How do you mamas juggle being a mom and housework?

Hi was wondering if some mamas are having trouble just like me, and what do you do? I have a six-year-old two-year-old and almost one year old; my house is constantly dirty no matter how much I clean by the end of the day, it’s dirty again. How do you keep your house cleaned with the kids? Only one is in school, and my 2-year-old has a strong head where she wants to do everything her way. And on top of it all, we have a dog I have to take out to use the bathroom. I feel like I’m constantly behind on something I have to do and don’t have the energy to do it all. Any advice will help thank you


No dog :dog: for a while

Girl they are all old enough to pick up after themselves, better start teaching them or you’ll be doing it their whole life. And do not lose heart, you will be repeating yourself alot, and it will be well worth it


Teach them how to clean up. Make it into a game. Whoever can clean this room the quickest can this and this when your all done cleaninh


Remember that there’s a difference between untidy and dirty. Make the beds, do the dishes , sweep kitchen floor , and wipe over the surfaces. When kids are napping, clean bathroom. Pick 1 major clean a day… eg wipe out fridge. When kids go to bed, get them to help clear up their toys. Chill. This time wont last forever.


If you don’t teach them while they’re young to help clean up you will regret in their teens even more.


When they take out a toy the other must go back,

Grab a bottle of wine and say fuck it.


Do you have post partum depression by any chance? With kids those ages it will seem hard right now but I promise it will get better. If you have some mom friends have them come over and hangout with the kiddos while you play catch up. Or have some family come over. It will help I swear.

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U don’t just a enough to make livable

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I have a hard time and i have to older kids, they help and a 3 year old. Lol. Pick certain days to clean certain rooms, try to organize your cleaning schedule. It helps to make you feel like you’ve got it under control. Lol.
And you should have them pick up to. My 3 year old picks up his toys, puts his dishes in the sink. . Little things.

Marianne is right- big difference between untidy and dirty.
Start by getting cheap bins for toys, crafts, etc. label them (do words AND pics if you’re feeling motivated). The kids can help by dropping their toys in the appropriate bins. It will take time and dedication to the routine, but eventually it will seem second nature to them to return everything. Structure is good for them AND you! As far as actually cleaning- keep quick cleaning wipes handy for countertops, tables, etc. And start to restructure your days so that heavy cleaning is broken up and the kids begin to understand certain times are for mommy to accomplish stuff while they do something independently (or nap, or whatever). Sit down and block out your day, what you want to accomplish, and see how it will all fit. Get into a routine that works for you. The kids will eventually fall into the routine. Most importantly- Don’t beat yourself up! You have 2 very small children. It’s a juggling act. But with consistency- things will begin to run more smoothly. Don’t expect perfection. It’s impossible! And you don’t want to accidentally teach your kids perfection is the goal or ideal. :hugs:. You’ll find a system that works for you! I promise!


Do the children have their room?? If yes let them play and mess up their room.
When children sleeping at night … you clean


There is no such thing as a clean house with kids or pets.The only time you might enjoy it clean is when you host holidays or when the kids are sleeping during your quiet time for a few hours before going to bed.You are just wasting your time trying to keep your place clean when they are up cause once you pick up,they come right behind you & bring all that stuff back out.Teach them about chores now & reward them after doing so much & it might stay clean


Chores. Toys kept in bedrooms only. I had no problem juggling and keeping house clean.

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Right after they fall asleep… Clean as fast as possible then shower, and pass out… :raised_hands:


Never been able to keep things cleaned up and put away properly

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Get your kids to help big one is old enough to make bed tidy toys vacume house middle one can lear to help too

You don’t. As long as your kids are safe healthy fed and happy. Take it easy on yourself. You are doing the best you can. You can’t do everything


Better to take the extra time, let all the kids help at the level they can no matter how slow or imperfect, and just understand that cleaning a house spotless when you have kids that young is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.


I have a 4,5,7,8 year old work fulltime drive an hour to and from work and my house is almost spotless and I’m always tired haha

I’ve been doing it with two kids for almost 15 years. My oldest is now 19, but I try to clean one room a day. Throughout the week you get your house clean, but not stress yourself in the process.

Eventually the children get older and move out :woman_shrugging:t5:


Let’s add to the equation, the husband.

