How do you keep your bathroom clean?

How in the world do you keep your bathroom clean? i clean it one day and the next it feels gross…what do you use? how often do you clean it?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you keep your bathroom clean?

I shake my rug everyday, spray the tub and walls with 50%bleach/50%water and let that sit while I wipe the whole toilet off with disinfectant wipes. Then wipe down the sink with the water/ bleach solution and disinfectant wipes then I disinfectant the floor. After that I spray down the shower and tub with water to get the cleaner off. And once a week I scrub scrub the tub/shower and toilet.

I wipe with Clorox wipes several times a week. Clean the toilet when I see it’s not clean or once a week with the brush. Floor also

I use zep to clean the tub with a scrub brush and also in the toilet and use a toilet brush. I wash the bathroom rug. I use wipes to clean the sink and around the sink. I also spray febreze in the bathroom almost daily. Once a month I do a deep cleaning of the bathroom from sweeping to mopping to using a toothbrush to get the baseboards and cracks etc.

Use water and hydrogen peroxide, much better than bleach.

I keep Clorox wipes in my bathroom and wipe it down after I get ready for work and shower every day. Then deep clean once a week :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Mr. Clean or lysol, and I clean it daily.

I use wipes daily and then actually scrub once a week with Ajax or comet. I wash the rugs once a week and mop once a week. I have a roomba so it’s vacuumed every day. Doing that 5 minute routine every day has really helped my bathroom stay clean.

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I called it don’t have kids lmao. :rofl::rofl::rofl: but I use antibacterial stuff. I have to clean mine every other day.