How do you potty train a girl?

My daughter is almost four and still refuses to use a potty and the toilet. Absolutely nothing is working, and I have tried everything! Kindergarten teachers are also not having any luck. I was hoping she would be a little bit more inclined to try once she seen other kids going but nope, sadly, she is still refusing to go there and at home. I’m at a loss, I really would like her to be out of pull-ups before she starts school next year. Any advice or tips, please?? Thank you!


Have her stay home for five days straight, don’t leave at all. The whole entire time don’t put any pants on her and constantly ask if she has to go potty. If she goes on the floor make her help clean it up. My two year old learned this way


Put her in underwear (no pull-ups!) if she pees she’ll feel the wetness and probably won’t like it to much also take her to the bathroom frequently


With my daughter I just offered her every possible option and let her run the house without a diaper or pull up and she finally started to use her potty

I stopped trying. Stopped saying anything about going. And I bought pampers pull ups cause they bunched up on her. She hated them. It didnt take too long after that for her to go in the toilet.

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Put her in underwear. She’ll hate being wet

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My daughter will be 4 in June. She LITERALLY just started peeing in the potty. She’s been dry for 2 weeks (pooping is another story). My oldest boy was the same way. One day it just “clicks” with them

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Agree with the above posts, put her in panties and let her feel the wetness. She will hate it. Take her to the potty every hour and reward her if she goes on the potty. Same at night. Just let her sleep in panties and she will get it eventually. My daughter had difficulty too.


my daughter never used the potty. so one day I sent her to daycare in underwear and a bag of extra clothes. she peed herself in front of her friends, and some of them made fun of her. she was potty trained in that respect after THAT DAY. she still wants pull ups to poop, but that’s another story

Sounds like mine. She was 4.5 before being trained. She still doesn’t like to wipe at age 12! At 11 she was diagnosed ASD. Not saying your kid is -at all- but they are notoriously difficult to potty train despite seeming perfectly capable, and girls often go undiagnosed for much longer than boys.
My advice is to make her wear big girl pants and force her to help physically clean up any accidents, but also celebrate any time she’s willing to even try anything on the potty using a small candy or toy treat, like an m&m or something. Make a big deal over everything. She pulled her own pants down? Yaaaay! She sat on the potty and counted to 10? Yaaaay! She asked to go potty and went into the toilet (even if she didn’t go, or want to try)? Yaaaay! Even video chat daddy or grandma mid-day just to brag about whatever she attempted. Make her feel special enough to want that feeling or that treat more and more. Try often. Celebrate often. Fill that child with tiny treats if you have to. Immediate rewards for positive behaviors. That’s all I can suggest.

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My daughter is 3 (4 in October) and she refuses to wear panties or try the potty! :woman_facepalming:t2: I ask her if she wants to wear panties and she says no cause they make her wet. Throws a fit if I put them on her. I have yet to figure something out lol

Same problem here…my daughter is 3. wet panties don’t bother her or cleaning up her own mess. She will go pee on the potty, but would rather poop on the floor than the toilet. We have tried rewards. That doesn’t seem to work. She will go poop and pee at grandma’s but at home she refuses since I had her baby brother (9months).

Put my daughter in big girl underwear and she got potty trained quick…she hated being wet and hated cleaning her soiled clothes


Just give her underwear as her ONLY OPTION. Give her lots of water/ liquids so she has too pee all day and if she has accidents it’s okay
She will get uncomfortable at some point and when she has her accidents don’t shower her right away so she has the yucky feeling so she won’t want to pee herself again…


Don’t let her wear wet underwear, you’re asking for a UTI and believe me you don’t want to go down that road. If she has been to a doctor and it has been determined that there is no physical problem she might just be on of those kids that go on their own schedule. My oldest was almost 4 before she decided she wanted to use the toilet and she turned out just fine.


Try a sticker chart! Go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of stuff, wrap presents. Every 5 stickers, 1 for every pee, they get to pick one. For poop…bring them to the store and let them pick their own toy. If they poop on the potty they get it.

