How do you know when it's time to leave a relationship?

How did you know you were ready to walk away from your relationship? How did you know it was time to end and fighting for it was not worth it anymore? My childs fatehr doesnt help much around the house or with our daughter…and every time i ask him, there is an argument…i am so tired of fighting for us when he isnt…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you know when it's time to leave a relationship?

If your askin’, it’s time!


It is time if you’re asking this question. You’re already checked out and trying to find the right time.

You want to leave because your significant other won’t help ? Maybe you should. Do you work ? If so then insist. If your a SAHM then deal with it or leave. But more males don’t help at home so make sure you want to do this. You may end up with someone worse


If you have to ask them it is probably time :heart::cry:


When you ask strangers on the internet is kind of time to move on, a relationship is between 2 people, if has to fight to be together you are with the wrong person


I could be wrong… but with how short your post is, tells me you guys haven’t been together long. The post you chose to write tells me, he isn’t worth fighting for, for you. If you have history and enough love for eachother, this wouldn’t be such a short sweet and to the point post. Not saying his actions aren’t wrong or what’s hurting you… but it shouldn’t be that simple. Look into counseling if you really want to work things out. No relationship is unicorns and rainbows. They all have their problems.

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When your asking people on fb


If you’re asking this question… Your mind is heading that way already :cry:


Now. Now would be the time to leave. You know it already, you just want confirmation that it’s OK. Hey…it’s OK. DO what you need to do to provide a healthy and happy environment for you and your child. If it’s leaving the relationship, then do it.

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It sounds like you already know the answer but just want support. If you aren’t invested in your relationship, it’s time to end it. Best of luck to you.

If you have poor communication and all you are doing is fighting.and he doesnt want to help with anything or spend tine with you both?..
Its probably not the right person for you…if you have some place to go then just leave…if not save money then leave…
Sometimes you take your loved ones for granted and dont realize what you have till it is gone…
if he comes for you and wants to change and wants to work it out then there is hope
if he doesnt close that door and dont look back

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Sounds like you already know it’s time to move on and get ur own place!! If he’s not helping he’s hurting n you’d b better off n less stressed if you n ur kids had peace!

Consider counseling? Do you love him ? Do you tell him ? What else is going on in the marriage? Is it just him ? Is there something you did for him to act like this? Do you still make love to him ? Is it his work ? Do you work ? Is he the sole provider? Is he depressed? Is there financial problems? There’s lots to consider before making a decision like that . Seek professional help before making a final discussion. Wish you the best of luck .

When you are asking this question it’s time to leave…

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Only you know if you are ready to walk away, or when. The only two people that can determine if the relationship will work or be happy/healthy is the two of you. It does take both people to be at a mutual decision. You need to communicate your needs/wants clearly, while not angry, refuse to fight about it, but talk. Don’t use ultimatums/fits/anger… real talk, real communication and communicate with honesty

Sounds like yesterday.

Is helping around the house the main issue? Or are you hyperfixating on that due to a more serious issue. I ask, because I do this. I’m the world’s worst about “you did this and this or you didn’t do this” When none of those issues are what is actually bothering me. Theyvare just an issue that I can express in that moment.

So maybe reflect on what the actual issue is. And if this is it and is simply a breaking point for you, that is okay too.

A marriage should be team work. Regardless of the area no one partner should be doing all the work. If you feel like you’re the only one fighting for it, and you don’t want to continue to be the only one fighting it is likely time to leave.

I think we all go through times when we feel this way, like we are the only one putting in the effort. Where we need more from our spouse than they are currently giving. It needs to be communicated, and since you said you’ve done this and he flat refuses, leaving may be the only option.

For better for worse. You took a vow. Communication is key.