How do you keep carpets clean with a new puppy?

We got a puppy recently, and I want to know what you guys do to make sure your home (floors, carpet, etc.) stay clean from doggy. We take him out on a leash to do his business (because before he would step all over it outside, this way, we can make sure his paws are “clean.” he was also making holes). He has his kennel. He stays in at night. We wipe his paws each time he comes back inside. He is an indoor dog. We mainly have tile and laminate flooring. I find myself having to vacuum daily and steam mopping every other day. I also have to shower him two times a week because he starts smelling (which I’m told is bad). Is there an easier way to do all this? I have a newborn coming soon, and I’m worried because, with breastfeeding and my other kids, I don’t know how I will be able to keep up with the cleaning routine I have now. He recently started going backward on his potty training, pooping in his kennel, pooping in the living room, etc. and I feel like it would be best we rehome him. I have always had dogs my whole life, and I have never agreed with people who give up their dogs, but I am home all day long on my own, and I can only imagine dealing with the mess and having a newborn crying to be breastfed and my other toddlers. I am worried.


Puppys are like babys they take up a lot of time and attention.

Get them doggie shoes… saves the paws from the elements as well as keeps their paws dry

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If you dont want to take time and train him maybe send him too a obedience school

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This is what having a puppy is ? Teach him now


I wipe their paws out in the garage. I keep their clean towels in the garage then wipe them down when they come in from the rain and snow. They expect it now and I think they love it. It reminds me of drying my toddler out of the tub. Anyway, they love it when I gently wipe their furry faces then finish by wiping each paw.

So you got a puppy when you have kids and a newborn on the way. Not to be rude but that was a stupid idea. Having a puppy is tons of work! everything you said seems normal for taking care of a puppy. Your lucky the dog isn’t ruining your furniture and pooping and peeing all over ur stuff


Why did you get a puppy knowing you’re going to have a newborn soon? It’s like with potty training a toddler. You have to keep up on it. Lots of praise. Also there’s nothing you can do about the smell or anything. It’s a puppy. It’s probably eating poop outside and stuff. You really shouldn’t have gotten one if all your going to do is re-home them. I’m home all day with 5 damn dogs and three cats and a two year old with special needs. I’m just saying that you need to think about what’s best. Not for you but for that dog :woman_shrugging:t2:

Nothing will ever be spotless. You gave that up by getting pregnant alone. A puppy on top of it is just the same. We have 2 large dogs and an almost 2 year old. The best way to do it without losing my sanity is I dust once a week as well as vacuum every other day. It all works out in the end. No need to stress.

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That was a bold move getting a puppy when you already have toddlers and one on the way, they take time and patience to train just like kids do, you have to take them out frequently and be consistent, an I still have to sweep my floors daily with my adult dogs, it doesn’t stop.


Sometimes if they smell it’s their diet. You shouldn’t need to bath them more than once a week if really dirty. For flooring, it just is what it is. Our yard is a mud hole right now. We have the bedrooms gated off & make sure everyones clean before going in to bed. Other than that we wipe paws at the door & keep swiffers handy for daily messes.

Meh, you’re going to have a little dirt and a little hair when you have an indoor dog. Just remember that dirt in itself isn’t harmful. It won’t hurt the baby. You’re cleaning often enough that things aren’t accumulating. I know being pregnant sends reactions to tings into overdrive. Trust me. Keep your dog. He’ll grow out of the puppy stage and you’ll find a good routine.

You get rid of the mutt :joy:


Train him now. The puppy stage doesnt last too long. I’ve got 4 indoor dogs and a Roomba.
Honestly, an adult dog is much less messy than kids. Just wait, it gets a lot better.

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This is all stuff that should have been thought about before taking the pup into your home. Puppies are not easy. Puppies are messy. I’m not a fan of rehoming (unless theres a safety concern) because I believe a dog is a lifelong commitment but I think you need to decide if YOU are ready to commit to the dog or not. If you’re not ready to commit please find him/her a home that will before it’s too late.


