How do you not feel guilty about taking a break?

How do I not feel guilty about taking a break??? Husband and I want to go on a trip 3hrs away from home with friends to just have a friends weekend because we’re all parents. All of our kids are under 5 and their child is 1.5. I just feel so much guilt because we’ve been trying to save money but we haven’t done anything in 4yrs but work and take care of our amazing children


The guilt never leaves. I always have to talk myself into things or I’ll change my mind. I went to a concert with a friend and wanted to back out but I already paid for nonrefundable tickets and hotel room.

You can’t pour from an empty pitcher. To take care of others you have to 1st take care of yourself.


I would go. If you have the means and not taking from things you need, everyone deserves a break.


You keep telling yourself that a cared for relaxed momma is what’s best for the children. that without building a tight relationship with their dad now once they are gone you won’t have anything to hold you 2 together. that your children are watching and learning how to care for themselves and their future relationships by how you are doing now. Break the generational curse that as a mom all you are allowed to do is care for your kids. Go enjoy yourself.

That’s what parenting is - working and taking care of your kids. Not sure how you were expecting anything else. It’s what you signed up for. Instead of an expensive couples vacation. Why don’t you do a more affordable, local family day and enjoy your kids instead of ditching them.


Honestly…you don’t, at least not the first few times. Your gonna feel guilt. And that’s ok to feel and work thru. But you gotta take some breaks and recharge yourself in order to continue taking care of them. So make the plans, feel the guilt pings as they come, push thru and take care of yourself.

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Take the break. You need it. You deserve it, It will make you more sane and be a better parent to the babies you care so much about. - signed a mom who hasn’t taken a break from her kids since the day they were born and is slightly insane😵‍💫

Trust me when I say this go take that break because y’all do not want parental burnout. Go relax and enjoy yourselves and leave your kids with people you know you can trust 1000% no matter what. I haven’t had a break in 16 years so trust me when I say this parental burnout is real and it’s horrific at times

Don’t feel guilty, you guys deserve time to yourselves and with eachother. Breaks/date nights are necessary.

You don’t. Make yourself go and feel the guilt anyways. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll have moments of guilt and you’ll push them aside. Once you keep doing things like this for yourself and see that things are okay later after it’s over, the guilt will get smaller or easier to deal with. When I take time for myself I always feel guilty. But I make myself do it anyways. It’s important to take time to do things you enjoy.

Everything works better after you unplug it, even people. Don’t feel guilty about a recharge.

Just go you deserve it and if you know they are safe then let loose. You deserve it.

Have a cup of tea and the guilt will pass.

Nothing to feel guilty about.

One, you are human… you need a break!! Being parents is hard!! A ton of work.
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Self care is just as important!!! Breaks are essential for being a good parent. Being able to set time aside for you and your husband so be husband and wife and actually enjoy each other and relax is super important. You need to keep yourself mentally stable and your relationship healthy to be able to show those kids how to be well rounded people. You may feel guilty but there is nothing to feel guilty about!!!