How do you know when it's time to end a relationship?

Hi mum’s, that age old question of “how much is enough?”. Well my partner and I have been together for nearly 10 years and have young children. Basically I’m not happy with how infrequently we do it and we’ve spoken about it plenty. Today he said he thinks it’s our age difference and the reason his sex drive is lower than mine - he is 10 years older. I think that’s a rubbish excuse but thought I’d check with you ladies for thoughts and opinions. Thanks in advance!

Men hit their prime much earlier in life than women. Men have higher drive in their 20’s to early/mid 30’s and then it starts to decline. Women have lower drives in that same age range (on average) and go up from there. Schedule time to be intimate, find something that gets him in the mood.


He may be experiencing ED or low testosterone. He should see his doctor

This sounds like me and my bf but I’m the one who doesn’t want to do it. And he gets mad. I say if you’re that unhappy leave but it’s a very small thing and shouldn’t be that important.


It’s rubbish, my man 10 years older too. Only recently his sex drive has died, but he is on a lot of medications and just drilled a hole in his finger

My man is older than me. Im 45 hes nearly 10 years older. But our sex life is still amazing… two or three times a week…I’d love another surprise day added once in a while, but I honestly cant complain…im wondering if he suffers from ED have him talk to a doctor its an easy fix

He should be checked for low testosterone. It’s not cheap, but getting his testosterone back to normal levels will solve a whole host of issues…sex drive, tiredness, ability to focus, ability to have/hold a conversation, and overall attitude.

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My husband is 9 yrs older then me n we haven’t did it in 5 yrs,we love each other n have more important things to deal with like sleep and work

Have him to get blood work done to check his hormone levels out. That could be it.

My husband is 11 yrs older than me and he still acts young lol I wonder cuz I’m barely hitting 30​:joy::joy: but might want to see a doctor

Um yes true very true get him some meds.

Age definitely plays a roll

Yes he is right. They decrease with age and we increase with age. I know mother nature is a real funny lady isn’t she.

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