Kids n puppies…home will never be “clean”…you can be shoes…but again…if you are going to be busy with kids and a newborn…probably would either be best, for the puppy, to rehome or pay for obedience training

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I have a mudroom. My dogs come in from outside and stay in the mudroom on industrial carpets until their paws are dry. I vacuum every day or every other day. Mine are grown and house trained… I would not have gotten a puppy while pregnant. When they were younger they were both very destructive. My older dog destroyed over 15 pairs of my shoes (my fault for allowing access). My younger dog chewed the bottoms of dressers, sofas etc. She had to be crate trained. She was ultimately trained to become a working dog and giving her a job helped her settle into her role in the house. It takes about 1 to 2 years for a dog to be totally trained and matured mentally IMO, depending on breed and drive. She is perfect now except for her shedding which isnt her fault. She gets a good brushing every now and then and I still constantly vacuum. I dont notice any dog smell in my house but I’m sure someone who isnt an animal person might. It is just something you live with. I have a baby due in 8 weeks and I wont be fussed by dog hair or germs… it just makes for a stronger immune system. That being said my dogs will never be allowed unsupervised with baby, not even for a minute.

It’s bad for the dogs skin to bath it so often. Seriously. Do some research


Don’t bathe your dog twice a week. That’s not good for them.


Very hard work puppy takes up as much time as a baby maybe best rehome now x

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That’s how puppies are. Maybe adopting an older dog who already had its manners would have been better. Did u research everything about puppies, breeds, temperaments, needs, etc before getting one? If ur about to have a baby, then a puppy may have been a bad choice for now. Puppies are tons and tons of work. They have to be properly trained and work needs to be put into that training 24/7. Bathing a dog too often can also damage their skin. The house will never be perfect with kids and a dog. A dog is a huge commitment. Huge.


We put a quilt on the floor and washed it.


You have to be consistent with puppies! Everytime he wakes from a nap take him outside, after he is finished eating wait a few minutes and take him outside. Put the puppy on a feeding schedule. Feed him 3 times per day until he reaches a certain age. Feed him the same times every day. Dont give water or food after a certain time at night, make sure you take him out an hour after he’s had water or food before putting him in his kennel. Puppies cant train themselves but they’re easy to train if you make the time for them.


Ya doing too much. Wipe their paws?? Do you do the same when they lick their ass ? You are not gonna get rid of all the dog germs sorry.! Just keep them off your bed & furniture.

It’s a puppy, what did you expect?


Kids are messier than dogs! Lol…Be consistent. It may depend on the breed as to how quickly the pup catches on, some terriers are harder to train than, say, a poodle, which is very smart. Crate training is helpful.


Aside from the timing, it honestly sounds like you have unreasonable expectations.

Bathing a dog twice a week is sorta crazy. Dogs skin dries out, they don’t need baths that often. Once a month is MAX you should be bathing your dog

Wiping his feet every single time he comes in sounds a lil crazy too. Millions of dogs go in and out every single day and just walk across a mat. Get a large water absorbing mat and put it in front of the back door.

Sorta the same exact thing the floors. Sweeping a couple of times a week, and mopping once a week is sufficient

I get the whole nesting thing, it makes us all clean like mad. But you are trying that sanitize the house and your dog daily. That’s completely unreasonable expectations for yourself. And it explains why you are struggling.


Why get a puppy or a dog. They r messy. Should have gotten a fish.


How recent? You need to give the pup time. And they’re messy. You’re stressing yourself out cleaning all the time.


Mopping and vacuuming daily is not a big task, it takes 10 minutes, less time than dishes.
Maybe do it in the evening after puppy has gone out for the last time before bed.
Wiping his feet every time is excessive and time consuming, I’d not do that. Bathing twice a week is also excessive and time consuming, try switching his food if he is stinky. I have strictly breast fed both my babies, and have had pets every time I gave birth, it’s not overwhelming unless you choose to make it that way. With my first, I had gotten 2 kittens during my first trimester because I didnt know the dangers of introducing new cats/cat litter while pregnant. With my second I have 2 cats and had a dog (my doggo has since passed). Didnt rehome any of them because of the baby coming or because of time.


