How do you know it's time to end a relationship?

So I dont no where to really start I been with my husband 7 years I cant do this anymore the emotional stress he puts me thru, we have 3 kids together and they want him here but I cant take it anymore and I dont no how to do this on my own I’m on ssi dont make much idk how im going to do this on my own I love him so much but I’m to the point I half to let the love go it’s never going to change, he says he hates me he hasnt been in love with me in so long but he wont leave so I just go through it every day crying I cant take it anymore.


Why won’t he leave? Try to talk to a counselor. I hope he’s working and able to pay child support. You have to get out.

if hes not gonna leave than you leave take the kids with you …that might take a few months of saving and all but do it…find you a cheap little apartment for you and the kids and leave… than go to the shelter and find you a furry friend who needs love too…


You can do ANYTHING you put your mind through look for resources and get help for now. You can sign up for food stamps and things like that, being emotionally abused is no joke it’s the worse and you don’t deserve it no matter how much your kids want him to stay it’s not good for you. When I was 3 my mom took 4 of 5 of her kids we moved from NY to CT to get away from my dad the situation was a little worse but she had to she went through hell and didn’t deserve it, he did end up finding us a few months after but sometimes you have to do what you have to do! Good luck and God Bless You :heart:

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If he is not working and living off of you, why could you not make it without him?


StevenNbrooklyn Hughes why did he quit his job?!

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Would he go to counseling with you? Maybe he’s depressed.

7 years together here, seemed like constant fighting. Got him to agree to counseling. Obviously we BOTH had issues and counselor was able to help us address them. I totally recommend counseling to anyone!!

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File for divorce and custody and request he be made to leave the home.
If you’re on assistance, he best get a job bc child support will be ordered.
Being on SSI, you can get a myriad of assistance and get back on your feet.
If one of your kids was in this situation, what would you tell them?
Don’t let fear ever keep in you a place that’s unhealthy. :green_heart:
Once he’s gone, therapy all around.


Happiness is peace of mind, you need peace of mind, you can make it on your own it will be hard, but many women do it every day, you can too.

Leave him and leave him with the kids he will soon see how much work you do behind the scenes he will be calling you back within 2 weeks

I did it. So can you. Don’t let fear keep you and your children in a bad situation. You can’t be the best mom if you aren’t the best you. I have had to adjust financially since my divorce but I am so much happier. I found a new man who is wonderful to me and my children. Life can be so much better. Trust yourself and God. You can do it.


Because if he works they cut her ssi and all government assistance

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Rebecca Lynn Atchley that is not true on the SSI, when I got mine and they added in our under age son ,because he drew off of me,my wife worked for a lot of years before she her self became unable to work, if her kid’s are under the age of 18 and in school, they can draw off of her also, as far as other government assistance programs if she move’s out with the kids she can apply for all of it, even if he move’s out and pays her support on the 3 kid’s, her and those kid’s won’t change…

I did,nt mean leave the kids for good that would be wrong i mean,t for 2 weeks just to let him see how much work a mother dose when he is not there sorry for the misunderstanding

If you are on SSI,your kids should get checks too. I think it’s like 350$ a month per kid. If single mom,they will get it. Who needs him? You and your kids would be getting about 2000$ monthly.