How do you interact with a 4 month old?

How do you play with a 4-month-old? I love to interact with my kids (I have a four y/o stepdaughter), but I’m running out of ideas on how to play with him. I find myself watching Baby Einsteins and on my phone, which I HATE! (No shame to mamas who do so) I read books and sing to him, but we can only do that for so long. Any ideas?


Tummy time…boxes and pots and pans on the floor and spatulas…just just like new things at that age and colors

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Tickle, make faces, funny sounds, any interaction is good.

At 4 years old try some arts and crafts for they love making things . But 4 months stretches and tummy time , tickles .

Talk a lot and narrate everything! Even though it’s not playing it’s so interactive and good for their development. Lots of music helped for me too. My daughter is obsessed with music she’s 13 months now

Ohhhh when mines were that small I talked to them all the time!!! I read books to them, sang songs, played classical music for them :heart:

I got a 5 month old he loves when we sit in the back yard n look at our pet chickens. He also likes me to put him on his carrier facing forward while I do my chores n I talk to him.

Rock him, play peek a boo, tummy time, sing to him, read him a book, puppet show, etc

Honestly there isnt much to do with a 4mth old. Just make sure whatever ur doing when ur giveing him attention has good vibes comeing from u.
U can even work out next to him(some try to imitate), encourage tummy time.
I didnt do much with mine, wed read a few mins, it was mainly bounce on mommy time &sound like a teradaktal(the flying dinosaur, lol) i did talk threw everything i was doing(random stories, talking bout the day, what i was doing and why, checking on him & his feelings/interests)


You play with them and talk to them when their 4 months old. Or give them baby toys and tummy time.

Attention… just what your doing… engaging with the baby… books, colors , talking, telling stories… your voice is what she will remember . Holding touch etc great job for doing what your doing !!

Books blocks, puzzles, familiar games like peekaboo with them are always good and comforting. Water play and other sensory items. Going on walks and mainly just interacting

They are hilarious. Interact with them and laugh your ass off. Also sing to them and they will dance.

Try a ton of different things and see what makes them laugh. My kid loved being on her back and I did push ups coming down fast and kissing her nose. Copy what body movements they do and they’ll notice. Try getting them to hit something to make noise. Tummy time. If he’s a foot locker, put him on his back or tummy feet right up against the wall or couch so he can push hself a little bit. Babies like adult music too. Mine loved korn, Metallica, old irish songs, country and danced a lot

Think of your baby as a curious little scientist.Babies love to touch and taste.Allow your baby to touch different safe textures such as cotton and silk.Messy fun is always great.Bubbles will entertain also.Allow your baby to have tummy time on the floor.Play a variety of music to see which one he or she prefers.Black and white color patterns also can stimulate brain development.Sing to your baby.Babies can pick out the sound of their mom’s voice in a crowd.Give your baby simple taste experiences.Enjoy this time because it goes by fast.

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Not much else to do . Maybe download the basic baby sign language. It will make understanding their needs sooooo much better.

Peek a boo, take baby and show them different things/lights/sounds inside and outside. Tummy time. Different things to get their senses and brains going. Sing. Read.

Baby exersizes while talking to your child.

Incorporate them into your daily routines. Do things like prop baby up while you fold clothes and give them a piece clothing to “help”, set baby in a bumbo or something similar away from the edge and stove on the counter while you cook. Give them a wooden spoon or object to hold while you cook. Talk to the baby like you would an adult.


Ditch the TV and just talk. Talk about everything you are doing. Babies don’t require a lot of toys and really shouldn’t be getting any screen time. Move them around to different location, position. Most importantly, talk sing or read to them.


You’re doin great momma! 4 month olds are super fun I think. Just talk and tell them what you’re doing as you’re doing it. Sing songs about everything from doing the dishes to changing diapers. Take them on walks and talk about what you see. Read lots of books. Go to the park and swing. Snuggle and take naps together. But also let them learn to be independent. Lay toys out in a blanket around them on the floor or lay them down on their play mat and let them kick and coo for a short amount of time without you. Just let them be your little buddy. That age is priceless.

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Narrate what you’re doing through your routine
Dancing and singing (use the babe as a mic even LOL)


We do tummy time, read books, go for walks outside, tickle, I sing to him, talk to him. There’s only so much you can do with a 4 month old :joy: I am starting to find he’s actually getting bored more easily these days.

I just talked with my kids at that age, and cuddled, and sang, and handed them things they could grab… They’re not usually into “playing” at 4 months and they’re just figuring the world out still so very mundane things to us can be very stimulating to them.