I dunno, I managed. My mom raised 4 kids while working full time. She made clothes, upholstered the furniture and even had a garden. She didn’t watch tv, or run the roads. We had chores, but I think about what she did and I’m exhausted.

I paid to fence in the backyard for the dog. Once a week I clean the back yard. I use paper plates to avoid excessive dishes. When I have a breakdown I get a big garbage bag and start tossing stuff

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Let it be! Don’t stress yourself keeping your house clean and miss your kids growing up! Just enjoy every moment! :+1:


As someone else suggested check with your GP re possible post natal depression. It is something that doesn’t necessarily kick in immediately post birth .
Also your children need to be taught what you mean when you tell them to tidy up
You need to make the job a joint effort in order for them to learn .
Also, maybe just let them make their mess till say lunch , then pack up before sitting down to eat
Repeat in the afternoon

Don’t let them get more than a couple things out at a time, have them put stuff back before getting something else.
If you need to be busy for awhile doing something…have them color or smear shaving cream on the table and let them draw while you’re doing what needs to be done such as cleaning bathroom, dishes, start a load of laundry
Whatever that keeps your lil ones focused

First of all the Dog belongs outside, not only does it lick its A-- and then lick your little ones face and yours the cause your house to smell , it’s hard enough with just having the kids to CLEANUP after.


Priorities, dog in yard, kid in room and sit with a drink …then it’s what is needed most. Hope you had a chuckle. You do what is most important and hopefully the kid can help some, make it a game and a way to earn something they want (doesn’t have to be big). Gets them ready for chores as they get older. As for fido, put him in a cage from time to time when not outside walking to get some house work done and then let him out when done. My daughter has trained her dog to go into his cage at night when she says bedtime, he goes and gets 2 treats then sleeps till morning, no whining or barking.

I’ve learned from watching Kate plus 8. She trained her kids to clean and keep up with it. Follow through. The oldest one should have a chore chart, the younger siblings will follow through with it. It does help when all of their toys are in their rooms. Tell them to only bring out one toy if they want to leave their room to play with it. I hope I helped…

U clean but organization isn’t most important

Cut yourself some grace. We want it to be perfect and clean always. And ofttimes there are people in our lives who expect it to be too. Husbands in-laws mothers. I used this word of wisdom. Pick up the house once a day. Nite time usually worked for me. I did laundry on wednesdays and Saturday’s. Made sure my kids had clean clothes to wear. Food to eat. And my floors cleaned…vacuumed mopped . Those were the rules I lived by when mine were minis. I’m going to be a great grama. But I will never forget those hectic days. And I often wish I could live them again to enjoy them more. Also talk to your dr about vitamin b 12 shots. Ofttimes women’s blood doesn’t breathe right and creates tiredness. The b12 shot will help your blood breathe correctly and that along with prenatal vitamins yes stay on them. Those two things will help boost your energy level. Also eat a spoonful of peanut butter and drink some milk before you go to bed make it a habit . It will help you sleep better. Merry Christmas

I worried about the important stuff once they went to bed.Never cleaned by my man or my kids.I did it all job, wife, kids and pretended it was easy.

Give yourself a break!

They are not to young to be trained to clean up after them no toys if you don’t
Put them back easy my
Dog is a house dog I know
When some one come on
Our property they are good
Guard dogs

Playpen for the baby, set the 2 year old with an activity… Or get her to help you. Section of parts of your house. Limit toys. Playgroup has saved my sanity. Clean when they are asleep. A mums suppose to enjoy her time with their kids… They grow too quickly. Enjoy the precious time while they are still little.

I have the kids do chores also!

Your house is going to be a mess with having 3 kids. You do your best ! Do not be hard on yourself your trying the best you can. As far as dishes use paper plates or anything you can toss out. This is a perfect age to play a game with the 2 little ones like making it fun picking up the toys. Don’t sweat it ! Your doing a good job Mama ! Enjoy your children bc they grow up fast !


The 2 year old can help clean up the toys and their mess. Nap times vacuum or start laundry. Have a play room or area if possible toys stay there. They have to have rules and structure. I have 3 kids, now 21,19,16 so were fairly close in age also. When little they had rules for toys and clean up time, or they lost toys. If snack time teach them to throw away their plate or container. Gotta do household stuff in between their schedules daily. That’s how I did it. Just advice.

