How do you have alone time when your kids get older?

I have a question about bedtime/adult-only time. I have one son, just turned 7. He goes to bed at 8 pm right now, and 8-10 pm is my husband and my alone time for our adult tv shows, intimate time, talking, etc. I’m wondering how other parents keep their alone time as their kids get older. As my son gets older, he will want to stay up later, and I’m not sure how to get around this? As it is right now, he goes to bed when it is light outside at eight, lol, and it seems early, but I do not want him to stay up later. I do not want to lose the adult-only time we have. I get up for work early, around 5 am, so staying up later for me is not really something I’d like to do either. Do I allow him to stay up later but need to stay in his room? Does it come down to me getting less sleep staying up later myself, or we just lose our alone time as he gets older?? And this is normal? How does it work in everyone else’s households?

I feel like the older they get the more likely they will be in their bedroom anyways honestly lol. At least that’s how my kids are