7 & 5 year old due to my due date being so close to their birthdays.


We opened same time. Or one present one kid at a time. We have always done them together since their bdays are 3 weeks apart and both are boys. They have requested their own birthday parties so next year we will go that route.

My brother and I always had joint birthdays when we were growing up. He’s 2 years older than me, but our birthdays are only a day apart. We would always open them together. We were each handed gifts, and would alternate who opened theirs first.

We recently did this. We did 2 personal size cakes, one for each, with cupcakes for everybody else. And they opened presents at the same time! It was convenient but each child still felt special.

I did this with 3 kids one was turning 14 ,10 and one 4 we did multiple cupcakes with their favorite colors. We let them open their gifts together.

We have our girls open presents together… They were born the same day just 4 yrs apart…

My kids were 4 years and 2 days apart. We always did joint parties and they take turn opening gifts

Mine take turns or we open presents at home.

My niece & son are 6 hours apart and we’ve always done birthdays together we let them open it together 1 present each .

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You will have a triple birthday party next year. Lol

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I haven’t done it with my kids. But me and my sister always had shared parties. We always shared a cake but had our own gifts and we’d open them same time. We’d blow out candles together (they’d have my number on one side and hers on the other, we are 2 years apart)…

The last few years me and my daughter have celebrated ours together. (Her preference cause our bdays are 3 days apart) I’m 28, she’s 8. We usually take a trip instead of doing a party. We always have separate cakes but she gets presents and I don’t anymore cause I’m the mom now :rofl:

My kids are now 25 and 22 they were born 2 weeks apart right after Xmas and money was tight all the time … we got 2 separate cakes with anything they wanted on them … they took turns opening up their gifts …

My girls were both born June 19th exactly a year apart, we do a “joint” party they each get a mini cake with whatever theme they want then open gifts at the same time. They’re still young 4/5 so not sure how we’ll approach when older, but it works for us!

My 2 boys birthdays are 4 days apart, so we just did their party at the same time. We did presents at the same time for both, at that time my then 3 year old was only interested in the cake :joy:

Take presants home to open, saves items going missing

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So recently at a party we went to they had the birthday boy open the presents as the guest were leaving he would open the one from that person or family and I really liked it. It didn’t take 30 mins out of the party time to sit and watch, people didn’t have to feel bad if they maybe couldn’t afford something as nice as someone else. I’m having a joint party for my soon to be 3 &5 year Olds and I plan on doing it that way More Than Moms

Same time cake at same time each gets there own cake thou I have 5 and 2 of my kids bday back to back April 11th and 8th and a couple weeks after got another bday May 1st spring is so crazy and expensive also mine and my big sis have back to back bdays she is July 3rd mine July 4th so my mom naturally did ours together on the 4th separate cakes but done at same time :person_shrugging:

We don’t even open gifts at the birthday party anymore so at home just go to town but keep cards with the presents so you can do thank you cards


Why do they need to open gifts at the party? That takes all day.


identical twin sons, each have their own cake, presents are opened at the same time, more often than not its because they are getting the same thing :rofl:their birthdays are 7 days before christmas, never ever do they get combined birthday /christmas presents

My sister and I are 5 days apart lol. We just opened em at the same time. Blew candles out together, etc.

We open presents at the same time