How do you handle mom burn out?

How do you deal with major burn out? It’s been over a month and I’m at the point where I just want to hide from everything. I’m so tired and stressed and most everything bugs or irritates me. I feel like I’m such a bad mom and wife because I resort to yelling way faster. I’m trying to do self care but I have such a hard time with that. My brain keeps telling me that I don’t deserve it and that I have to keep going. My husband works full time and helps when he can. He tells me to relax I just don’t know how to anymore.


If I’m being honest I don’t think it will ever go away hun. Try to get as much rest as possible and stay hydrated. Try caffeine even though it’s not the best option, it may help with the tired feeling

I’m going out of town and meeting up with a “friend”

It doesn’t go away. Good luck

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Meditation for sure, this creates balance within the brain to cope with stress.

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Mine is 8 and I haven’t had a day off from parenting. Only over the last year do I get a few hours since we moved to another city. Kids can play at the community playground by themselves as there are always people with babies and toddlers. Other than that we take a dose of natural melatonin together and sleep until 1 or 2pm on a Sunday.

I’ve only ever stayed home with my kids long enough to heal from each c section (3). I’m starting week 4 of my most recent birth and I wanna hide somewhere with chocolate, in my robe, to cry and then sleep for 12 hours. I’m so in love with all 3 of my children and I have a wonderful husband… it’s just a lot and I keep telling myself if won’t be like this forever… That I need to appreciate this time with my family but it’s really really hard. Try to love yourself and if you’re like me and lucky to have a husband who loves you try to cut him and your kids some slack… We’re all in it together. We all deserve some grace :sweat_smile:


Schedule an entire day where your husband watches the kids while you go and do whatever you want. Go out to eat by yourself. Go to the park. Go to a movie. Somewhere you can be alone. It’s okay to be alone.
Decompress and realize you deserve it.

F the rest .


Mumma? Find some time, only 10 mins if need be to sit down with a drink of choice and chill. You owe it to your fam to be the best you can. You deserve time out, to look after you, it depends on age of yr kids too. If bub in pram, go for walk, and sit in park or even at home in back yard, read a book or mag, or just sit and zone out, and concentrate on yr breathing. That can be hugely beneficial for you. The if you can go out for a coffee and chat weekly with friends that can help. That would have helped me as a young Mum. Once a year a good medical check is important to make sure you aren’t lacking anything.

Reconnect with something you love that’s just for you. Immerse yourself in a good book. Get a hotel room just for a night to be alone, take a long bath and gorge on take out. Get a massage or pedicure. Get brunch with your tribe. Take a painting class. Whatever gives you a refresh and let’s you just be YOU. Not mom. Not wife. Just YOU. You were you before a husband and kids…find you again.

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prayer helps me n i can admit i become stubborn n comfortable in being grouchy mom who yells and is mad but then i always have to remind myself to pray and pray just try to continuously find motivation in things, romanticizing life… reflecting on Gaza all the palestine children who have passed . thankful for each night i can sleep under the same roof w all my babies is a blessing

Get help and take a break. You need it and your kids need it. It’s ok to take care of yourself.

Can you get a sitter one day a week? Take them to someone and then do what you want even if it’s to just go home and take a hot bath then nap then whatever.

Have you checked your thyroid lately?? Sound very similar to symptoms of hypothyroidism


Antidepressants is the only thing that helped me.

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Music if your feeling stressed with ear buds in

Postpartum rage is a thing. You are tired and overwhelmed and overstimulated. Practice having better reactions. Get some self care. Do what you need to do for your mental health so you can in turn be a better mom and wife. This too shall pass.

Big girl panties and push on…


Well lets just hope your husband…And sole bread winner…With the entire weight of financial support for the family on his shoulders…Also does not go into a self pitying poor me melt down…You have three choices…Well four actually but here are the first three…1) On your own you suck it up, re-evaluate, and get your program straightened out for everyone’s betterment…2) Along with #1 above you seek professional help and endeavor to right your listing personal ship…3) Punt…Acknowledge this is not your bag…Serve notice and bail out to your happy place…But please…Do not drag it out…I’m sure people, close enough, notice your listless & less than enthusiastic demeanor…Good luck…

I’m happy to hear you have a supportive husband. I said find a baby sitter and take some time off for yourself. Hang out with sister/friend. Go to the spa or something. You got this🙏🏻

If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anyone else. Leave and spend time with something you enjoy. I used to get in the car at night or wake up early morning and be by myself