How do you make mom friends?

My best friend moved away last weekend. Between that, and my father’s wife convincing him to sell the house and move to Kentucky (from West Virginia), I’m having an emotional week. How do you meet mom friends?? My town doesn’t have a park, there’s no other kids that get on the bus with my youngest, and my oldest is “too old” for mom to walk him to the bus stop. I don’t drive because of an anxiety disorder (I literally blacked out the last time I got behind the wheel). I’m lonely as hell and just need a local friend.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you make mom friends?

Join the pta. See if your town or kids school has a fb page and reach out to other moms to see if anyone wants to hang out.

There’s app called peanut I used to make mom friends


What part of Kentucky?

Check out a church a women’s group at church or a senior center there’s a lot of things that go on there a lot of trips activities

The only friends I have were co-workers and people I graduated with… Try there…

Get a job at your kids school and meet people

One of the girls in my daughters class had a birthday party and her mom invited the whole class. Then her daughter joined karate so our daughters are in karate together.

Have you tried the Peanut app. I’ve made a few friends in my area from this app

Girl not sure where you are but message me :heart:I’m in WV

Library. They have all kinds of events here for kids and adults

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Honestly, one of my best mom friends is Lexa McQueen. We really didn’t know each other at all & she needed a sitter for her son & I helped out. After that, we just became friends & all of our kiddos are best friends. So maybe try babysitting a kid or two to help with that? It is hard to make mom friends in general!


Do you have any hobbies? If not, find one and then find others who share your interest. Local Facebook groups are helpful here. Does your town have a mom’s group on Facebook? Or even just a community page? Making friends is hard if you don’t put yourself out there. Another idea is to join the PTO at your kids school save get involved. Great way to meet other families in your neighborhood.

I’m from KY originally WVA

Church God will give you friends just pray and go to church


I know a mom (girls 4, 7 & 6) in Bluefield, WV who drives. Let me know if that’s anywhere near you.

Maybe look on NextDoor site for people in your area. Some dating sites have areas for friends only. Get involved in school or community activities—even if it’s not your childrens’ school—to meet like-minded folks. Band mom, theater mom, sports mom, field trip mom, dance/prom chaperone, hall monitor, bus line coordinator, greeter parent, bake sale organizer, football concession stand, ticket taker, program seller, stage or behind-the-scenes parent—whatever interests you. I’m sure they’d welcome you volunteering in the classroom too, or if you have a college degree and the stomach for it (and don’t have another paying job), substitute teaching. School staff can be your friends as well as parents, even if it embarrasses your kids.

Is there a Y or a recreation center near you? Can you enroll the kids in sports or other classes? Great way to meet peers. Are there hotels with pools? If so, see if you can make a deal with them to give them a little money or help them with something in exchange for letting your kids swim during non-busy times & then make friends with the staff.

Start your own mom’s group! Put up posters & have people show up on a specific date & time at a local coffee shop, fast food restaurant, rest stop picnic table, or wherever you can gather & see who shows up. Once you get to know folks, the get-togethers could take place in people’s homes. Meet once a month or once a week, alternating with & without kids. Maybe hire a teen to keep the kids entertained while you have fun or make plans. Arrange carpools for trips to see kid-friendly museums, historic sites, zoos, gardens, movies, performances, festivals, parades, etc. in larger towns & get group rates. Have a party once a year where you rent a bounce house, have a slip n slide, cornhole and/or other games and a pot luck picnic for the whole crew.

Make non-mom friends too as they may be able to help you out more. Volunteer at senior centers or active adult communities and find lonely older active seniors who would love to have a family in their lives and who can still drive.

Do you have a dog? Meet people at the dog park or wherever people walk their dogs, at the groomers, maybe even the veterinarian’s.

I hope you are getting talk & behavior therapy and meds for your anxiety. Driving could make your life easier if you are able. Are you able to ride a bike or is that even worse?

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If you don’t have a dog, offer to dog-sit for someone.

I’m relocating back to WV hopefully soon. You can message me and we can go from there​:blush: I’m in same boat needing to make mommy friends :two_hearts:

I’m in WV, where are you? Message me

Im in WV also, you can message me :wink:

I meet a lot of moms at my kids sporting events. If your kids are into sports, just take them and you will meet a lot of other moms in no time

Post in your local yardsale group

I make friends on here—made 2 thru my crocheting and taking pics and sharing and commenting on other’s work.