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Intrtaction is key!Taking imo avoid baby talk, use proper words, reading, toys with lights and sounds, patty cake , peek a boo, tummy time , a saucer, tummy time water bages * Pinterest*

My son has always loved baths. Make some baby soup bubbles get a rubber duck and watch him play with delight. Then lotion him up by massaging it into his legs and arms while naming them and giving him every tid bit of knowledge you have for it. This will help build his language skills and its good for his skin especially in winter. I called it baby spa day. Used to do it with my son every 3 days. Now he is 4 and likes the massage so much that i still do it twice a week. Occasionally on bad days he will ask for it. It works well for us because little man has eczema. But it was also great fun and time consuming so yeah.

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Just talk to him pick him up ealk around the house tell him about all the different rooms, read a book and put on funny voices for different characters,have tummy time, give him soft toys to play with get a teddy and play with him as if teddy is talking, go for a walk and face him towards you in the pram, go where nature is so he can see all the trees. Find a little playgroup for infants in uk we have sure start, get him some age appropriate toys x

As simple as a TV may seem they make shit so much more complicated and stressing with baby’s and kids.

Bicycle legs, nurses rhymes while you move their arms and legs around, my 5 month old thought the squeaky toy in the bath was hilarious, minebhates tummy time, not all like it. Idk probably everything you’re already doing. I don’t take walks because I live in a sketchy neighborhood.

Play on playmats, lots of tummy time, play with toys and stuffys, sitting him on you and look at different things, put him in front of a mirror and talk and laugh, clap hands while singing songs, walk and sit outside. I have a 4 month old daughter as well and we keep busy between naps :slight_smile:

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Talk, sing, dance, [email protected] t

Toys… talk and sign to him thats the greatest thing you can do, sensory activities, read, face reaction activities, etc hes learning so teach him make it a learning experience

You can read forever, but sing to him, give safe kisses, show pictures or objects and say what they are, give things they can grasp to practice motor skills, peek a boo, fingers and toes, and overall just cuddle and sit together.

I mostly baby wore and did things around the house while talking to babe about what I was doing. My baby loved her gym and would chill so calmly in it. We went on lots of walks she loves outside. Read tons of books to her. Sang songs. Danced around while baby wearing. At that age everything is new and fascinating.

And here my dumb ass is talking and playing and singing to puppies - ps: my dog loves Karen carpenter

We bought transitional toys with lights and sounds, laying them on the floor with music or giving them small objects to touch and chew on

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I talked to them all day. I sang and rocked with them in the wrap. I am a big advocate of baby wearing. I would catch my little one just staring at my face. And its stills makes me tear up lol. For tummy time which she hated and learned to roll real quick. I got down and just showed pictures and different toys that were contrasting colors or black and white Made different sounds. We also had a crib toy that was a fish aquarium she liked that… Tubs were a hit too.

Tummy time, back time in a baby gym, sing, read, narrate what you’re doing.
My 3 mo loves head shoulders knees and toes, her fuzzy rainbow llama when it tickles her face, and her teething blanket the has a squeaker in the middle.

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Just talk to him awesome for developing language skills.

If all else fails hand him a pack of baby wipes that is the best toy ever :joy::joy:

My child didn’t see a tv on till she was 9 months almost 10 months old. Even now at 19 months she has her moments with seeing what’s on tv but loves her books and baby. We talked and played. Read books. I would try to get her to do what I did put a ball in a toy. Roll her tongue. Say mom dad. Clapped. Loved the jolly jumper. If my kid watches tv. It’s education. Little baby bum. Cocomelon. Sometimes paw patrol but she will play with other toys while it’s on.


Narrate your life while you do stuff. “Mommas gonna wash some dishes, let’s go get the plates all clean!” Little stuff

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Talk talk talk. Hold conversations, make grand facial expressions. Reaact to their coo’s and facial expressions. And you can start to introduce baby sign language.

Yep, just set them in a carrier where you are; give things to safely feel, smell, taste, grab. Put him in window or on blanket or unpesticided grass outside dressed for the weather to watch nature. Put on lots of different music to listen to. Dance around with baby in your arms, move their little limbs around. Fill a sturdy ziplock bag with water, flour, dough or whatever and let them squish it around.

I was the same looking for ways to play with my 4 month old. I signed up for free on and it sends me a weekly email of fun ideas to try with my little one based on their age! For example this week is 19 weeks and the games are lifting up and down, play ball and lights move.

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All good suggestions but I also suggest just being quiet together too. Most people are really not good at sitting contentedly in quiet. When the babe gets a little tired or has just been really stimulated, take a break and just sit and snuggle together. :heart: it’s a life skill.


With my three I always acted silly and goofy. Making faces so they could learn how to control their facial muscles better and also double up on the imagination. Take a toy they like and make it move or personify it. Fine tune the motor skills! You got this mama!!


