How do you keep your hair healthy?

How do you keep your hair healthy. All hair issues started with birthing. Thinning, dry, lifeless and not growing. Have tried nuroums shampoo. Do you guys have and suggestions for shampoos serums or pills? PLEASE and thank you.


Hair issues are often the indication of medical issues, hormonal imbalance and thyroid issues being the first that come to mind.


I can donate lol . I have tons ! But , biotin is good at Costco

I take an over the counter prenatal vitamin.
It’s helped my hair so much.

take your vitamins, drink collagen powder, they make one that is specific for skin and hair, I found castor oil for hair on Amazon that I bought and rubbed it on my head nightly then put my hair up over night, washed in the am.
leave in serum, any type with no harsh chemicals and states it has plant proteins in it are good.

Get your thyroid checked but also, eat healthy fats and make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs :heart:

1 z Take biotin pills and vitamin E in addition to multivitamins.
2. Consume gelatin in bone broth, Jell-O as a dessert or drink.
3. Keratin treatments if you can afford them.
4. Put Argan oil on your hair to moisturize and strengthen hair & improve the scalp plus it makes it shine.
5. If you color or process your hair, stop.
6. Eat healthy foods.
7. Massage or brush hair/scalp often to stimulate the follicles. 8. Ask around if Rogaine or other hair stimulants work.
9. Plus get a full physical and ask your doctor.
10. Get enough good sleep if possible.
Bonus: Reduce stress as much as possible.