Try the peanut app, it’s like tinder but for mum friends


check out they may have one in your area, this kept me busy for lots of years (I have 5 kids-all 16 and older now sigh…) Do you have a YMCA they also have mom groups and activities (I do line dancing now there).

Meet up!!! I met a friend on there when I moved to the mid west and we are friends 15+ years later on a mom group.

Post on the local pages,where I live people do that often…

I’m in West Virginia… I have the worst cabin fever right now.

Ive heard of an app called Peanut :woman_shrugging: maybe that could help. I don’t try to make mom friends. When i have, they all sucked in my opinion. Like wanted to give ride all the time and always an excuse not to hang out, only messaging to vent or ask for help. Eventually I put mt foot down and told them no and now I just hear from “friends”

Your next birthday party they can invite kids from school. Then parents will come too. And you can chit chat and see who you zing with :blush:

Girl I feel you I’m in Maryland and 25 with a almost ten year old nobody can relate :rofl:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you make mom friends?

Some areas have local “play group” on Facebook. Also the local library usually has activities all year for different age groups! Check into them!

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Groups, classes, hobbies


Im in the same boat! I feel so alone all the time.


I made one unintentionally. One of the girls had a birthday party and the whole class was invited and my daughter wanted to go because she said they were friends. Then she decided she wanted to take karate and the same little ended up in the same class as mine and her older brother was also in karate. And it just went to there. Softball just ended and we went to her practices and games. Im a HUGE introvert and i dont like talking to people

Church, the library. The kids area in the park. YMCA.

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Go to church or Bible study.

Get involved. Volunteer. Local park. Church. Community involvement. You got to start somewhere and you cannot expect them to come to you.

Your local library probably does story times for kids (if yours are little). You’ll be able to meet other moms who have kids similar to your kids ages.

I’ve made a lot of mom friends at the library when they have kids activities. & the playground. Our kids usually hit it off and we start talking and end up exchanging facebooks and then plan more play dates. :blue_heart:

Find your local library and sign up for programs for your kids and yourself. You will definitely find kindred spirits there! Libraries are more than just books!!

Playgroups (even chk fb in your area )

I add a bunch of moms who have a ton of mutual friends and hope for the best :sweat_smile: It’s very hard for me to leave the house and interact with people, so connecting over socials is much easier.


There might be a local mom fb group you could try.

Get involved with the school if you still can since Covid I don’t know if schools will let you. That is what I did but my kids are 38 and 36. So you are talking 30 years ago. Get the kids involved in sports or something. It takes time. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: :purple_heart:

Story time at your local library

Church groups sports scouts… my kids play travel ball and those teams are more than friends they are family!

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I join churches for a lil while put kids in sports n community clubs

Take them to a nervy park, join any Facebook mom group in your area , you can even create a event on the group to have a play date for your kids and other kids

Do things organically, like church, gym, school, etc I wouldn’t trust apps you can’t trust everyone these days things are scary


Volunteer for the school, if the kids are in sports that’s another way as well

I’ve met some of my favourite “mom friends” at the parks I take my kids to…
Children make friends so easy, And then it strikes up conversation with the parents.

Church! Join a church with a MOPs ground and from there you’ll meet a lot of people

Girl where you at! You sound like my type of person!


Same!!! I’m in Kansas😌

I feel the same way I don’t know where you live but I wish you lived by me lol

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Go to the closest park to your house, and go often! Like others have said joining mom groups. Even get your kids into sports- I’ve met a lot of mom friends from my daughter doing soccer and cheer

Look for mom groups on Facebook for your area.

I’m 33 I would totally mom hang with ya .
You can volunteer at the school . In my town there’s a group called mommy group lol yes original lol they meet 1st and 3rd tusedays every month at the local community building. I personally dont go i work but my bestie loves it there . Basically it was made for your very reason . I’d look on f.b for any local groups or heck even call police department and ask if they know of any. I’ve heard of alot of them popping up at either a church or other community building in other towns .

I wish you luck hun

Same! I wish I knew too

Girl where you do you live, cause I am having the same damn problem!!!

I met a bunch of mom friends using back when my kids were little. Idk if that’s even a thing anymore, but maybe check it out?

I wear a suit but that’s probably not what you’re asking :joy::joy:

I started a Whole Ass Daycare :joy:

I feel the exact same way.

Same. I moved almost 14 hours away from everything and everyone I know. I’m home all the time now because my husband works and my daughter goes to school.

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Join a Facebook group. You would be surprised how many people are in the same boat.

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Fb mom groups, library has many mommy n me or activities for kids, your community page.

