How do you manage pain during pregnancy?

I am dealing with pain during pregnancy. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with different kinds of pain while pregnant, i.e., I suffer from chronic tonsillitis “NO I DO NOT HAVE COVID, :upside_down_face:” but the last few days, I’ve felt that ache in the back of my throat, and my tonsils are red and tender … and tbh I’m myself cause if this flares up this hit me like a ton of bricks and I have been hospitalized twice in the past and drugged up like no tomorrow. For anyone wondering, why haven’t I had them removed… from what multiple Drs have told me, I don’t get it often enough to have them removed, but they are calling it “chronic” :woman_shrugging:t2: I haven’t had a chance to go to the Drs yet, but I just wanted to message on here first to see if anyone else has been through this or something similar. Normally I would be on two different kinds of strong pain killers plus a throat spray, so even make is mildly comfortable… but I’m not gonna do anything until told otherwise because I won’t put bub in harm’s way


Get a second opinion. If the doctor labeled it chronic, then they should remove your tonsils. Of course they more than likely won’t do it until after baby is born, but I would still get a second opinion. Push them to remove your tonsils. I got strep 8 times in 6 months, scarlet fever, and tonsillitis several times. I had mine out and have never had issues again.

As for the pain, consult with your midwife or ob. Some remedies that are ok normally aren’t ok during pregnancy. I ended up living off non medicated cough drops and peppermint candies while I was pregnant. Seemed to be the only thing that helped the throat pain. Cbd capsules really helps as well, but not everyone is comfortable with cbd.

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Take some tylonal and also drs told my daughter alit to tmdo with hygiene make sure brush and rince mouth and watch salt warm water gargel it

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I can’t live without air purifier and humidifier makes such a difference for throat issues

You can by throat numbing spray but idk if it’s ok to use while pregnant

Honey in tea and Tylenol is the only thing I know for sure you can do.


1/2 Mylanta liquid 1/2 liquid Benadryl and gargle. It takes the swallowed glass feeling away

i would definitely find a doctor that would take them out. i had strep throat 6 times every year since i was little, they finally removed mine back in 2013 best decision EVER. i don’t really have any recommendations except for warm tea with honey! and maybe some lozenges that can help coat your throat.

I would push to have them removed as soon as the baby is born. Chronic, is just that, meaning it will be a on going problem.

When I get sorethroats I gargle With very warm water almost hot with lots of salt. I do this 4 times A day and low and behold the pain goes away.:blush:

Definitely consult a ENT! I spent months misdiagnosed, in and out of the hospital and finally saw a ENT and got diagnosed with silent reflux(my throat and sinuses were burned from stomach acid). Spent a year on Zantac and Prilosec to get it under control, I can now manage it without Perscription medicine.

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Ask ur doctor if u can take oregano oil pills
It helps with that issue

call your dr for appt

Get those tonsils out as soon as your baby is born and your stabilized from the birth. Hopefully you don’t pass an infection to your infant. There is no reaon to keep those tonsils and the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Get going girl.

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Just so you know though, I had my tonsils removed for this reason, but apparently I grew back nubs and have since gotten it a few times :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Have u a soon as u notice any problem gargled with really warm salt water? I have great luck with that and any sign of a sore throat till u can get another opinion

Might just need some antibiotics. This happened to me in the past and the only thing they gave me was antibiotics and it cleared up the throat pain.

You can take Tylenol. Maybe try drinking warm liquids and alternating to cold stuff like popcycles

I drink warm/hot jello fix it like hot chocolate, I use a half box per cup of water it really helps , it has alot to do with gelatin.

You can take Tylenol while pregnant.

I have tonsillitis now it sucks I’ve been binging on the ice cream :rofl:

We have phones In our room and the front desk pages to all the phones “green” when our pt is ready to be brought back :heart:

Growing up, I would go to the doctor for a regular check up or for something else and they would always say my tonsils were swollen , they then realized they were just overly large. But I would get sick with tonsillitis over 8-10 times in only 6 months and some over the duration of two weeks , my throat would close, I was always at the docs and even the hospital a few times. I had two appointments to get mine removed when I was younger but the first time I was sick, and the second time I turned out to be pregnant. But once I was pregnant they were able to get me certain medication that really helped that was safe during pregnancy. Its a 5 day treatment. Though I’m allergic to penicillin and grew a tolerance to other antibiotics, I knew I’d need a better fix. I didn’t want to have surgery afterword because as you get older the procedure becomes more risky. (Not the worst you could go through but I didn’t want to) so instead , I changed my diet , my exercise, got off pain meds , antibiotics, took many vitamins especially C. The doc can also give you a prescribed liquid to gargle with. Helps clean it and numb it. If its absolutely ground zero, you can’t tolerate, and/or you’ve tried everything to help manage or fix the issue , id get them removed once you’re done with your pregnancy. As for now try some other suggestions , its now been 7 years after my pregnancy and about 4-5 years since I’ve had tonsillitis.

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Id find a different dr and get them taken once u have ur baby i go thru the same thing constantly like every month.
Ive just had so many surgeries recently I want a break even if its a tiny one for my tonsils :joy:
But i feel u it is absolutely miserable.
I take honey and lemon in hot water for my throat wen it flares up and steamy showers / baths for my nose when it stuffs up along with my tonsils.
Hope u feel better🖤

Humidifier w eucalyptus or tea tree oil if there’s an indentation for oils. Set it up so it lists right on your face.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing. I’m sorry mama, call your OB because during pregnancy I can’t think of anything stronger than acetaminophen that they’d even entertain. The aches and pains are just something I always tolerated so I’m not sure in your situation what you could do.

Find a doctor that will listen to you. Infections can affect your baby, strong pain medication can affect your baby. Get your recurrent problem dealt with. Good luck and happy baby.

I had strep and the flu during my pregnancy I was only allowed tylenol besides the meds prescribed to me… it sucked…

What about popsicles or warm broth to sip? That’s all I can think about, when my throat acts up those are my go too.

Have you tried gargling listerine? It was the only thing that helped me.

At first when it said pain I thought literal body pains. A sore throat? Do what you usually would do lol. Soups, throat lozenges, salt water gargle, popsicles. I’m not sure why you would be drugged up for this issue especially during pregnancy. I wouldn’t take anything like that just because a doctor says it and prescribes doesn’t mean take it. I would only do that if it was actual pain from pregnancy that hinders your every day life.