How do you keep up on house work?

What are some tips on keeping up with house work? ESPECIALLY LAUNDRY!


Wash dishes as youre cooking, youll only have a few when youre finished eating.


I make Sundays my mandatory laundry day since that’s usually the lazy/chill day around this household. Just pick the least hectic time out of your week to set aside for laundry.

I generally do mine once a week. My kids do their own

I ask my granny this question once and she told me it’s a every day job…


I do laundry when the basket is full, sometimes every evening and put it away with my husband that same night. Literally takes like 5mins max to fold and put away a load of laundry. Clean dishes while cooking. If kids are old enough, give them simple chores. Make their bed when they get up. Clean up their toys when they’re done playing before getting something else out. They right side their clothes before putting them in the laundry bin. Simple stuff goes a long way.

Accept that it will never get all done in one day. And forgive your self if you don’t get to half your list. I clean as I cook. Sundays and Wednesdays are laundry days. It doesn’t always work out but we try not to go more than 3 days without doing laundry. I usually do all the laundry. Fold it and my Husband puts it away. I spot clean as I am doing things. I try to deep clean my bath tub, toilets at least once a month. My kids have chores. Even my youngest 4 years old she changes the bathroom trash and picks up toys and shoes. My 7 year old is the kitchen table, wipe down the bathroom counter. My 13 year old is vaccum and kitchen trash, feed dogs and dog poop.

I do one load every single day! It’s super quick to get everything put away when it’s only one load and you’re not having to stare at huge piles of laundry all the time. When you wait all week to do it, it makes it a much bigger chore when it doesn’t have to be. I’m a mom of 5 and that’s what works best for me anyway lol


We go through… vicious cycles with laundry sometimes WE KICK BUTT and it’s kept up and then it’s not. My kids wash/dry clothes so we always have clean stuff but folding and putting away :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: tonight we completed 5 loads tomorrow probably none.
Dishes we do every day sometimes twice and when dishes get done we also do counters and stove.
We bought one of these about a month ago and we vacuum every/every other day has definitely helped us be more aware.

Had to train myself to fold the laundry right out of the dryer and put it away right then so it didn’t pile up load after load.

I wash, dry, fold, and put up on load of laundry a day. Sounds like a lot but it’s a lot easier to tackle than letting it pile up a few days.
I unload my dishwasher while my coffee is making and reload it all day then run it before bed. I wash my pots and pans as soon as everyone’s finished eating.
I sweep daily, mop and dust every other day.
I wipe down/clean the sink and toilet daily and clean the tub every other day but always rinse it when I’m getting out every morning to keep the build up away.
When I change the kitchen trash I go ahead and grab all the bathroom trash and take it out all at once.
I wipe down my counters anytime I’m done making something on them and after dinner I wipe down the stove, counters, and clean the sink.
It sounds like a lot but I have two toddlers and I’m 9 months pregnant and work full time and it gets done daily and my house stays clean.
One day a week is my “deep clean” I wash all the bedding, couch blankets, rugs etc and clean out the fridge and wipe it down and clean out the cabinets (half empty boxes etc)
Cleaning daily really makes deep cleaning not take forever.
Staying on top of it requires a little more self control and time management but it’s worth it when you aren’t having to spend an entire day cleaning and catching up on laundry.

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I clean and do laundry every day before and after work so I don’t have to do so much on the weekends.

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Don’t want all day to do it, once everyone’s up and out of pjs put washing on, do dishes after every meal, dishes from snacks left until you do the dishes from a main meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner) do all other cleaning and vacuuming once a day so it’s quick and easy
If you work do everything once you get home before you sit down, that way you will get it done instead of not wanting to get back up and do it all. If you don’t work do it in the morning straight up that way you’re not leaving it til the afternoon and not feeling like doing it all

Do it EVERYDAY until you die :dizzy_face:

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Every other day full house clean and laundry

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Family of 7. 2 teenagers, 1 pre teen, I child and 1 toddler me and hubby. I wash dishes as I cook have lunches for school ready before kids get home when I get home from working at the school. As soon as they walk in they unpack bags I put lunch in lunch bags put in fridge. Throw laundry on while that’s going sweep floors and wash bathroom down. Flip laundry fold clothes as they dry in separate baskets for each child. They put clothes away. Tidy up when they go to bed and mop the floors. Then repeat this every day helps with keeping ahead. I also take supper out the night before so we know what’s being cooked.

