How do you juggle multiple kids?

I keep going back and forth with having another kid. The only thing stopping me is time. How do you juggle multiple kids activities? For instance- Games/sports/shows/events… if multiple kids have them at the same time/same day, how do you juggle it? How do you make each child feel important?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you juggle multiple kids?

Me and my husband split up and take one. We have done this several times. Take turns on which kid you take.

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Who would want too??? Not me!!!

We got lucky and only 1 wants to play sports.

I’m not sure why the first thing people do when they first get together is have a bunch of kids and then split up

Enlist help if you can.
My oldest and youngest had games at the same time at different places last year. My husband had to work…so my mom and step dad took my oldest…I took my youngest.
I made it back for the tail end of the oldest kids game.

I literally had a child so that they could grow up together. Lol my youngest will be 1 in two months and my oldest 3 in December so they literally right behind each other. I have no advice I’m sorry I haven’t gotten that far :joy:

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I don’t do sports. My 8 yr old usnot interested. I work part time. My three yearold no sports. I do my a d there apts.Apts. there dad works nights to try n support us mostly… and I get the minimum help I need from state. No Nancy I don’t want ur opinoin . I don’t use family much for help , they tend to complicate shit, on both sides. :person_shrugging:

My husband and I have to split up a lot.

How many children do you already have?. Im a mum of 7 . Juggled this alone most of their lives. It can be done. Just needs planning .


My kids that have games at the same time weekly I rotate weeks. But for the most part since they’re all different ages their games are at different times so I can go to both. I rotate with all my kids on trips and functions as well.

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We have 3 kids and we just split up when we have to. I have 3 kids playing sports and I coach 2 of the teams. Our oldest is 9 so he is allowed to dropped off. Other parents help when needed and we help them when we can. We have only had to drop him at 2 practices other than that one of us is always there. We also have family that can take the one of them if need be.

Find your mama tribe

Enlist help… husband, grandparents, aunts & uncles… my niece always thought she was the coolest girl on her soccer team bc her aunt Cassy took her to games and cheered the loudest :sunglasses::joy:

It’s hard!! We only had one car so the kids knew that only one could play at a time unless they were able to be on the same team. It’s important to have a balance too…everyone needs down time to rest, family dinners together and most importantly, family time together :heart:

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Me and my husband just divide and conquer lol. The kids really want us both there, but they understand that we have to do it. I know single parents who will do the first half at one and the second half at the other. They usually have another parent from the team cover for them if needed at the one they’re not at. Other sports families become your family and usually have no problem helping as needed.

Sit them down and talk to them… explain how important they are… and that you have to take turns between everyone games


We divide and conquer. We are a big hockey family. So both my boys play and I usually manage both teams and train them too. My husband usually coaches both teams. It’s pretty rare that they are on the ice at the same time so if that’s the case I stay with one and the assistant coach takes over and hubby goes with the other and the assistant coach on that team takes over the training and safety in my absence. Oh yeah. We both have full time jobs too. Trust me, if we can pull it off then most people can :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 5 kids plus my nephew

Well, you have to ask each child to pick and choose activities that coordinate with their siblings’ activities. No events simultaneously. As far as shows are concerned, your kids will probably be in the same school district. The elementary school tries not to schedule school programs on the same day and time as the middle school and high school. And so on. They are aware families sometimes straddle all three schools. After that, it’s up to you not to arrange an orthodontist appointment on the same day and time as another child’s soccer game/practice. Or have your hair done when one of your kids has to be at the school for a ball game. What you do is buy one of those large wall calendars and a set of colored pens, a color for each child. Write their activity and/or appointment in the appropriate square/day-date in the appropriate color. Don’t forget to add parent-teacher conferences, days they don’t have school, when school starts and ends. Events like ball games they may want to attend, parties their friends have planned, club days, test days, days off school, holidays off, PTO meetings, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, summer school dates… anything you think might be important to keep in mind. Basic common sense stuff that is easy to overlook. Then get on with life. You will make it. Good luck. I hope it all works out ok.

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2 daughters in softball… we have games or practices 6 days a week

We have 5 kids all pretty close in age 4-8. We take turns taking the kids when our kids are playing at the same time or I ask my mom or mother in law to take one of them if my husband is at work.

Make sure at least someone is there to cheer them on; be it you, your spouse or a grandparent.

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I have four kids. My three oldest girls are three years apart and it’s easier for them to be independent. My son is seven years younger than my youngest daughter. You don’t have to spend every waking hour with them. They don’t need you 24/7. My older three are 21, 18 and 13. Landon is 7. The girls don’t need my attention but we still spend time together.
My seven year old is very independent. We spend time together daily as he’s in cub scouts and we’re work daily, about 30 minutes a day on badges.
Don’t take that wrong. I don’t just spend thirty minutes a day with him and then let him fend for himself. You’re in the home all day, they don’t need to be up your butt. I prefer mine to be independent. So that’s what I teach them. Nobody wants a clingy kid, they grow up to be needy adults.

I had 3 kids and I divorced my husband. He never helped so I did it all on my own. The two younger ones had sports usually at the same time; softball and baseball. I managed it just fine.


I was an only child, so I had the same question…I just had mine 18 years apart, :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and didn’t miss anything! Lol​:sweat_smile:

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If 2 kids have something going on at the same time I go to one and dad to the other.

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Single mom here, you do your best and try to juggle. No one is perfect and as long as you are doing your best to support your kids they will appreciate it, even if you have to miss stuff.


Don’t do it. Stick with what you have.

Divide and conquer one takes one kid and the takes the other. If one of us has to help o recruit help of grandparents. If that isn’t available I have made friends with several parent with kids the same age my kids as well as coaches so they can carpool if necessary.

You learn as you go.


3 kiddos… oldest played everything… luckily there’s a 6 year age gap with the first two. It’s a challenge for sure though. On top of the chaos it is important to have little dates with each child. Lunch? Dessert runs? Starbucks? Or just movies and cuddle.

My daughters dance. We regular help other single mums with other sibling by taking children to class’s and comps etc.

I had 4 kids ,managed just fine ,they could play one sport ( their choice)per year ,it worked out just fine

You just do. Make them understand they’re all important and make them care for each other. No preferences.

I have 3, and we just divide our time if we need.
Last summer we were out nightly with baseball and soccer and dance, we would divide, and switch to make sure if we had to miss an event it wasn’t always the same parent. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it

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