How do you make time for yourself as a mom?

Dear moms, let’s talk self-care! Amidst your busy schedule, how do you carve out ‘me time’? Share your self-care rituals or simple pleasures that keep you sane and smiling! Your insights might just inspire another mom in need.

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Following! Desperately need ideas. Feel like there isn’t enough time in the day!

I’ve started getting up early and having a bit of time to read, journal, pray and have coffee. It fills my cup before I have start pouring into others.

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My husband and I spend some time together after the kids go to bed and then he likes to stay up and play video games. I love to just lay in bed, watch some shows, and maybe have a snack. Lol. Sometimes I do my nails or a pedicure… really depends how the day went. lol.

Most morning I get up @530 to have coffee on my porch in silence before my kids get up.

Do you have in equal partner or are you a single parent?. Because when I was a single mom, and I work 40 hours a week, I would get the things I needed before hand ( lotions, face mask, self care stuff, ect) and I would put the kiddos to bed a little earlier then normal and turn on my favorite shows or favorite music and just relax. ( mostly fall asleep with everything still on me sometimes lol) but I’d feel so much better. Another thing is I’d hire a babysitter ( one of my friends) to watch my kiddos for 2½ hours and go walk around Ross or target or sit at a restaurant by myself and just order food and relax.

Now I have an equal partner, that let’s me sleep in on the weekends and makes me breakfast in bed sometimes. And also he takes the kiddos out so I get the house to myself and I have some me time. ( I also do the same for him as well). So trust me all the single mommas out their, it does get better!