How do you keep your kids toys?

Hey mama’s, just curious do you keep all the kids toys in their rooms or do you put some in the living room?? If you have some in the living room, what kind of toys ?

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Our living room is a toy free zone. With that being said they can play with their toys in the living room- as soon as they are finished they go back to their bedroom to be put away. Every night before bed all rooms are tidy quickly

When my son was young they would be in his room just for him to bring them in the living room. Lol. So I would just leave some in the living room. If I moved them he would get mad :joy:

She’s 5 now and we try to instill playing in her bedroom and that if any toys come downstairs, they must be taken back up x

When my kids were babies up to age 3, toys seemed to stay in the living room. I had a toy box in the living room. After the age of 3, all toys were to stay in the bedroom, you can play with them in the loving room, they have to be back in the bedroom at bedtime

Their a million in each room literally even ours and the spare and the back garden my only little girl * complelte only child is completely spoilt ookkps x

With my son only being 10 1/2 months old & crawling around everywhere I damn near have toys in every room of my house . :sweat_smile: but we also don’t get any visitors so I don’t mind & he independently plays by himself as he gets distracted easily with all his toys . He’s spoiled.
Its really up to you how you want your house .

My daughter has her own room so she keeps all her toys in there… whether they’re on the floor, in her toy chest, on her bed, wherever… long as it isn’t in my room or all the house lol . Also my daughter has all kinds of toys & stuffed animals. She’ll bring some to the living room but she knows to take them back to her room . She’s 2.

Yeaaaa the plan was to keep their toys in their room but that hasn’t worked at all…