How do you handle visitation with the other parent?

My husband and I are getting a divorce. We have three daughters together 10, 7, and 5. He wanted every weekend for the school year but I want weekend time to and feel the kids also deserve some weekend time. I asked for every other he said if he can have them a few nights during the week… I’m even fine with him having all weekends as long as I can have them when I want them every once in a while with weekends if I tell him in advance. He never cared about school when we were together. I did all pick up and drop off, school meetings, homework, etc. He hated even picking them up or dropping them off the occasional times he’s had to because I was unavailable to do so. I don’t understand it. Honestly he was never extremely involved too much. For single mamas I’m just wondering how did/do you do your visitation with the other parent?


Honestly nd think ur gonna get this alot…
He has just as much right as you… there are so many 0ther parents that don’t even bother don’t care. But also, back to his rights… get that he was maybe never super involved but… I think as my ex-husband did, he was just use to least having the kids around, now that’s all gonna change, he wants them, nd its not fair to them to only see him a few days a month when it’s cause of what u want… if he was a decent loving father , then u r only hurting the kids nd sorry just bein toxic., only my view but sucks I’ve seen dads have to fight tooth nd nail cause moms think they have some God giving right… not all moms, just sole, just like not all men r good dads but alot deserve alot more time nd credit then they get, only to be treated as a support cheque nd a after thought… we tryed to stick to minimum of every other weeknd if he wanted them more he just said so on a ok let me know… don’t do it last last min, but hey if they wanna go nd he wants them… don’t be that parent that they reset cause the other wanted them nd tryed. Also seen that first hand, nd it doesn’t go well. I agree with a comment I just saw… 1 week , 1 week is great if yr able to swing it. It gives consistency as well.


Offer Wednesdays and eow ? Or M and Tues on the oew he has them so he has 4 day eow ?

Every other weekend.
1 night during the week.
Did every other Thanksgiving
For Christmas
It was either he had them eve. To Christmas afternoon.
I had the rest of the day
Every other year
Some people do it different.
Plus he did all the driving

My daughter dad and I co parent (he has 2 children with same mom). He takes our daughter to school and he picks up his other kids from school. He asks me and other mom for his kids and we let him. He’s a great dad and we (other mom and I) have our kids full time and he gets them whenever he wants. He’s not a good partner but a great dad,….In your case seems correct what he wants is fair if you want some weekends too. Even though he never really cared about the school stuff, it’s his time to start caring. So give it a trial run and see how it goes.

We do every other weekend. He has them M-Wednesday mornings and I have them Wednesday night til Friday afternoons and then every other weekend. So, every other week, we each have them 5 days. Also, if we have something going on, we ask each other to switch time before a baby sitter. Our kids are now 10,13 and 17 and can pick and choose basically if they want extra time with the other parent.

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im currently going through this in court. dad is trying to keep every single weekend (refusing to do during the week) and i have no weekend time!! its not right in slightest. hopefully yous sort it out urselfs!

My 9 yr old lives with me Monday through Friday and goes to school with my district, i handle everything involved in that area, her dad gets her every weekend from Friday after to school to Sunday around 7pm, holidays we compromise I get Halloween he gets Easter, he gets her Christmas Eve into Christmas morning I pick her up around 8-9am Christmas morning!! And weekend we have compromised also if I have wanted to do something with her on Saturday then I’ll let her stay a night at his house on a school night, it works pretty well, we have always tried to coparent without going to court and yes sometimes it’s not easy but after a few years it’s gotten so much better

I have my son Sunday nights at 6pm to Friday nights at 6pm, his dad gets him 3 weekends a month and I get him one weekend. I also get all holidays(Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving) that’s what we decided worked best for us. I do all the school stuff, drs apts etc.

It will start out as every weekend but then I imagine he will find it interferes with things he wants to do. If he genuinely wants to be a better parent, don’t stand in his way.

Fathers have rights. I’m a huge advocate for fathers and their rights. I’ve lived a life where a great father was made out to be a horrible individual and lies from the other party cost him a relationship with his child. A lot of the times us, women (I’m not saying it pertains to everyone) we take on all the parental responsibilities- making appointments, school pick up/drops, school activities. We assume the dad doesn’t like doing it because we’ve just assumed the role and taken over. I read the post and see that dear old dad didn’t like doing that stuff- but there could have been reasons why. Or could be a typical man bitchin’ he’s gotta do something :sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:
Do I believe he should have every weekend? No. I don’t think thats fair to you, your entitled to family time that doesn’t revolve around school days. I’ve seen a lot of week on week offs- I think if this can happen its great for everyone involved. Its completely shared custody and everyone gets the same. Make sure your holidays are ironed out as well. Makes the transition for children SO much easier

We just do every other weekend. And most times he’s not even wanting to pick her up for that.

I would let him have weekends, you’ll have them most of the time anyways. He should go for 50/50 if that’s the case.

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Do not go off of ‘‘im fin with weekends as long as i can have them when i want’’. it wont end up that week. Split the week and you each can take a weekend day. problem solved.

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50/50 is the norm usually

We do one week on one week off, Monday to Monday, if we need to trade we do, we alternate holidays every year. Our children are 6 and 9 been doing it since they were 3 and 5

He may change his duties being a single father. Don’t limit him without knowing. Our court order is every other weekend. However, he will get them Thursday-Sunday sometimes. It really just depends on his schedule. My kids father told me that he feels like he’s “aloud to do more and wants to do more” being a single father, he said it’s different, having another person to help vs not having that person…he feels like a better dad because of our separation. I also have a bonus daughter so he lucks out on holidays because I want them all together and we don’t usually get major holidays with her.

My ex has our son 3 weekends a month and I have him the rest of the time. If our son wants to go to dad’s and nothing else is planned he may take him on “my weekend”. School vacations are discussed each time and we alternate holidays.