How do you know if you are having a large baby?

Question: is having later term symptoms a sign of a larger baby (in your experience) or more likely because it’s my second baby? I have crazy bad intense pressure down there so much so it sucks to walk at end of day. My feet are also swelling and hurting. I’m only 6.5 months. This happened in 9th month with my first. Debating asking my midwife for sonogram at next appointment to see where baby is/his weight.

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From my experience you’re just more sensitive to everything, since it’s your second. I’m sure you’ll be fine, keep calm and relax. Drink plenty of water! You got this! :two_hearts:

U can notice symptoms sooner with multiple pregnancies since uve already been through it. My oldest was huge when she was born and I didn’t really notice anything different with her being a bigger baby.