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I do things as I go or it gets awful. N the toys I pick up on naps or after she’s asleep usually. Honestly a heaving wetting toddler and a husband that’s clothes usually smell like diesels and ass I wash every day. What I did was get the tall basket for the folding are and once they are full they go up to get put away and the one that goes up to get folded turns into the hamper lol.

I lay out clothes the night before as I am folding or whoever. N try to prepare myself appropriately

I also try to make sure the dishes and beds are done and made before I leave to drop my kiddo off.

Do it consistently :woman_shrugging:t2: I do dishes every day, laundry when it needs to be done, all the cleaning. And yes I have kids and a full time job. It’s just pushing yourself to do it consistently so you don’t get behind. This is assuming there aren’t emergencies and your mentally in a good state to do it. Take care of yourself and you can take care of the rest.

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Clean until you are dead :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I throw a load in the wash every morning, fold what’s in the dryer after dinner and throw that wash from the morning in the dryer. make time in the morning to put that folded load away out of the basket before throwing in a New wash and so on and so on

1 load a day… sometimes there’s more time in the day for a couple more, but then I always get behind on putting away.

Laundry first thing in the morning every morning! I wakeup, toss it in, make breakfast🧺

Wash, eat lunch, dry, and to the basket it goes!

Dishes as we use them and once a month we buy the bulk compostable paper plates and utensils!:sweat_drops:

Always clean the toilet and bathroom before every shower, including the trash bin, fill toilet paper holder, etc🚽

Sweep/mop/vacuum before nap time :zzz:

Trash :wastebasket: gets taken out after dinner!

Listen to some music, relax, fold laundry :basket:

And then repeat daily :woman_shrugging:t3:

Once a month I’ll clean out the fridge, organize drawers, clean oven, etc!


Toss everything in, wash, dry, boom lol.

I do a load everyday or every other day otherwise I’d never keep up

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throw everything on the floor burn the house down n collect the insurance :joy:


I have 4 kids and I literally force myself to do the basics twice a day. Once at nap and once before bed. My youngest are 3, and 18 month old twins. So really I cant do alot except at those times. They are constantly fighting and into everything. I make a checklist every morning and stick to it. Cleaning every night gives me a fresh start everyday.

I don’t let things fall behind. It’s easier to maintain than to catch up. Our kids also have age appropriate chores. As soon as they learn to walk, I teach them to help pick up toys, so that it becomes a habit. Washing dishes as you cook saves a huge amount of time, because there’s not a lot to clean up later. I do at least one load of laundry each day to keep it from getting backed up.

I’m 21 weeks pregnant and have been having issues with contractions since week 17… I don’t keep up with anything anymore except for crochet projects and binge watching way too much on Prime. :roll_eyes::pensive: Losing my mind with boredom already, and I’m not due until June! I can’t believe I actually miss simple things like cleaning and cooking… grocery shopping… yoga… going for walks… blahhh.

Always fold laundry right after you get it out of the dryer , otherwise it’ll take you a week or more to fold it :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I admittedly do good about making sure we all have clean and dry clothes, about half the time they don’t get folded though. :woman_shrugging: I pick up the house, get the dishes done, and counters/tables wiped everyday, and sweep and vacuum about every other day or so, but ive accepted folding laundry is just the thing I’ll regularly be behind on. :woman_shrugging: I’m a mom, my husband and I both work full time. I used to stress and stress about it and end up doing it all on the weekends, but we’re hardly ever all home together, so instead of stressing about it, I just accepted I’ll always be alittle behind on laundry and focus on spending time with my family.

Let’s get real ladies, adderall :rofl::rofl:

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Do at least 1 load every day. Have separate baskets for whites, darks and colours so you can just bung a load in the machine without thinking.
Alternate white / darks or just wash the fullest basket. as soon as you’ve finished a load, put the next one in ready. Then when I wake up for the next day / or later that day for sheets(do mine weekly), just turn on the machine. Then when child is in bed get the hubby to help fold the one / two loads. All other cleaning jobs are done on a rota between husband and I as we both work, have a toddler and I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant.

I have six kids and they are all responsible for 2 chores each. Teaches them responsibility and also helps keep the house going

That laundry is something you just can’t keep up with I have 6 kids I might keep it down but never totally finished :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

My kids played hard & when very little had lots of laundry (poop, pee, spit up, food, dirt—unbelievable!). I’d put one load in when I first got up, switch it to the dryer and reload before I went to work (helps if you have a “delay start” feature. Fold as you take things out if you can. Then switch again when I got home from work. Sort and fold after the kids are in bed while watching TV, put away whenever you get a moment, throw in another load before bed (again delay start if you can so wet clothes aren’t sitting in the washer all night).