And this is why i waited till my kids were older to get pets. My kids are about to be 7 and 10. Old enough to help out with responsibilities. Within the last 8 months we’ve adopted a picket pit who will be 3 in March, a kitten who is now 5 months and a plott hound/great dane mix who is 8 wks old. I think the best thing to do is take the puppy out every half hr. Give him/her a treat for going potty outside. This is what we are doing with our puppy right now. It’ll get easier. They just gotta learn…

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You are NOT ready for a dog :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


Ok it is like this you made a choice to get a puppy they need lots of love and attention just like a child so do the right thing and love that puppy like one of your children and take care of it


Can I just say your one of the people I DESPISE! You got a pup with ZERO consideration of the work evolved! SHAME ON YOU! Your going to uproot this pup from his home, although once your baby comes I’m sure the pup will be ignored due to being too messy, and re home it because you didn’t think clearly?! Your an ass, plain & simple. Find this pup a good home, clearly your not it :roll_eyes: (don’t @ me I said what I said!)

I had a paralyzed dog in diapers and a wheelchair that I had to express both his urine and feces, had an insanely violent c-section that took over 1.5 years to heal from, worked from home 30 hours a week, and 100% cared for (and nursed) my baby and other animals all on my own. If I can handle that and all the baths and messes and work that came along with it, you can too. You will have to figure out a system, and yes, it will seem overwhelming at first. But once you figure it out, it will all work like clockwork.

Dogs are messy! Get a good groomer and make sure he’s on good food for healthy skin.

You can wipe paws and lay down rugs but really it’s just part of dog ownership.

I keep Clorox wipes handy to be able to quickly wipe up messes.

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Timer to take pup out every 20 mins. And a carpet shampooer.

Why did you get a pet? Animals and babies are messy. You need to work on your feelings about dirt/ mess, or you will have a lot of stress ahead.


This makes me sad. This pup is now unwanted because no one thought it through? Pets are family and for life


“Indoor dog”?? Aren’t ALL dogs “indoor dogs”??

Why would you get a puppy when you have a new baby coming? Poor puppy is going to get neglected and locked up in a kennel all day. Find him a new home please.

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We have a 5 month old pup we got her at 8 weeks it takes time to house n kennel train our pup is completely house broken but will still go in her kennel how ever it’s starting to slow down n get better they take work they are also babies and I think sometimes people for get that. Oh and ps my pup was get two baths a day when we started kennel training.

If she has an accident, I get paper towels and soak up everything that I can. Then I get the carpet stain cleaner spray and spray the area really good. I also have a scrub brush just for the dogs accidents. I scrub the carpet really good with it and then some water and scrub and then soak it up with paper towels. Then, I spray it with febreeze. I’ve also been using the no vacuum foam, the kind for pets!! We just got her for Christmas this year and she tends to have accidents cuz she is very active and drinks a lot of water!!

Get foam carpet cleaner and a scrub brush on hand with potty training puppys have accidents just like toddlers so be ready to scrub the floors and good luck lol

Lol just wait until your new baby starts getting poop and dirt everywhere
Will you re-home it too?


If you can afford it a robot vacuum would be wonderful. As for him being smelly they make noxxrinse washing mitts that you can get at pet stores. If he’s going back on his training his schedule might be off or he needs more attention. You can do all this and have a baby. You’ll just have to learn to juggle a bit. Babies and puppies sleep. That would be your time to rest too. It’ll be chaotic for awhile but before you know it you’ll be doing it all without thinking about it. Good luck!

You probably should’ve waited to get a new puppy until later on…definitely not when you’re about to have a baby. I have a dog and had her for years before my son came last year, but there is no way I would have taken on a new puppy with a baby coming.

It’s a puppy… it takes training. It’ll be a few weeks of STRICT training, not some , “sit in your kennel for a few hours and we will take you out on a leash” also dogs smell. If you didn’t want the dog smell? Should have gotten an hypoallergenic puppy instead. Bathing it twice a week will damage the skin under the fur. If you didn’t know how to take care of the dog before hand DONT GET IT. You’re hurting it for selfish reasons.