Put the baby in a safe place near you. Talk to him or her. Describe things you are doing. Just be present. And the reading and talking will help with vocabulary later. Good snuggles and giggles are also recommended they are the best.


This little piggy. Baby exercise. Peek a boo. Attention span is so short, so all activities will be short…but entertaining. The closeness and eye contact forms a bond.


Play-Doh, make a sensory bin kids love those, draw a obstacle course with chalk, dollar tree painting crafts. Good luck!! You got this!! And remember we are all just winging it doing our best.

DANCE! either hold him in your arms or stick him in the carrier and dance, both my boys love music and dance bc I’d do this with them from before birth lol

I used to sing with them, dance with them (in the kitchen), and read to them. They are pretty entertained with whatever interaction you engage in with them.

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I use to love feeding time the onky way to get my boys to eat was to pretend tge spoon was a airplane and i had to make the noise of a airplane and land in tge airport which was inside their mouth or the spoon was a choo choo train stopping at the train station this game cleaned tgeir plate every time

Simple things…like turning on and off a light is so interesting to them.prop them up on pillows …it’s really about them starting to learn about the world around them…there’s a book from what to expect when your expecting series call games to play with babies…you can hold baby in front of a mirror too.

Make friends with other moms, go for walks, if you can join a swimming class, library story times - this was stuff I did years ago don’t know what is available in current reality

I used to talk to my daughter. But at 4 months, there is only so much you can do. Try not to spoil him with too much attention.


I read books to my son since birth , played abc songs , nursery rhymes, when old enough play Matt’s , rattles , he was a needy child as a baby you can’t spoil them at that age!
They need to feel that bound with you

I got the kick and play piano for all my kids because its so entertaining to watch them kick the keys and make noise… They had so much fun and i love watching them have fun. I felt like it was important for them to be able to entertain themselves at times so when i was done with the singing and dancing and talking i would put them in that. I always told myself i would get something done while there were playing with that…but i would just sit there and watch them laugh its just so cute lol

Just being present is enough. That is what they need most.

But by age 4, let them take the lead. Get out some toys, or just play pretend. Most children I know at that age are happen to take the lead on creating fun playtime. And if not, just keep being present and there. That is what is needed the most.

Get a water filled tummy time mat and when he’s on it talk to him ask about the fishes etc get a mirror for him to check himself out do exercises like bicycle kicks and arms up and down to help him with muscle development

babies even that young learned really quite well if you just talk to them pretend to have a conversation with them let them hold your finger. Buy baby rattle.


Playful exercise. Move the legs up and down while doing these little piggies. Make a a fun time pointing out he has 2 ears, 2 eyes , a nose and a chinny chin chin. Never to early to start teaching and make it fun

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Peekaboo, clapping games, lay on the floor with 4mo, reading dramatically, soft half spins with weeeeeee! noises, mirrors, silly faces, nursery rhymes, jumper with toys, omgosh there are so many things! All of our babies loved to sit or lay close to me and just talk away with me, have a full conversation and use their noises as answers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: baby play is the best!


Music Dancing Peek a Boo Clap Hands The song Eyes Fingers Hands Feet and Toes and Grab His Hands Feet and Toes While You Sing Soft Talk while Massaging Baby Lotion On Legs and Feet I could Go On Forever lol :joy: :innocent:…Kim


Start tummy time and lay on the floor with him. Sing songs. When you are doing things around the house and he is awake bring him with(in maybe a bouncer) and explain what you are doing. Doesn’t always have to be baby related.


Lay on your back and have him do tummy time on your belly facing you. Talk to him, whenever you’re doing something describe it as you’re doing it. You cannot spoil a 4 month old.

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Sing to your baby. There are so many sweet songs for little ones. Hush little baby, Twinkle twinkle little star, would you like to swing on a star, Jesus loves the little children, Yes Jesus loves me. There’s tons more or there’s always peek-a- boo or blowing raspberries on their tummy

Hand puppets socks on hands sounds light up toys laying belly time on the floor with them making noises n faces n stuff

I felt that way with all of mine when they were infants, lol. Like, they must be so bored. So I stayed busy. Lots of walks, the park, shopping, the zoo, children’s museum. Just took them where stuff was happening. Bc really that age is so much about just observing the world around them. And lots of talking and singing to them.

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At 4 months old, there is not to much you can do. Tummy time and encouraging to move on their own is a big thing at that age

You have to talk to him. Show him things tell him what he is looking at. This is how babies learn.