Once kids are mobile, get them to help you sort darks, mediums, lights, whites if you do different loads. Have them take turns loading (use a stepstool for top loaders), switch, match socks and fold washcloths, hand towels, etc. Give them more responsibility as they are capable until they can do laundry on their own. Give credit for their efforts on a chore chart.

It may take more time at the beginning to involve the kids, but will pay off over time. This creates responsible adults. Make it fun if you can. Count how many items of clothing there are as you toss them in. Kids might enjoy spraying stains with pre-treat (like Spray N Wash). Play a song and see if you can get everything loaded or switched before the song ends.

Have a regular clean up time each day when kids put their toys away, their laundry in a hamper (if not already there) and put clean clothes away on shelves or in labeled bins with pictures (pants, shirts, socks, underwear, etc.) You will have to supervise the very young ones.

As for the rest, lower your expectations, get the kids and hubs to help, or if you can swing it, hire someone to come in every so often to help keep up. Make it easy to clean up with open top bins, and open, low shelves. I covered cardboard boxes in wrapping paper to match the decor. Label each box or shelf with words and pictures of what goes there so kids can help.

Kids can load/unload/put away unbreakable dishes & silverware from the dishwasher, or rinse and stack if you do them in a sink. They might get a kick out of spraying and wiping down countertops. They can hold a dust pan while you sweep, dust table and chair legs, throw things you hand them in a trash/garbage can. Kids love to use dust busters and other small or light vacuums. They can pull up their covers & put pillows on their beds until they can better make the bed. As they get older, have them help you change sheets and mattress pads.

The more the kids are actively involved in house upkeep the better it is all around. Age 3 seems to be the prime age for wanting to imitate mommy.

Put Dad in charge of supervising a few things and finishing what the kids miss: trash pick up, laundry put away, toy pick up, whatever; let him choose. You will likely have to clean the bathroom(s) mostly yourself until you know the kids can be responsible. Give dad one item (sink, tub, toilet, floor, any rugs) that is his responsibility.

Use a chore chart and give gold stars for all chores (include yourself to remind everyone of all that you do for them). Give rewards for getting a certain number of tasks done in a week (don’t expect perfection). Bonus points earned for doing chores without complaining. Change up the chores weekly so everyone gets a chance at doing them. Rewards can be picking a menu, a movie, staying up an extra 15 minutes or 15 extra minutes of screen time, a dollar to spend at the dollar store, nails painted or foot, shoulders or back massage. Whatever works. Don’t forget to come up with rewards for you and dad too! Don’t reward with food or make them earn their one-on-one time with a parent, which can lead to eating and emotional problems.

Doing everything by yourself for everybody just teaches them to feel entitled and incapable. Share the load and teach them adulting and show them they can accomplish much! Good luck and again, don’t expect perfection.

Washing first thing after beds stripped kids changed then bang in Dyer put away second load when kids are in bed for uniforms etc

I do a load a day… towels, sheets, clothes something.
It isn’t so much to fold and everything is constantly clean


Clean as I go and do at least 1 load of laundry every day (cause I don’t like a full day of it). I make the kids clean up their messes before bed or their stuff gets tossed in a bag until they earn it back. The kids help with what they are able to throughout the day and I clean for 45 minutes to an hour after kids are asleep. I make sure everything is done by Saturday night because I don’t want to clean on Sundays. Sundays are family days for us to enjoy and go out. Its the only day my bf has off work and I’m not cleaning anything except dishes we dirty and spills. A rule in our house is food and drinks MUST STAY in the kitchen. The only exception is popcorn on a blanket in the living room when we have a movie night.

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We do a quick clean every day. It keeps the house clean without taking away the weekend to do it.

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Just do it. Don’t sit there and let it pile up. Lazieness is what it’s called and if you have kids, train them, get them to help. I have a 2 and 4 year old that clean up when I say. I have o.c.d and the last thing I wanna do is sit there and watch them trash the place.

Make a daily list. Use a dry erase board and mark it out each time something is done or check it off. Have a different thing set specifically for certain days.

A little each day for cleaning. I also have kids do chores. Laundry, my husband and one daughter do their own and i do for myself, son and other daughter. I do bathroom laundry once a week or as needed and do the rest as basket fills up. Usually once a week.