My cousin moved to a new state in March or April a year ago. She put her daughter in school right away so she could meet some friends for the summer. I assume she also met their moms.

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I need a mom group for the socially awkward lol. I’m so bad at small talk and don’t remember crap lol


I used Peanut. It’s like Tinder for moms. :blush:


Maybe post on and get to meet new neighbors

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Local mom groups.
Right now in mine this has been a big topic. There been kinda Application going on that helps other moms comment saying hey i like you, our kids sound like they would play together nice…ect

Same and I been here since last 2017

Go walking take kids go to park or local kids ball game, if you jog get out there

If you were my neighbor I’d be friends with you!!

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Go to church, do some volunteer activities, it may take awhile - but keep busy - - .

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My family moved 14 yrs ago and I also didn’t know a soul. My gosh, it was hard! You’re right, nowadays people have internet and online so why leave to socialize? Working folk have work family. People stay within their own friend and family circles too.

What worked? Activities through my kids. Whatever my boys were involved in- I met other families with similar interests.

For a long time I did things with my young children literally alone… park, lakes, walks. At times the isolation was unbearable but I got through. Would I recommend it? Nope! :grin:

A local Facebook classified page or group is a good connection also. You can bet you aren’t the only one in your area.

Are your kids old enough for sports? I met new friends through that.


I met moms at Lal Leche League and at the park.

Find a good church perfect way to make friends

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I just started working on my front yard and started talking to every neighbor some are sweet some are not but that’s just how it is

Join a family gym that allows the whole family to use the pool. I made friends their because they come daily and my kids get to play with their kids daily. Plus, everyone gets their excercise. Win win. Also put your kids in sport league. My kids play soccer so we got more involve with the community. We met the same parents and coaches and kids every time every season lol.

Go to park or museum and just start talking to other moms with kids your age. That’s what I do :woman_shrugging: I see my kid playing with theirs and say “what’s your child name? How old? My name is…” then go from there. Most moms are pretty nice.

Local mom groups on Facebook could help you find someone. Plus, although your accepting alot of other people aren’t and starting on Facebook and getting to know one another can ease someone’s hesitation on meeting someone new. :heartpulse: good luck to you

Local mom groups - I am in a couple and it’s been great
Library time

Make some invitations to a pot luck at your house…share some info about you and your kids with a date and time and mail them out to your neighbors and see what happens make sure you have an RSVP number to call…Good luck.

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I had a really hard time too. What helped me is my oldest son is 10, so he is at that age he wants playdates and sleepovers, especially now people were going out more. So I sent my phone number to school with him to give to his friend (that he asked to hangout with) and bring it home to their parents to set something up. Met up with a few moms, none I really clicked with. Then one of the moms, I really clicked with! It takes trial and error. I also tried going to the parks, and look for parents with similar aged kids, or whatever kid my kids chose to play with. Then small talk with the parent to see if it’s a match for you lol. I have severe anxiety, mostly social, so I found going up and talking to other parents to be EXTREMELY difficult. But I just felt bad my oldest didn’t have friends to hangout with (we moved to the area 2 years ago, and everything was super regulated because of covid, no way to meet anyone before). So I pushed through, had many awkward conversations and most of the time it didn’t work out. But when it did, it was all worth it! I also agree, local mom groups are a good way too

We met a couple with kids at a bar (no kids went). Also, my son went to a friends house, the neighbor had her friend over who knows my fiancé…. Then we all became friends :slight_smile:

Go to the nearer Church
If they all have Bibles going in
Go there !
Pray !

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Try going to the playground and see who is there

Try joining a parant group it’s hard to make new friends

I meet friends while waiting for my son to get released from school, then invite them for playdates. Also see if you have any local Facebook moms groups, it’s easy to post and see if anyone wants to meet. We even got an invite from a school classmate for a “not a birthday, just for fun party” playdate so they could meet the other kids and parents which i thought was really cute.

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Go to the park. If kids are involved in any activities, you could meet mom’s there. Does your child have friend’s? Why not meet your child’s friends parents ? Go to a book club or become part of the PTA at your kids school. Go to the library

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Parks, book clubs, baking classes, paint classes, most towns have all kind of things similar, pick ones you would actually enjoy :wink: odds are you would have more in common with some of the others

join a pta. my town has an early childhood pta that does birth to kindergarten and it Segway’s into the school ptas. see if your area has a facebook page and you can ask on there what mom/play groups are available in your area :slight_smile: