How do you maintain a healthy pregnancy?

Okay I have a serious question, how do you maintain a healthy pregnancy. I have 2 kids, just found out we have #3 on the way. With my first two I was just alway “what baby wants baby gets” kinda thing. I wasn’t as plus size back then though. I was on a weight loss plan before I found out I was pregnant, unfortunately it wasn’t the best diet plan, not one to keep on with while pregnant anyways. I have a few weeks till I see my doctor but I wanna plant a seed and slowly start working my way into this now. Any tips? Also, is it possible to still lose lose weight without it affecting baby?


Don’t over eat I did that and it went down hill for me :frowning: and you can do light workouts too congrats on your baby mama

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From what i know most drs will tell you to not lose weight. They prefer that you not gain/not lose.


Im a plus size woman and my doctor actually applauded me for losing weight and I’m currently 24 weeks with my 3rd. They don’t want u to gain too much weight since ur bigger but congrats


My doc doesnt want me to lose or gain when im pregnant knowing gaining is gonna happen we wanna keel it as little as possible. I make healthy choices. No fast food, no processed foods, low carb and lots of water.

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The keto diet. Also, swim A LOT. It keeps you in shape, so that delivery wont be as exhausting. Its a low impact workout.

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I lost 10 pounds in the first 3 months of being pregnant. my doctor said it wasn’t too concerning seeing as though I was overweight before and being pregnant was the healthiest ive ever eaten :joy:

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I lost while pregnant with both because I changed to eating healthy instead of all the crap I was eating before and drinking lots of water

I lost maybe 20 pounds while pregnant and the doctors were never concerned and my baby was fine

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Have you plus sized moms struggled to get pregnant?

Only drink water. Unlimited veggies, fruits for snacks and have protien, veggies and a small side of carbs with each meal. Dont eat after dinner. Losing weight while pregnant isnt bad if you have the weight to lose and you are eating portion sizes.


Just eat healthy and don’t over eat.

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Just eat healthy and remember that you are not literally eating for 2.


Talk to your Dr about LIFESTYLE changes. Have your hubs help you too.
No diets. The point is to get healthy for you and your munchkins.
Eating healthy, low sodium, no gluten, little processed foods and snacks, light exercise, etc.
Plenty of fluids. If you want juices, half them with water.
Ask your OBGYN abt talking to a nutritionist at the hosp. They can help you.
Congrats on the new lo momma!!! Good luck!!:heart:

Just make healthy choices. High protein, fruits, lots of raw and steamed vegetables, healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, walnuts), and leafy greens. You should never try to lose weight while pregnant. Just maintaining and healthy diet should prevent you from gaining over 20lbs. And walk.

following. im lost and have gotten huge with this 3rd pregnancy . im 28 weeks and have gained 35lbs already . mylast two i ended up at 130. im heart broken and so self conscious

Lots of water, fruits and veggies, lean meats and very small portions of pasta, rice, bread and potatoes

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As humorist Dave Barry said in his book, “Babies and Other Hazards of Sex”: “You are eating for two, but one of you is the size of a golf ball.” A healthy diet is a healthy diet: colorful vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein (organic, grass fed, NO added growth hormones—it works on humans too), limited carbs & sugars, small portions. Check out vegan & vegetarian recipes & don’t eat too much cheese (again, those pesticides & growth hormones added). See how much you can commit to for the rest of your life. Do whatever exercise you like. I did Modern Dance classes through my 7th month, performed through my 5th, but whatever movement you can enjoy is fine. Most instructors for any type of activity will modify moves for pregnant women. Not recommended: rugby, professional wrestling & full contact football. :laughing:

yes just don’t over eat

As long as baby is getting the nutrients needed, you can maintain a healthy diet and lose weight and baby will be just fine

As long as you keep a healthy diet and up your macros daily stay active with swimming walking it shouldn’t effect your baby. Take your prenatals stay hydrated. Don’t take other supplements unless you discuss it with your Dr.

Eat healthy… excersice safely…go for lits of walks. Baby will be good. If u crave something…just portion size it. Dont go nuts. Limit juice, dpnt drink any pop at all. Drink lits of water. If ur hungry between meals…choose a veggie (celery with pb, or cucumber chopped up with tomatoes with very little balsamic vinaigrette on it and a little pepper). Make healthy choices and move around.

It’s definitely a conscious thing. You just have to decide you’re not going to eat like shit.

I stayed active. The most I ever gained was 25 lb. I had a strict obstetrician.

Make healthy choices but dont be afraid to occasionally have something you’re craving. I started at 130 and im 6 months now. 138 so ive gained 8 lbs. Which im happy with

You only need 300 extra calories a day for your baby, you don’t need to eat much extra to stay healthy. Eat lean protein, fresh fruit and veggies and stay away from processed sugar and fast food.

With my first I lost almost 40lbs but put some back on in the last weeks. Water weight mostly. If you are overweight then yes losing weight is possible but be careful.