How do you know if it's time for divorce?

How do you know when it’s time for marriage counseling, or a divorce? Idk what to do anymore. I love my husband but I just don’t feel the love there if that makes sense?


Always seek counseling first. :two_hearts:

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If you’re asking then it’s time…

I was married 25 yrs and ended it then I just ended a 11 yr relationship well I made him move out but we still talk and do things together

My life right now…counseling is for when you have a desire to fix whatever it is that’s broken. Divorce is when you dont!


Everyone goes through these periods. My advice is to start dating each other, counseling won’t hurt either. If dating each other doesn’t bring you closer it’s time to pull the cord

Counseling only if both of you wants to work out whatever your differences are to fix the marriage .

But , normally , when you ask strangers is time for a divorce

Talk to each other make darn sure you both want a Divorce. Hurts alot of people.

After some time marriages do lose the spark & the love feeling fades then you have to make the decision to wake up everyday & choose to love them. Choose to love your husband & try to make it work.

You’ll know when the time is right. If there is no more feeling then it’s time. Nothing can bring back those same feelings.