I have daily and weekly chores. Daily chores would be cleaning playroom, vacuum dishes sweep etc
Weekly would be mopping. Fridge, bathroom etc
Laundry I do every 3 days

My husband and I share the house work. There is no such thing as “your” job or “mines” it’s OURS. If I can’t get to it, he fills in for me and vise versa. We don’t have a schedule or who does what, we just do it. But one thing that I always keep in mind and I remind my kids of it all the time is “if you think about how much you have to do, you’ll never get it done. But if you just start, you’ll eventually complete it.”

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Schedule works for me…
Sunday- Laundry
Monday- bedrooms and livingroom
Tuesday- kitchen, dining, bathrooms
Wednesday- outside and bathe dog
Thursday- Laundry
Friday- sweep and mop.
Saturday- was sheets and towels

Clean as I go or wash as I go… I’m always cleaning and do at least a load of laundry a day… and they say that a stay at home mom is not a job… :roll_eyes::unamused::thinking::woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

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If I want to keep on top of my laundry I have to do a load a day. I’m 37 weeks pregnant so with the rest of the cleaning I do half in the morning and half in the afternoon

Laundry is done as soon as there is a load (we do sort), normally do a load a day. We clean up after every meal, sweep every night and pickup. We do deep clean weekly (mopping, bathrooms, dusting, bedsheets, ect)


I straighten up everyday. I pick up in the morning before work and when I get home. I do the dishes while I’m cooking and I do the laundry as soon as I have a load. Then on Saturdays I pick what needs to be cleaned, like the floors, windows etc…
Everything else I do as needed. The kids also have daily/ weekly chores that they are in charge of which helps greatly.


I do atleast one load of laundry a day. Dishes i do whenever free usually after lunch and dinner. I sweep after messes and vacuum every night. I try to clean up behind my cute little tornadoes throughout the day but doesnt always happen.

Do something every day. And if you have a partner hold them accountable, you’re not their maid


Well as a mom of six, and a husband who is useless… You just accept that ship is sinking. You stop fighting the war and learn to accept the battle. So what if the laundry is behind. You won the battle as long as they habe clean clothes that day😂


We have 8 people in our house. Each of the 5 kids have their own laundry day and then there’s one day for my husband and i, and one day for our aunt. My youngest is 6 and she does her own. Vacuum twice a week Tuesday/Friday. Dishes twice a day. Bathrooms cleaned on Wednesdays. Organization on the weekends. Take it easy on yourself and space things out. :heart::heart:


I have extra people right now so I clean either when everyone gone or are asleep

Do a load every 3 days

Just do it. If they make a mess I’m right there cleaning it up the moment it happens. I also don’t allow many toys to leave the bedroom.

I do laundry once a week, I scrub my walls and other surfaces every week, I vaccum daily, do the dishes right after they’re used, food isn’t allowed to leave the table.


I don’t sort laundry. It is what it is. That way when I have a load it just goes in. It’s kept us clean laundry only in this house for over a year. If I have two loads of dirty laundry that an oddity, and for reference it’s me my husband and my two 5 year old step daughters 50% of the time. Also, dishes get done after every meal before we ever go to the living room to relax. That way the dishes don’t pile up.

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I separate the chores. Vacuum on Monday, dust on Tuesday, clean the bathroom on Wednesday, laundry on Thursday, food shopping on Friday. Leaves me with an easy weekend.

I have a house cleaner come once every 2 weeks (I work a week on and a week off). We both work and have busy schedules and it works best for our family time if we hire help bi- monthly !

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Clean as you go. Clean when they’re sleeping too

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I used to do a load a day but you might have to start by spending a whole day catching up and then from there try to do a load or two each day depending of course on your family size.

Honestly, when the kids were 5 and under, I didn’t. There was always something. Once they started getting older then that it got alot easier. The kids do their own rooms, laundry, and help as needed now.

Oh geez are we talking happy Covid kids are home 24/7 or normal cleaning . Cleaning before Covid was so much easier .

My 2 year old LOVES to help. She will grab and throw in the tide pods, pour the added scent beads in, bush the start button then played in the water with her toes :slight_smile: she insists at least 3 times daily. Don’t want to discourage her now. …I can use her when she gets older/taller

My bonus baby loves helping me do chores! Obviously she can’t do them well but she’ll help me with things like picking up the house, throwing dirty laundry in the basket, picking up her toys, helping me make her bed, even my 14 month old makes a game out of it with us. Put on some good music and get groovy lol! It makes the time faster and makes the work more enjoyable. Almost doesn’t feel like a chore when my babies are having the time of their lives lol!

