How do you keep sippy cups organized?

How do yall keep your childs sippy cups organized? I feel like I have no cupboard space left and it is driving me insane


So like we had to go this route, ran out of cupboards space so got a shoe organizer and hung it on the door and use it for cups instead! There are like 24 slots and can be bought right at Walmart


We only have ONE sippy cup at a time. Literally, one . Which means if it’s dirty, wash it. Can’t find it, then no cup until it’s found. We would buy a new one, every other month or two, to keep the cup fresh. This was the same rule for the binky.


Sounds like you need to pick a few favorites and trash the rest. We have 5 and a water bottle.

We used all the same sippy…we had 10 different colors and patterns of the same sippy…2 a day one for milk and one for juice/water…I wont put milk in a cup that had juice in it so I’m not gonna do it to my kid that’s just a me thing though.

Same, I need some ideas lol