How do you handle toddler temper tantrums?

Is this normal? My daughter is almost 2 and is really in the temper tantrum phase. Tonight she through a fit over me needing to change her shirt. But it’s more than just yelling and crying. Every tantrum she will hurt herself. She throws herself on to the floor from standing position. She doesn’t even try to brake the fall. She slams her head into anything nearby, whether it’s the floor, the wall, the crib, toys, bookshelf, you name it. She even does it on concrete floor. It’s always over something ridiculous like I tell her no, or get your socks on. I know tantrums are normal but I’m not so sure about the self harm. Any advice?? Please no rude comments. It really breaks my heart when she’s hurting herself, and I try to intervene and calm her, but she still needs to do what I asked.


My 3 yr old has autism sounds like what he does when he gets upset but he can’t talk.

She is normal… Don’t worry and don’t give in… My 3 year old licks the floor as punishment to me if i tell her no…🤦🤷


Well at 2, the tantrums begin. How you respond to her negative behavior will determine how bad it gets. My son was bad and beat his head on walls, floors etc. I worked at CMC ER and asked ER docs about my frustration. He said , walk away. Eventually he will figure it out that it hurts doing that. Plus if you react, she learns to manipulate you. Not responding at the moment teaches her, that trick won’t work.


My kids used to do that so I ignored them every time they did that and eventually they quit.

My nephew would charge into walls headfirst at that age. My daughter would also pull the “throw herself backwards” fits frequently. You have a very emotional very stubborn toddler. :tada:Yay parenting…:tada:

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My 1.5 year old will slap herself in the face when told no or to do something she doesn’t want to do and is starting to drop herself to the floor. Its normal

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Just wait until she starts fake falling for that reaction. :joy: Eventually you will just get used to it. But then she will become normal one day out of nowhere.


Yes it is normal. My daughter had a bruise on the middle of her forehead for almost a year. Pediatrician said she is fine and to completely ignore it.

Watch supernanny for a few episodes. It teaches great techniques on getting your children to listen to you and the techniques help show you how to handle the tantrums


Toddlers are jerks tbh. My oldest son did this same thing when he was little to the point he’d always have bruises on his forehead. It was so frustrating and stressful. I tried everything to make him stop. Finally talked to the dr about it. She said ignore it completely, even negative attention is attention for the behavior. I did this and within a week he had stopped.


My son did this…his father also did it…my mil said that my ex didnt stop until he busted his head open on a curb and our son didnt stop until he knocked himself out! All I can say is he ready to pick her up if you can gauge her reactions…I used to pick my son up and hold him in a hug when he was upset but of course sometimes they get mad at such random stuff at that age you cant always know when they are about to go nuclear :confused: thankfully my son decided it was not in his best interest to knock himself out when it ended in an ambulance ride and being poked and prodded at the ER …he also simultaneously held his breath as he passed out so he turned blue…his very first new years eve…so he was 1…and I flipped out…and called 911 even though we got him awake and breathing again right away dr said he was fine meanwhile I was sitting there needing a sedative! Lol hopefully you can find a way to show her it is against her best interests (as in the opposite of getting her what she wants) without her having to hurt herself before learning better :frowning:

Welcome to the terrible twos.

My baby is now 4, but when she was two she would hit herself in the head when she didn’t get her way. It is normal.

My daughter chucked a tantrum in a hardware store one and intentionally head butted the cement floor. And a tin of paint. She was fine, and a few days later did similar. Then she stopped with the head, and started biting herself instead (never bit anyone else, though). She’s grown out of the self harm at almost 5, and instead just screams shrilly until I find some way to distract her.

It’s normal. My five year old went through that stage very badly when he was 1-3ishyrs old. Not only would he throw himself around but he would also headbutt the wall and floor and even still does the headbutting every once in a while. Thankfully, my youngest isn’t much into the selfharm - he would rather toss/throw things and scream it out.

