How do you know it's time to end a relationship?

I feel like im comming to a brraking point with my S/O … I bust my ass keeping up with our house, run all the errands that need to be ran, drop off and pick up kids with school ect find baby sitters for in between when i go into work and when bf gets off work, and then bust my ass at work and then come home after only to continue doing MORE household mom duties… Bf bust his ass off at work too working far more hours than me but has NOT chipped in at all to help me with the kids or house or anything except for the garage but only cause thats where hes at after work to relax … Im legit finding myself so frustrated to the point i almost just wanna tbtow the damn towel in and say screw it all … That or start smoking pot cause i dk what else to do and everytime i bring stuff up to bf it turns to a huge argument, he doesnt understsnd where im comming from at all and then walks away pissing me off more … Wtf should i do … How do yall handle


Smoke pot? Honestly what is that gonna help? I get your angry that you have to work and come home and do more work and I also get that it’s frustrating and he should be helping you but maybe try talking to him? I mean if y’all do have kids together then leaving won’t be easy so talk to him.


talk to him about it? Not Facebook


Leave it won’t change (speaking from Experience) and i was married with Just one child 6 years wasted but now 6 years gained back❣️ You obviously can do it on your own

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He busts his butt at work, and according to you, works way more hours than you do. But you’re mad because you have to tend to the kids and house, even though you’re at home more. Seems like a legit concern to me :roll_eyes:


Smoke pot. Always helps my mood


As mother’s we all.have a braking point crap smoke some weed do you take care of them.babies and keep going eventually he will be like awww let me help her so that’s what I do fr my opinion but it’s your decision I been going for years and only depend on me my kids are older but things will get easier sometimes we feel like we not gonna get through it trust me you will

Girl please get a life a better life you are going to have to do the house work with him or with out BUT you two have kids an I for one am not putting up with that crap from no man daddy that does not share the kids an working together for them

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Same situation but hes not even working rn!!! Ugggg

Talk about it when YOU ARE NOT upset or frustrated is your best bet (I dunno if you’re talking when you’re upset but just throwing that out there because I say shit out of frustration then we fight). My husband works much more than me right now…but once I sat down with him when I was totally calm and explained it…he started pitching in on little things. Like he does the dishes in the evening before bed because I clean the kitchen and cook dinner. He stops at the store for me after work now when needed because I have all the kids and he knows I cannot handle dragging them all to the store for one thing if he is able to do it. He will switch the laundry or fold it when he is watching TV now. Its little things. If you have talked to him about helping when you’re not frustrated then I don’t have much other advice.

Both parents made the children therefore ARE BOTH responsible for the children. No amount of work excuses him from his duties as a Dad. I currently work MORE than my husband but would NEVER try to push all the parental duties on to him. We both bust our butts off to make ends meet. Kids need both parents active in their lives…

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My husband used to be that way till I had a break down then he understood that I needed help and his attitude changed. Took many years but he’s an awesome husband now. Will do anything for me. I even leave him and go stay at my bff’s a few times a month. Just to get a break. My kids are older now,; when they were little id take them and got stay at my friend house all 3 of my kids would come with me and id stay for days till he missed me and asked me to come home lol.

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Only you fully know your situation & you need to do what is best for you & your kids. Smoking pot will help calm your anxiety & it does not mean you are a bad mom if you do. Relationships are 100%both ways & if you are at that point of idk what to do anymore, then you need to do some deep soul searching, have a serious talk with him ( walk away if he tries to fight with you … btw is a red flag) and figure out what you want to do but do not stay just for the sake of the kids.

I would talk to him and say hey look this is not to argue, we need to find a happy medium and go from there. One of my friends alternates days to do dishes with her husband and I think that is a great idea. Maybe write down what you would like help with 2 days a week and say if I could just get help 2 days during the week with dishes, vacuuming, or packing lunches it would give us more time to spend together or something like that. I have a hard time with having to work and manage the house and i don’t think it’s unreasonable you feel the way you do. Our society has put housewives in the workforce to make ends meet but a lot of the housewife duties haven’t lessened. It’s a tough life to live.

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Leaving means you do it all by yourself. Just talk to him and don’t do so much…when he runs out of clean clothes he’ll start helping

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Decide what you can suggest he do first. Talk to him and tell him you are overwhelmed. The results for me were he took care of the floors and provided dinner two times a week.

I would wirte him a letter tell him how you feel tell him you are writing because he want talk an just walks away put it into his vehicle. let him know also how much you love him. But also let him know you are asking for help. I also would copy my letter just in case I did leave an I could show it to the judge where you kept asking for help. I would pray an ask God to help me gain strength an courage to take each day with my task an walk me through.

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He works far more hours. Not making excuses but if the tables were turned does he get to be angry with you for retreating after working MORE hours?