Question 1: does your so helps? As for housework, forget about it. There’s nothing wrong with having a dirty house. I always clean at night so it will stay clean for a while in the day. I have a 5 yr old in school, a 3 yr old and a 8 month old. It’s hard i know. I have a double wide house so i have half of the living room divided. And blocked so my daughter don’t go to the other side. I just keep that area clean so she doesn’t put stuff in her mouth. The other side is dirty and i don’t care lol. My Husband does mostly all the cleaning on the wknd. Bc he’s the type that can’t stand it if its too dirty. I have my 5 yr old help clean some bc my 3 yr old omg! Lol i can’t get him to do hardly anything smh so have your older baby help u around.

I found that having them out of the house as much as possible helps with not having to clean as much. And i agree with the ppl saying to have them take out one thing at a time. And have them help you clean up

Remember that there is a difference between dirty and messy. With 3 kids under the age of 10 your house (mostly)won’t be tidy and magazine ready. But, from the sound of it, underneath the clutter is quite clean. Accept the messes and start teaching the older kids how to start helping to take care of their home. Mom can’t, and shouldn’t, do it all. Most of all, enjoy your children while they are small. As cliche as it sounds, the time does go quickly.

Life is busy at your place, go easy on yourself. Sit and play with the kids and dont stress over house work. Do what you can, when you can.

I turned the den into a playroom.

Don’t stress. House doesn’t have to be spotless. Enjoy being a mum and your kids being kids. Sure teach them to clean up etc but most of all if youre happy they’re happy. Treasure it before they grow up.

You teach them to take out only what they’re currently playing with and then to put it away or it gets thrown away. The six year old is more than capable of small chores to help out.

I only have 2 kids 7 and 3 and I feel the same way it’s never really clean! I feel like it won’t be until they get older! Sorry wish I had some advice


I only have one and I’m a neat freak. I don’t know if this will change over time but I literally just have a routine and I put things away immediately so it doesn’t build up. And I deep clean on the weekend.

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carry on as u are, house doesnt have to be spotless x


I have 9 kids and they all have chores to do every day. Your 6yr old and 2yr old are old enough to help pick up, take laundry from dryer etc . my kids are 13,11,10,9,8,6,5,2 and 1 and they all help around the house. My 1yr and 2yr throw their own diapers away, grab new diaper, pick up their toys and they love helping the older kids.


Ive got 4 hon. 11,5,4&4 :sweat_smile: my house is an ever losing battle I swear :see_no_evil:🤷

Once your kids are feed and healthy don’t worry about your house. A messy house is a happy house


Make the kids clean up after themselves or throw their crap out the front door

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Mine are 4.5, 3 and 4 months. I get to the house stuff when I get to it. I try to sweep/swiffer mop and do dishes daily. Take the trash off once a week. I wash/dry/fold and put away the laundry once a week, usually on Friday and Saturday. Bedding is washed every 2 weeks unless there’s a potty accident. I clean the bathrooms every 2 weeks cause only 1 kid uses the potty the other 2 are in diapers. And everything else happens once a month, usually on a Saturday when my husband is home to help like vacuuming, dusting and so on.

A house should look like its lived it, the mess will not last forever the memories of making the mess will last a life time. One day your home will be spotless but your children will be grown up and have their own houses :heart: dont stress about mess x


Do a little at night after they lay down. And during naps. Morning times we have a routine. She sits and eats and watches cartoons while I clean bottles and dishes from breakfast. We just bought a shark robot vacuum and I regret not getting one years ago. Then we play but always put toys away after we are done. Then naps and I clean the rest. Then lunch and supervised “alone” play or park/walk or even errands. Then start dinner if I haven’t done crockpot dinner and she plays. Husband comes home. Plays with while I finish dinner. Eat. Then things settle down and I clean up while they watch tv or play again. Then bed time. I straighten up. Then crash and shake my own hand for another day done haha

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We don’t. We’re just survivalling. I am an entrepreneur in the horsebusiness which means working 7 days a week(we have a lot of horses at home and they need care everyday). The kids are always at home so we are always here when they need us but time for the household??? When. I now have a girl doing it for me 3 days a week but! The next day within an hour it’s a mess again. Ah well…


Don’t worry too much about the house once you are all Happy and healthy, l have a fridge magnet that says cleaning the house is like shovelling snow while it is still snowing. So just enjoy your kids they grow up too quick :heart:


If you figure out a good routine to this dilemma please share!!!

Let it go i did , it will get better

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I feel the same. And it’s even harder when you see picture perfect posts on Facebook where counters are spotless and everything is organized and put away :roll_eyes:. I clean a little everyday, wipe down my kitchen, keep up with dishes, I usually deep clean about once a week when I’ve had enough, I’ll take an empty laundry basket and pick up all the toys and such throughout the house and put them away. But I don’t think it ever truly ends. Lol


I always picked up a little here and there and basically would keep the bathrooms clean and kitchen your good lol

I feel like my life is a disaster zone… lol 4 boys :woman_shrugging:


Seriously my kids are 17, 13, and 11…and my house is still not clean. Lol :joy: they have chores they rotate with, they started young. They liked being helpful when they were young, my 11 yr old girl loves to help. My 17 &13 yr olds grump now, but they get it done. Letting them know it is their home too helps.


I’ve got an 10 year old, a 1 year old, 2 big dogs, and I work graveyard, my house is livable. I may have little hand print on the tv and windows, toys all over the living room, and water from the dog all over the kitchen floor, but my house isn’t filthy. Everyone is taken care of and healthy

The greatest question ever asked :rofl::rofl:

Let me know when you find the answer :rofl:


I only have two girls 6 and 2. I’m the primary parent and housekeeper. I have a weekly calendar with the days I run errands, days I do laundry, days I deep clean certain rooms. I try to keep it to 45 minutes of housework during the day. I do not clean, but rather pickup on the weekends. When I put my youngest to bed, the oldest will help me pick up toys, keeping the living room clutter free (everyone has a tote basket in my house and their stuff goes in it at the end of the day). I try run the dishwasher every night and make sure it’s unloaded before dinner so when I get done eating, I can load it. And just keep things tidy before bed. I feel super stressed out when my house it messy.

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I pick up when they are napping or sleeping. Or I make them stay in one area while I clean the other. DAILY

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Just do the best you can and don’t make yourself crazy over it. It gets better the older they get and then they can learn to “help” clean.


It’s just gonna be something you have to accept, a lived in house is never gonna be clean all the time. I let go a long time ago, I only clean up in the mornings and in the evenings before I go to bed, anything in-between seems like wasted effort to me.

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Have your husband do it!

Hire a cleaning lady once a week to help.

Good luck. Maybe try Pinterest for organization ideas to help feel more together

Dont let anyone lie to you. NO ONE is that put together all the time! Give yourself some credit Momma. Do what only you can do, ask for help, and do what you can to be easier on yourself. At the end of the day if your kiddos are happy and you’ve made at least one good memory, you’re doing amazing!


make it a game with kids , to clean up.

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What is a clean house ???

There is my home. Where we live . And there are dishes because my kids are fed. Dirty laundry because what they’re wearing is clean(ish). Toys everywhere Because exploration is necessary. Don’t stress it momma. We’re all the same .

Get a Roomba , at least then you won’t have to sweep :two_hearts:


I enjoy my kids more I have daily choice but I do a good clean once a week

Run from room to room doing literally nothing productive. Repeat daily. The end. :joy:

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I have 3 ages 13, 11, and 2 and one more due in February and 3 dogs and 2 fish tanks that require maintenance weekly. I also work full time and part time at home and my husband works full time. My 2 older kids have chores. And my 2yr has to help. He picks up his own toys he feeds and waters the dogs, he knows how to bathe himself, I do his hair. He helps get himself dressed helps with laundry picks up trash throught the home and puts it in the garbage ect. My husband is responsible for taking out the trash doing the yard work and vehicle maintenance. My house is still never perfect day to day but honestly it’s a team effort. Being a mom is exhausting but I wouldnt change it for the world. I also have lazy days where I just dont care so do you mama roll with it

You can’t do it all girl. I think every mother feels an obligation to have the entire house clean and kid(s) all fed 3 meals, bathed, and more. It’s hard to come to terms that it doesn’t work like that. Try to do 2-3 rooms a day and take care of yourself too.:heart:

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It’ll get easier. Mine are now 11, 9.5 and 6.5 yrs. My house was a literal disaster zone for a good 9 years, now they’re all in school and old enough to have some responsibility in also maintaining the house and yard, my house is spotless 90% of the time.

My advice – start in the kitchen and move through to the bathroom, laundry, living room, your bedroom, their bedrooms. Declutter as you go – have designated boxes and bags for clothing and toys to donate. Get toy boxes so you can teach your kids to just throw their toys in there and close the lid on it.

Most of all, remember that if people can come to your house and complain about the mess but do nothing about it to help you out – it says more about them than you.

I did a huge clean on my friends place while she was labouring and we were waiting to head to the hospital. Then, every visit after that to them when they were home, I’d wash and hang out a load of washing, do the dishes, change bed sheets, exercise the dog, and only THEN would I cuddle the baby. I like to think I made her life easier.

You are more than a clean house :heart:


Feeling for my daughter then :sleepy: juggling full time work, 2 at school n a 2 year old! State basketball tournaments with training most nights for older 2, cooking meals n keeps her home beautiful :thinking: no wonder she gets exhausted poor darl :heart: keep telling her she needs a dishwasher :joy: :clinking_glasses: to my baby

I totally understand, I have a two year old, almost 1year old, two teens (visits), 3 dogs, a cat and a husband!!
And I’m headed back to work soon! I keep it the best I can, it’s never perfect! Ever! But I try. I always try to have the kitchen done the best I can… laundry is a battle. It’s washing everyday with folding once a week maybe longer :woman_facepalming:t3: idk what I’m going to do when I go back to work.

I clean most of the day and still feel like I’ve done nothing. So it’s okay!

I only have my 3 year old for now but my house is always messy. Not dirty but just messy. It happens. I figure as long as it’s not dirty like grime and stuff then I’m ok bc she’s just gonna drag everything out again anyways haha

I have 5 kids. 4yr old, 3yr old twins, 2 yr old and a 2 month old. I keep the living room clean for the most part, the kids play in their bedrooms and they clean up their rooms every night before bed. After every meal I put the dirty dishes in dishwasher and after dinner I start the dishwasher. Laundry is my only thing I haven’t mastered… it’s all clean just not put up…

You’re not perfect and if long as you get the basics done maybe in the morning and do some picking up during the day and night after they pass out just remember it does get easier and then all you have to worry about is their rooms and that’s a whole different story lol

Keeping a house clean with little children is like shoveling your walk during a snow storm. Adjust your expectations Feet dont stick to the kitchen floor Check. Everyone has clean clothes for the next day Check most of the dishes are in the dishwasher Check goldfish crumbs vacuumed check. Day complete!

OMG I thought I was the only one who can’t keep up ugh

Get rid of the dog less mess and wont have to worry about stopping what your doing to walk it🤷‍♀️


Make the kids clean! They’ll get tired of cleaning and they’ll stop making so much messes. My mom had 4 kids 7,3,2,1 and our house was clean 70% of the time!

Managing your time is key, I wake early so I can clean up the house before wake up time. As the day goes by, only one toy or game is out at a time. Pack up then get a new toy. It’s my or no way! Sitting alone on the sofa with no games or tv ain’t fun and crying doesnt faze me anymore.

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Welcome to the two babies at once club

Mom of 5 here (7 down to 6months) do what you can each day- our houses will be clean again when we are old ladies lol. Take it easy on yourself and try to involve the kiddos in picking up after themselves
as much as possible, thats how they learn! Organization, decluttering and simple chores for everyone to do a part is my life saver! I am not out of the woods yet but starting somewhere is a way to get things going. A good book I may suggest is A mother’s Rule- it has great content on organization everyone’s time in a home and sharing duties and responsibilities; after all mama is the Queen of her castle :wink:

Pick and choose your battle… Dishes done? Counters bathroom and floors clean? Laundry constantly going? You’re good to go… Toys will be an endless battle until you can get the kids to understand cleaning up after themselves. Don’t stress yourself over it

I have a 6,4 and 2 yr old I give myself daily/weekly jobs like Monday is bathroom’s, toilet’s and bedroom tidy and kitchen and lounge are done daily split it up have 2 days for washing mine are Wednesday and Saturday

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I have the same problem. It’s a perpetual mess. It never ends. I feel like it won’t until they’re out of the house. I have 9, the youngest is 1, it’s gonna be a while yet for me

Teach you children to help … It is good for them they learn to respect you and your home …plus it teaches them for the future.


My grandma said dishes done bed made house swept clean with 3 kids it’s never Immaculate .so quit sweating .if you have complaints tell them to pitch in anytime

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