Oh yes its very normal, when mine do that I turn my back while staying in the room and pretend to ignore them, it works most of the time since mine are usually just looking for my reaction

Completely normal. My favorites are when my 2 year old throws herself to the floor and then just lays there going “owww”

They learn what hurts eventually

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My 2 yr old is in this phase where just me looking at him the wrong way warrents a totally meltdown. He also slams his head on the floor when he gets super upset/angry which yet again is totally normal since they cant filter or even understand their emotions correctly yet.
Stay strong momma and pick your battles! Learning to walk away until they calm down some isnt easy but oncw they do calm down some letting them know you understand why they feel the way they do ex. “Honey I understand that your feeling angry because of -, but it isnt okay to…” and so forth can help them learn to communicate their feeling to you. Its a never ending battle but with our help our toddlers can learn ways to let out their anger!

When she starts her tantrum walk away and ignore her. She’ll eventually see that she isnt getting a reaction or attention from it and stop. Dont baby her. She’ll hit herself too hard at one point and realize damn that hurt.

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My son will be 2 in march and his fits are our of this world insane. I’ve had to stop him from him banging his head into everything. He will take my kitchen chairs and slam them. Screams at the top of his lungs. Always when he doesn’t get his way or if I tell him to say sorry for something. I’m right there with ya! This is my first so I’m praying this is just a faze

Normal. My now 3.5 year old did that for about 4 months. She would throw herself down and slam her head back over and over. We finally just started ignoring her and she stopped.

Phew!! Im glad im not alone here… My 23 months old daughter bangs her head on floor but not too hard… She looks for a good surface that wont hurt and bangs lightly i tell her keep on doing it so she can get hurt and learn but she will stop.

Yes! It’s normal, but so tough to Mom through. My son went through a head banging phase. I even have video of me telling him no and him screeching and walking over to a cupboard, opening the door and slamming his forehead into the edge of the open door :pensive: sending love and hoping it ends soon for you.

I don’t know how normal it is, but in my experience, my oldest did this at this age and ended up being autistic. Not saying your daughter is, but it’s good to keep an open mind if you’re really concerned and it doesn’t get better. Good luck <3

My son is the same way :neutral_face: he gets so mad sometimes he will literally sit there and bang his head on the floor.

According to my mom my brother used to do the same thing. He also used to hold his breath untill he passed out. She would just walk away and leave him to it. His pediatrician told her that one day he’d hit himself too hard and decide not to do it anymore. For the holding breath he also told her it wasn’t dangerous if he made himself pass out because he would automatically start breathing again and wake up a few seconds/minuets later. He finally grew out of both around 4.

Yup normal. Honestly 4 yrs is worse. Hang in there!!

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Sadly it is normal. I’ve worked childcare for 10 years. In all my training I’ve learned move them to a soft spot (rug, bed, couch, etc) and walk away.

My daughter used to throw herself down and then bonk her head on the floor to really push herself. I would stand her up or hollar for her to stand up. Told her if shes gonna cry and fit she’ll do it standing

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It’s usually just a phase. Don’t give into the fit. You can try to put the child in an area where he/she is less likely to get hurt but do not give into it. It will then become an attention behavior

That was my youngest. She finally grew out of it but I had to put a helmet on her head. Told her if she’s going to do that and throw a hissy fit then she can do it while being safe

you as a parent respond when child is hurt in a way they like. So if you are not doing what they like they hurt themselves to get the response they want . Stand firm, and talk when they calm down

My 2 year old does this all the damn time! Frustrating as all hell but super normal. We either walk away or stand him up and send him to his room. Once he realizes we don’t pay attention to it he will stop.

My 6 year Old daughter does this we were told to take her to a special doctor about it

Feel sorry for you parent’s never seen this.

I guess every child goes through this . Not to blame you but they do it for attention. I ignore my children when they throw fits and they are better behaved than most atleast that ive seen. Doctors will also tell you to ignore it. If they see it doesn’t get your attention they will eventually stop but im guessing thats when it just begins . It seems to me youve been running to your child alot and thats why it has gotten worse. I would ask her Dr. What they recommend.

Put her in a bed room close door tell her when she wants to behave call you and do not check on her tough love

It’s funny because my almost 2 year old does the same… Only… He gently lays on the floor, and then peaks to see if we’re reacting. :joy::joy:

My middle child did this when she was over tired. Between 1 and 2. She out grew. Is still a grump when over tired though :joy:

Crystal Johnny McCoy sounds like what your going through

Just laugh really loud every time she throws tantrum, roll on the floor like her laughing.