How do you moms stay energized?

I was wondering what other moms out there do to have extra energy….I feel so tired anymore and barely have energy to make it through the day it seems. I have 2 young children and Im in my mid 30’s…I’m in pretty good shape, I eat a healthy diet for the most part, I exercise and I get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I feel like I’m doing everything right!? I’ve had blood work done recently and it all came back normal. Coffee and energy drinks are not doing it for me. Any advice or tips?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you moms stay energized?

More water intake seems to help me

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Take an iron supplement. You may be anemic.

More water and good hydration.
Vitamin b12

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I’ve got sleep apnea and 2 children under the age of 4.
Always exhausted :sleepy:

Sheer will power. 4 kids, single mom, a job, one is special needs and 0 help. Coffee and the will to survive. It only gets harder as they get bigger :rofl::woman_shrugging: but yea what they said.

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Well…I have hashimotos, hypothyroidism , am 7 months pregnant with my 4th, and apnea…I am permanently exhausted…

I’m on a wake me up pill. I have depression which makes me abnormally tired/exhausted. So my dr prescribed Vyvanse. It helps.


Coffee and cookies. But really it’s just will power and it feels good to see them happy, so I suck it up and enjoy every moment.

Get hormones checked but I think it’s just being a mom. Lol. I’m the same way and dr cleared me of any issues that would cause me to be tired medically

Weeelllllll u just do it lol it’ll eventually get easier


Following. Cuz same.

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Did you Also have your vitamin D checked with your blood work ? Mine was pretty low and my doctor said it can contribute to fatigue

I cut out a lot of caffeine and now o have more Energy than ever. It took months to re adjust

Possibly vitamin d is low

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I have no advice or tips. I’ve been tired since 2003. :sob: I’m still waiting for it to get better! Children are exhausting. Life in general is exhausting.


Are you depressed at all? Maybe you aren’t taking time out for yourself. Maybe you need to have a friend take the kids for a couple of hours and go to the mall and window shop. Maybe go have your hair done. Take a mini-vacation. It could just be you need a change of scenery. It’s not something you would have to do every day. Maybe not even once a week. But maybe twice a month, you need a day, an afternoon to just goof off.


Water, lots of water

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I drank the hell out of tomatoes soup, sugar free jello, & sugar free popsicles.

Have a deeper iron panel done. My hemoglobin was great but ferritin was very low. I had to get 2 bags of iv iron.


Wait until they are 7 .

I take multivitamins and ride my exercise bike. Exercise truly gives you energy. Also keep in mind allergies will make you feel tired all day

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Check hormones and iron levels if you haven’t already

Look into Kratom powder white maeng da


I used ro get a b12 injection once a month

I take Alive multi vitamin in the afternoon, it helps.

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Nap when the kids nap.


This will pass…it is truly normal. Just soak it all up because there will be a time when you’ll wish these days back. Promise.

Increase your B vitamins the best way is to use nutritional yeast, along with proper hydration and electrolytes. Also depression, blood sugar issues, hormonal issies, and thyroid issues can cause sluggishness.


We really like coffee

I take a multivitamin with added caffeine at breakfast and then a b vitamin complex around dinner,also drink green tea and lots of water with regular exercise.Its helped me alot, I work 3rds and sleep about 4.5hrs a day if I don’t keep that routine I feel terrible.


I know this may sound strange but when I am fatigued later in the day after work, I force myself to get a workout in. I then have a complete increase in energy and the ability to complete tasks I otherwise would not have done…I also experience an improvement of mental clarity…the hardest part is not listening to the part of me that feels too tired to do a workout. Unfortunately if I do that too late in the evening it does interfere with my ability to fall asleep. This can be counterproductive unless properly timed out if possible 3-4 hours before bed time. Hope that helps🙏🏽


I mean. The reason we can’t do it like they did in the 50s is cuz they were on drugs. I don’t recommend it but it definitely feels like we’re slacking.


Coffee! Lots and lots of coffee!!!

No bread or pasta or rice or refined sugar


This is worthy of a doctor visit.


B vitamins. I just can’t take them at night or I can’t sleep. My labs were good in that Dept. but my PCM still suggested it so that I could make it without sodas/coffee/teas.

I don’t know what blood work you had done but amino acids and vitamin deficiencies can contribute to low energy and fatigue. Some of these things can also contribute to depression, lack of ability to lose weight, etc.


Supplements that promote energy. Stop drinking energy drinks and stick to coffee then in a month stop drinking coffee and drink energy drinks. When you take/drink too much of something it won’t have the same effect.

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Vitamin D and also talk to your doctor about depression you may not think you are but it is possible, and there are low dose medications that make a huge difference.


Quit coffee and energy drinks, or cut down to one a day. And take magnesium, vit d, b 100 complex, calcium, omegas. Took me about a month and I feel so much better. More energy and more alert.


Check for B-12 deficiency.


Cut back sugar. Drains me

Try C4 or redline drinks.
It’s the ONLY thing keeping me alive with energy. Nothing else works

What is your iron level? Maybe you’re anemic?

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Energy drinks are full of sugar - cut them out.


Feels… Coffee and energy drinks don’t help mum… I just did my 8 kids under 8 - newborn is 2 months old all while covid positive… Staying home in isolation will do your head in but there’s nothing and no-one else to help!! You just gotta do it!!! You get your freedom and time back once they are grown and leave the home!!

Low iron can cause you to have low energy.


Fresh air
10 power nap

32 mom of 3 boys 3 &under

Cut back on caffeine and up your water intake. Helped me soo much. Can also try vitamin B6 and b12

I have low iron and b12 so I take an iron fe daily and get a b12 shot monthly. A few other vitamins and I am still wicked tired. Aderall can’t get me energized even.
I started taking Adrenal Support Supplement - Cortisol Manager and it has been helping. I am tried bur don’t feel like I need to nap, that I can make it through the day.

Caffeine pills. 200 mgs 2x a day. Lol

Start taking multi vitamins - be sure it’s got iron … Drink **plenty of water … Eat power foods like raw organic garlic, leeks, honey, ginger & ginseng … Never drink energy drinks - they’re poison ! Keep coffee to a minimum, make & drink smoothies - add protein powder …

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M0re Info.

Did they check your thyroid in your blood work? That is not in normal test they have to add it.

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Raisins, cold water (can add lemon), and protein snacks…Walking helps too keep blood flowing and fresh air does a body good, especially on nice sunny days. (I’m 35, 9 months preg with baby #8)

Sometimes it can be mental stress too… watching after kids 24/7 can be quite stressful… you need a breather… The monotony of routine makes you lose interest…makes you lathargic… sometimes all you need is a little me time… A peaceful stroll around the block, a little excercise, some fresh air… Keep your self hydrated…


Welcome to motherhood

Order some greens that taste good, recommend titan brand or bfn brand it’s helped just mix it with water :relaxed:

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Coffee…lots and lots of coffee. :grimacing:

i know right, i live on mother energy drinks. at least you get sleep :slight_smile: