How do you mommas handle being touched out?

Day 8 trapped like a rat with a 2 year that has the runs. Lord here our prayers she even slept in bed with us last night n had to be clung to me all night. ( she also gets bad Separation anxiety that’s enhanced when we’re home alone to much ) We tried the hand off to dad the bit he’s been home and her awake anything over 15-20min is a huge meltdown especially when she knows I’m home n just in the other room n it ends bad. I can’t eat , sleep , or shower alone n I’m waiting on my back ordered battery to get here fo the family vehicle so I can at least leave the house for a bit. I’m trying to get my nails done n some grocery shopping done thurs or fri before more snow head in n he’s gone another 72 hours n I’ll be dealing with clients non stop again