How do you make your laundry smell good?

How do you make your laundry smell good? what are your favorite laundry products to use?

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A small amount of bleach. Makes everything smell fresh. Minimal amount will actually brighten up your clothes not bleach them out.
Add to the spot on your washer that’s labeled bleach or if you dont have that luxury, start the washer and let it fill to about 1/4 full. Add your bleach and then your clothes as to not end up with bleached spots on em.


Arm and hammer / scent boosters the blue ones / suavel softener trust me !

downy fabric softener the april fresh scent. you’ll never want to use anything else.

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• i use like a tablespoon of bleach in my colors (except for black & DARKKKK colors).
:arrow_right: i add it in the washer as the water is filling so it mixes.
:arrow_right: it smells good & disinfects.
:exclamation:kids are gross & COVID is still real & now we’re entering flu season!

• i also don’t like the tide pods.
:arrow_right: i like the liquid detergent which i also add while the water is filling.

• i use fabric softener (liquid)

• also use some of the oxy boost powder (just a scoop).

:arrow_right: if you add while water is filling, it helps mix everything then add the laundry.

:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:DO NOT OVER PACK THE WASHER!!! :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

• then i use dryer sheets in the dryer.
:arrow_right: when putting the clothes away, no lie i have dryer sheets in the dresser drawers lol.
:arrow_right: i switch them out every out of weeks.
:arrow_right: i also have the boosts in a cheap pair of tights in the drawer almost like a sock of rice.

• stuff i hang up
:arrow_right: i spray with fabreeze while hanging it
:arrow_right: i also use laundry scented air fresheners in the closet.

• ALSO •
:exclamation: wash you towels separately from your clothes.
:exclamation: wash your sheets/bedding separately too.
:exclamation:check to make sure your washer is CLEAN ! yes, you need to scrub it once in a while with bleach & vinegar!!!

hope this helps!

Gain laundry flings, gain beads and gain dryer sheets. Once every 2 weeks I run vinegar through my washer to clean my washer and that helps. Obviously I love gain products

As someone who is allergic to every scent in laundry, downy lavender is amazing.