Do a load everyday…it will eventually get done

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So…our household consists of 2 adults and 2 kids.
I try to do at least one load of laundry a day. I only separate out whites …which I wash with my comforter. And cleaning rags. Everything else goes in the same load (I don’t separate by person…by Jean’s or towels).

Since my kids are 7 and 3 they are required to help. I refuse to be a maid. So we go room to room and do minor cleaning. Wiping surfaces, picking up toys, putting things back in place, vacuuming/sweeping.
I pick one to two rooms a day to deep clean. Depending on the room size. (Like laundry room and dining room often get deep cleaned on the same day)
I dont obsess with perfection. Perfect isnt gonna happen with two kids and that’s ok.

My day starts at 5am and ends pretty late. But everyday spent the first hour drinking my coffee and planning my day in my notebook mostly writing a to do list. But i will start laundry right away. Usually i go through and pick up the house first. Bathrooms are cleaned daily but also deep cleaned once weekly. I deep clean each room once a week, bed sheets are washed once weekly. My kitchen is always clean i clean as i go. And my fridge i clean out/wipe out every saturday. My notebook i keep is my lifeline of how i get things accomplished.

Do what you can I work 60 plus hours a week usally 2 loads a day if I can and sometimes make husband help and the kids

Put up , pick up and clean up before you do anything else , if parents don’t do it kids won’t.
You have to be an example and willing to do as much as everyone else .
Laundry run washer when full, throw in dryer after dinner and fold before you go to bed.

I follow clean mommas routine on instagram. It really helps now that I’m finallh sticking to it

I have to do laundry every day. And my husband helps too. One of us is always working on some chores. I took out the trash and washed dishes yesterday, he cooked dinner and washed laundry last night. We work opposite shifts, but we are still a team.

Wait you keep up on house work?! Wish I could, the monsters I have created undo everything in seconds. They say kids mimic what they see, that is a LIE! I can clean all day and even send my husband pictures of clean and when he gets home he says what happened…KIDS, KIDS HAPPENED! Ehh we don’t care they will be grown and gone before we know it…better to have a lived in home than a immaculate home :woman_shrugging:

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I do 1-2 loads laundry each day. Dishes done kitchen cleaned up floor swept after each meal. Kids clean up before starting new activity. Deep clean entire house once week on my day off from work.

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I have a nearly 2 and nearly 3 year old. We clean every day. Doing chores is a fun activity we do together. They use learning towers to climb up and help. The day is divided into 3 parts—early morning/before nap time is cleaning up after ourselves, starting a load laundry (one a day), all while listening to music. 2nd part of day is light work outside, playing outside, taking a walk, finished with cleaning up the house after ourselves. 3rd part of the day is free play but we must always clean up when we are done, getting dinner ready (we take it easy on our load by doing bulk cooking 2 times a week, so we don’t have all those dishes every night of the week), welcoming Papa home, then cleaning up after ourselves. That last load of dishes, I do on my own without the girls helps but they clean up after their playtime, put their clothes in the laundry, etc.

Another important thing is I only let them play with one type of toy at a time that way they learn to focus and clean up after themselves. So that means if you want to play with building blocks, play with them but when you want to pretend cook in your kitchen, pick up the blocks, put them away, then go get your kitchen toys. This keeps things relatively organized and most importantly I don’t have to sort through the little pieces which is super time consuming and can be frustrating!

I do mine at night my daughter goes to bed about 830 9 which gives me the most time to keep up on the house and laundry now if I get the time I’ll do it thru out the day and during her naps

We deep clean as a family every Sunday. But me and the kids clean every day. I chose one day and just do nothing but laundry.

I run small business in which my kids go with with age 4,2 and currently pregnant. I wake up in the morning collect all dirty laundry and start washer. Shower,breakfast, lunch for work. Put clothes in the dryer and leave for work. Get home. Do dishes while cooking dinner. And sweep/mop. Constantly picking up toys and etc all the time.