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I dont stress over it. I know that with 2 dogs, 4 kids and 2 cats my house will never be perfect…I keep it clean but realistic…dogs are messy, it will never be spotless.

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Puppies almost always go backwards on potty training a little at some point. I’ve never had one not.

And this… is why so many pets are surrendered to be rehomed lately. Getting pets without thinking about things such as this in advance.
Pets are lifelong commitments just like that newborn that will be here shortly afterward his arrival…

Puppies are dirty… washing them so frequently will only make it worse. Teach puppy to not dig or how to be toilet trained properly instead of using a leash to do it for him.

I guess if you thought that a puppy was anything other than yet another creature that doesn’t know where to potty or keep the house clean, you have incredible pipe dreams. Lower your standards for cleaning your house and having it immaculate. I have two large dogs, horses, a donkey, teenagers, an outdoor cat, a toddler and a husband who works in a diesel shop. Dog hair and dirt isn’t going to hurt the kids. Or if you are that concerned about how meticulous your home is, hire a housekeeper

Sounds like your another irresponsible owner and that dog does deserve to be rehomed you can’t commit it comes down to laziness and inconsistency!

Owners like you are the reason animals die everyday in shelter


Puppy’s are like children they need training time guidance love and perseverance

None of which you seem to have !

Taking the easy way out. That poor puppy


You deal with your house not being spotless, get him a doggy playpen thing and keep him in kitchen til potty trained so you don’t have as much to clean. Quit bathing him. I bathe my dog like once a year and she doesn’t smell at all

He’s smelling cause you’re bathing him too much and stripping his fur of the natural oils. Invest in a dog deodorizer if the smell is that bothersome. Regression for potty training is normal a lot of the time at a certain age, but if you can’t handle a newborn and a puppy definitely rehome him rather than have him suffer training and attention wise for it. Sometimes adoptions don’t work out and that’s okay. It’s all about what YOU can handle, although I personally wouldn’t rehome the dog. It really sounds like you have unreasonable expectations. Most dogs will have occasional accidents (not every day, but sometimes) until a year old. Dogs aren’t adults until 3+ years. And the excessive stuff you’re doing isn’t great either

Our puppy does great with no accidents if I take him out immediately in the morning, after his breakfast, a couple of times between breakfast and lunch and then after he eats his lunch and then 2-3 times between his lunch and dinner and then after he eats his dinner. Then 1 or 2 times before bed and just before bed where he stays in his kennel. I take him out a lot but it’s better than the accidents. Plus it’s good fresh air and exercise!

Have you never had animals growing up? Whoever said that puppies aren’t like babies they’re wrong. At least babies have diapers, puppies can just shit and pee all over the house then you have to clean that up on top of kids and the house. Animals are a chore, you should do research before getting one. All puppies are like that and need training. If you’re not capable of letting your dog get their paws a little messy then maybe you shouldn’t have one. Wiping their paws is so excessive. They need to be taken out ever hour or two at least if you don’t want them going in the house just as a precaution and to potty train. Give treats when they go potty outside. Dogs are all about repetition and positive reinforcement.

I love this product it works really great.

stay very consistent and
house training and other
things you R trying to teach
your new puppy will come along faster but stay on top of everything:)

Lady you have a problem not the dog OCD???

One must brush a dog everyday. Their skin produces oil. Brushing them spreads this oil. Not brushing it results in it becoming rancid. This is what you smell. The more you wash them the more oil they produce. If he is pooping in his kennel and going backwards in house breaking you probably need to take some dog training classes to learn positive reinforcement techniques.

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So why get a new puppy when a new born is on the way? Also cleaning is a daily part of life so even with a new baby coming you have to clean even more so to avoid any build up of anything… germs, bacteria…you cant just get a puppy and decide it’s too much work all of a sudden and toss him out.


We used the big portable playpen. We didn’t give the dog the run of the house when they were small

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Crate training perhaps? Or is there a safe area outside where u could let the puppy be for a couple hours to give u a break?

Well you have to put up with the puppy and the mess he makes if you want to keep it indoors