How do you handle terrible twos?

How did y’all deal with terrible twos? My son will be 2 in June and he’sgetting some behavioral issues. And no, he’s not on the spectrum. He just started saying ”no” and “stop” to everything. Screaming at the top of his lungs in stores. Screaming and kicking when it’s bed time. Just looking for some advice on how to handle the tough situations. He’s not always like this, but here lately it’s getting rough!


I have five kids, and my best advice is not to sweat what other people think when these things happen. Sometimes the worst part is the anxiety you feel as a parent about this in public. Let that go. Anyone that’s been there understands, and anyone that hasn’t never really will. It’s a phase - it passes like all the rest!


It gets worse every year after they turn 2. Just enjoy the ride :rofl:
I got a threenager (almost a fournager), and a newly terrible 2. It’s a party every day :rofl:


When my 2 year old daughter used to scream at dinner time I would put her outside the back kitchen door until she stopped.


If at the store, pick him up and leave if you are able or if you can leave him at home with someone . Bed time make sure all his needs are taken care of, make the room safe , tuck him in , put a safety knob cover on his door and let him have his tantrum. He will figure out that you aren’t going to put up with the crap, set your rules and don’t back down, the years get harder.

One day at a time.
But in my experience the worst is yet to come (3-4)
So one day at a time. And pause to breathe. A lot.


Give up on worrying about what others think about you and do what you need to do get control of the situation. The worst has yet to come but my the best advice I have seen on here is to breathe and make sure you are consistent on everything you say. They will push and when they figure out that you will bend they will push every time until you bend each time getting worse. Stay solid mama you got this. We all know it’s hard sometimes.

Time outs AFTER first warning for 2 minutes and if he gets out of time out put him back in and keep repeating until he stays in time out than get down on his level and explain why you put him there and he needs to say sorry and a hug…

You’ll have to be very very consistent or it won’t work. At age 2 they’re starting to learn boundaries and independence.

Bedtime situation take him to his bed give him hugs and kisses tuck him in and if he gets out of bed don’t say anything to him and pick him up and take him to his bed and repeat this until he stays in bed also. Also make a bedtime routine with story time cuddles brushing teeth and some calming music and calming smells (lavender)

Store situation find a spot in the store to put him in timeout (yes people will stare but oh well who cares it’s your child not theirs so) but you can also take him back to your vehicle and sit in there and tell him you guys won’t be going in until he can behaves and repeat and after 3rd time just go home (yes it’s hard especially if you need stuff)

Stop calling it the “terrible twos”. It just reinforces that the behavior is to be expected, and there is nothing you can do about it. While there is an aspect to toddler-hood that is meant to test the boundaries, that doesn’t mean that it’s “terrible”. I would look at how much screen time he is having. Screen time has been linked to impulsivity and poor decision making in kids, which is only exacerbated the younger they are. Conversely, time outside, especially before noon, helps a child to regulate their sleep and emotions, which makes outbursts less frequent. My children (ages 8, 5, and 1) squabble SO MUCH LESS when we are outside. It’s almost nonexistent. But if I let them on the iPad they’re fighting over videos to watch and who had more turns. If you’ve read this far, I’d also suggest giving your child options so they feel more in control such as: It’s time for bed now. Would you rather brush your teeth or get PJs on first? Feel in control also helps mitigate outbursts.

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Anytime we were doing something in public and my son started throwing a fit we’d leave immediately and if we were visiting family we’d leave him behind. That stopped public fits. The private ones I’d just ignore him. No eye contact, no speaking but also making sure he stayed safe.

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It’s terrible 2s trying 3 is worse it’s rough I have no suggestions.


He is not even two yet still a baby just trying to figure his emotions out bless him, ignore it don’t fight fire with fire doesn’t work.

Just have a lot of patience and never give in to them once you do they are the boss lol

See I will put my daughter who is 2 years old and loves to scream and throw a fit over everything. She goes in the corner wit her arms up. I can’t speak her. I am trying my best but some days are hard and I don’t know what to

My 3 year old daughter is so good and she doesn’t throw her fits

Hahaha. Hang on tight. 3 is way worse.


Terrible 2s started at 13 months and went til almost four and a half. No matter what I did. My son eventually grew out of it but it was rough for me mentally and physically

Good old fashioned spanking while they are young so they learn to not act up when older