How do you handle your MIL?

how do you mommas deal with a mother in law that is always around and not ever happy with a single parenting choice you make?

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you handle your MIL?

Tell her to go back to her house.


Tell her to STFU or go away.

Stop caring what she thinks.
Hear me out. My ex’s mother is freaking horrible, but I tried for Years to try to make her like me, to be the bigger person, to make it work because I wanted things to be easier for my ex since we were both women in his life. But it was a Huge source of stress, dealing with such a witch and struggling for some sort of relationship when she wasn’t willing to be genuine. So I just stopped giving a shit. You can’t build good repor with someone who doesn’t want to.

How do you have a mother in law if you are a single parent?

Tell her she’s in the wrong house

Tell her you need some space and time with just your husband and kid(s). That you appreciate her “help” but you’ve got it. Kill her with kindness, but be firm in telling her that she needs to leave your home. Talk to your husband, she is his mother. Does he get annoyed that his mother is always around or just kinda accepts it because he was raised with that same pushiness?

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