I clean the dishes/kitchen in the morning and evening if I haven’t cleaned after cooking. I do a deep clean once a week every Tuesday. I pick up daily clutter my child causes. As long as I’m not busy being a millennial mom and going out to party or drink or smoke weed, I’m perfectly capable of working, being a single parent and keeping my house spic and span

I don’t think keeping up with laundry is possible with children. Pretty sure it just sits there and slowly watches you die :joy::joy:

Don’t stress as for laundry lol mines atrocious 2 adults 5 kids it’s a daily never ending chore but I don’t fold it as long as it’s clean I don’t care

Im a sahm of 9 kids. Laundry is a daily thing…it sucks but they are responsible for putting their own up and i put away mine/fiances and 2 babies clothes. Housework each child had a chore to help with which makes it alot easier to maintain the messes my 2 toddlers make on a daily basis. When my fiance is on his 2wks of day shift he will help out when needed or on the weekends.

basic cleaning/pickup all week long and deep cleaning once a week, and detailing once a month (baseboards, cabinets, wiping not inly dusting ceiling fans, blinds, closet cleanups, etc.)

get up a couple of hours before your kids do, and always follow a routine. i start w my bedroom and move down til i get to the kitchen which to me is the never-ending cleaning spot lol! but i have everything else done so i have most of the time available to keep up with it. pick up, wash, and clean what u use to cook, after meals everyone picks up their plates and u rotate the dishwashing by days. no one, not even the dog leaves the kitchen without them picking up after themselves ot else ur doomed a kitchen slave. then its time to check kids bedrooms. if they’re old enough then they make their bed and have it clean, anything less than that they give up their phones, tablets, etc, til they do it (they will be military style in 24 hours with that without u even moving a finger i guarantee it lol!) and an hour bfore bed check the rooms again and make sure u follow thru and b constant. it takes alot of hard work, patience, and perseverance but i can guarantee ull have won the lottery by the age of 12. no yelling or threats or punishments, only rewards, flexibility, and negotiations… believe me i have 4 and thats how i raised them as a single mom.

laundry- i only have my 10 and 12 yr old w me bcz the other 2 are married now. i’ve taught all 4 of them how to do their own and it would be part of their chores. they have a set day that i expect no dirty clothes in their baskets, so whenever they wanna do it is fine as long as by that day of the week their clothes are washed and put away. so everyone does their own now and its part of their chores. trust me, flexibility is majic lol! u got this u can do it!!

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When the kids get old enough, have them help with age appropriate chores. My 17 year handles most of the chicken and dog feeding and maintenance. My 15 year old does a lot of cooking for a class, and practices her assignments for dinner often and handles laundry of little sisters (washing and drying). 10 year old does dishes and takes out trash. 8 year old cleans up after meals and sweeps the kitchen and dining room. 6 year old keeps the shoes organized by the door (after drying from the snow, she puts them up in cubbies) and keeps the living room tidy. For your own sanity, if you have this many kids, you will learn to embrace the mess. You can put some stuff off for a day when you dedicate to cleaning. (I have Friday off, my kids will be at school. I am cleaning all the bathrooms as soon as the bus leaves, so I don’t have to worry about what I might walk in to for a full 7 hours!)

Keep a routine. Believe me it helps. Even when you don’t wanna do it you feel better afterwards. I do laundry every second day. Smaller loads (instead of doing once a week in multiple loads) seems like more of an annoyance but believe me it’s less of a hassle.

Clean and do laundry everyday. It’s not hard to keep up at all.

First things first, nobody is perfect… the laundry can wait! Dont stress about it. If you have it all clean for the most part (not entirely everyday) everyone will survive. If it’s not folded and put away it wont kill anyone to grab clean clothes from a hamper. The more slack you give yourself in this area the more inclined you’ll be to actually get it all done WHEN YOU’RE READY. The laundry is never ending and life is too short to stress about it constantly. If you find your groove then that’s great! If not that’s fine too!

Try to stay 1 day ahead…so by the end of the week it’s not so overwhelming…being organized and knowing whats priority helps too
Laundry? Depending on ages, kids can do their own as well as your spouse if you have one…or everyone can take turns

The whole idea of do a load of laundry day is ridiculous. If “life” happens, you then have laundry un folded/put away in random places.

Family of 6 here. I practice a “laundry day” (or weekend). I start laundry on Friday night. By Sunday everything is washed folded and put away. If it’s not, it has to wait until next weekend (except for emergency vomit or poop laundry).

This way it’s not on my mind all week.

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I had to write myself a chore chart. No joke. I do these chores on these days.

I leave it alone until it gets so bad I cant walk then I just kick stuff around to make a path. That’s how it’s supposed to be right???/s

You can’t. So don’t worry so much about it. One day kids will be gone , laundry will be done. You’ll be bored

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Just give up. It’s easier.