I talked to mine like an adult… like “let’s see, what are we having for dinner tonight? Well I know what YOURE having but I’m thinking pork roast and carrots…” stuff like that. Seems trivial but I feel it made my son talk a little sooner and made him feel included all the time. Even when things got busy

Peekaboo, hold up blocks and tell him shapes and colors, mirror play, walk around and talk to him about what things are and what they are for

Cuddling and wearing the baby. When they are that young just hang out with them and talk to them about everything.

Play on the floor with a baby gym, go on walks, read to him, wear him in a front pack while you go about your day.

Talk to him about what’s going on. Tell him what you are doing and what the other kids are up to. Tell him how you’re feeling, especially the stuff you can’t tell anyone else.

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Tummy time, work those muscles. Be sitting up and crawling in no time. A good time to introduce soft fruits and vegetables like banana, watermelon, yams, etc.

Am I the only one that notice first says 4 month old then 4 year old. Says stepdaughter but keeps referring to as him. What???

We use to put the waterhose on and make big puddles of water and lay in the puddles of water and just slash it everywhere in the yard

Make science activities or many more u can watch from utube to get ideas. I can’t wait to have mine so that I can practice it with them :laughing:

Tummy time , peek a boo, a noise making toy…

Snuggle!! Snuggle!! Snuggle!! Such great bonding time💙

Tummy Time is excellent for babies.

When my daughter was born (15years ago!) I also thought she is just a baby, until I discovere Practica…I stood corrected. Not only did this help me figure out what is developing at what age but what I can do to help my child be the absolute best she can be.

Nooooo, it wasn’t a lot of work, we all play with our kids, bath them, feed them, go shopping with them - we can just as well make those times count. I LOVED every second of this as it helped my daughter to become balanced and HAPPY…and in the end that is all we want, for our kids to be happy. Not only did it develop IQ but also EQ to ensure she is a child that can handle herself in any situation.

I vowed to tell everyone with kids about this so they can also enjoy every precious second they have with the kids. If you have a nanny they can even enjoy the activities with your little ones.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: #PracticaKids there is só much you can do just ask Vanessa Stroud!!! You will be amazed at what they comprehend from the day they are born.

Through playing in a way that stimulates the forming of connections you can make the world of difference in your child’s development and set them up for life!

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Baby dancing exercise crafts

Baby exercises like bicycle legs, baby ab crunch, gentle arm movements (circles both ways, up and down, and out to the sides).

I did these with my son (he just turned 8 months) along with tummy time, putting toys in his hands to work on grasp, get a play gym (ya know the criss cross things with toys that dangle down) to lay them under. Talk to them about everything all the time. I talk to my son in the store saying things like “first we need to get milk, then bread, and I can’t forget cereal bars for Daddy’s lunch!” I get strange looks but it is good for them. I also take my son for lots of walks.

You don’t really need to interact with a 4 month old their too young to understand.Put him in a bouncer and hang him in the doorway he will love it.


If you send me an email to [email protected] with your baby’s age I will email you the age-appropriate section from the Practica guide to try. We have about 60 little games per month to play which develop and grow your child’s Executive Function.

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50+ Perfectly Simple Toddler Activities to Try at Home check out these activities, hope it helps! Be creative, have fun, and learn together!

Read. Play peek a boo.

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Lots of face time, young babies learn how to mimic facial expressions and noises at that age. Lots of talking, tummy time, soft but colorful toys that you can hand them so they get their hand strength and grip up, show them their feet so they start grabbing at them.

Take him for a walk.
Also I always loved the buzz buzz game.
You pretend your fingers are a little bee and buzz buzz around, landing on him in a different place each time. It builds anticipation lol.

What did you love doing as a kid? Do that

Easy! Never use baby talk talk to him, tell him about things around him, have him push your hands w his feet and use your fingers to pull himself up (think personal gym) tell him the colors of objects and the name of them, show them colored blocks and balls, a 4 month old can throw a ball, any action that can assist them in strengthening their muscles gently and expand their vocabulary is a major plus. Remember they are always learning, need to laugh and be engaged. Skip the tv watching!!

Talk to her as you about your day. Whether you are holding her and playing peek a boo or carrying her in a front carrier “ we are walking into the kitchen to get you a bottle, oh and mommmy needs a snack. “. “Let’s go get you a dry diaper, I heard the dryer is done. Mommy is tired today, gonna keep it low key”, “ lets go for a walk! , time for a rest.
Read read read! Play music and dance with her in your carrier or on your lap, move her arms or legs along to the beat.
Tickles, make faces , get a stuffed animal she likes and show her then hide it behind your back or down where she can’t see and ask “where did Bobo go?”, then pull it out and let it kiss her belly or kiss her cheeks and dance for a minute then hide it again.

Reading books to them is a great thing! It really helps develop their speech.