How do you hide veggies in your kids food?

How do you hide veggies in your kids food? My kids despise anything green

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Pasta sauce is super easy, you can even buy ready made jars now full of veggies.

Smoothies & ice cream and make food fun!

Steam them, then puree. Mixes in sauces easy. Especially tomato based sauces.

I cut veggies up as small as I can get them, same with meat and mix in a side dish.

i dice a lot very finely and put it things like sloppy joes & ground beef when making spaghetti :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:

Add v8 to sauces and soups

Don’t. My child stopped eating pasta sauces and a whole range of foods due to people trying to hide veg in it. Instead, try cooking them in different ways or getting the kids involved in cooking. Mushy broccoli hidden in a sauce or barely cooked broccoli covered in cheese? Which would you pick? Raw veggies are also great.

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You don’t. Coming from someone super picky, nothing hides the taste. I can tell by the smell, texture, and flavor.