I don’t really have any advice but my daughter was the same way. I thought she was never going to potty train, finally a little after she turned 4 she just decided to go on the potty. She’s just super hard headed and strong willed. Stay strong momma she’ll get there.

No pull ups and she cleans up her own mess EVERYTIME


Straight from diapers to Underwear. No pull-ups. They do have thick training panties. Let her feel the wetness a few times. She will potty train. Take her potty every 15 min and do a reward system.

Have you tried normal undies with plastic undies on top?

The only thing that worked for my daughter was having her run around the house naked for a day…she was pretty much trained by the end of the day. I had her go sit on the potty every 20 mins or so. I found by leaving the pull up on her it just encouraged her to go in the pull up. We are still working on overnights, but she has been day trained since that day. Good luck!!!


Big girl panties. Let her pick out favorite character set. Than get some really plain ones. And tell her ( my daughter’s loved Minnie) so Minnie doesn’t want to get wet. If she gets wet or poopy she refuses to let you see her till tomorrow. So why she is upset we can’t wear pretty panties we have to wear these. My daughters hated when I refused to let them have Minnie back so the next day they would try harder. We also said O no Minnie is crying. If they did go potty m&ms. 1 for pee, 2 for poop, and 5 for both. 4 weeks and we were wearing Minnie all day. Bed time just takes forever

I’m going to give you a tip I wish somebody would have told me sooner. Put a pull-up over the panties. Panties still got wet but your floors don’t if there is an accident.


I just let my kid run around naked for a couple days… gave them loads of fluid and bam a week later we where potty trained.

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I would take her out of pull ups and put her in panties with plastic panties in top. Let her feel the wetness but immediately get her out of it. Pull ups are just a fancy diaper in my opinion.

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What I did with my daughter I would make it fun for her I would sing pee pee in the potty and I would clap and dance while I would walk to the bathroom and when ever I would go the bathroom I would show her look mommy is pee peeing in the potty so I would tell her it’s your turn and she started to sing to and clap and when she would be done I would always do a little dance party lol I know it’s crazy but hey she was potty trained you 3 days.


Get her to sit on the potty multiple times a day regardless of whether she says she has to go or not and if she uses it act like she just shit gold give her the most exited yay she’s ever heard and maybe a treat and I promise she will try to use the potty more often

Kids will be ready when they’re ready…

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When I was helping my roommate potty train her son we used m&m’s. It’s the only sweets he got normally. He got 1 for going #1 and 2 for going #2. We did the same with pennies. We used good cup/bad cup. If he did good he got pennies put in the good cup. If he went in his pants, 1 or 2 pennies were taken from the good cup and put in the bad cup. If he got 10 pennies in the good cup he got an ice cream treat.

I’m so glad it isn’t just me. My daughter is super verbal, but she is afraid of the toilet. She’s 3 1/2.

My daughter was completely potty trained when she was 2 and then started peeing her pants 3+ times a day about a year ago. It was getting so frustrating, because she was doing it on purpose. she just turned 5 and she just met her 3 year old sister almost 2 weeks ago and she went to the bathroom… I’m like “look, even your little sister goes potty on the toilet.” And then she stopped peeing her pants🤦🏼‍♀️

Following - My son aged 4, is day time potty trained at daycare but refuses to use the toilet at home :woman_facepalming: I’ve tried everything possible that I can think of and nothing seems to work

Take her out for a girls day, let her pick a potty and knickers and get her to sit on her potty to watch telly and stuff silly things like that so she gets used to sitting on it

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I feel like when they are truly ready they will go to potty…I have one that just turned 4 and finally decided to potty train and we have asked him about it and tried taking him and he just didn’t want to. I think that discipline over it makes it worse. It’s a big change for these little ones

My oldest refused to use the potty, near as I can figure it’s because she found the diapers more convenient than stopping her play to use the bathroom. But she hated being dirty, so I finally told her enough’s enough, no more diapers. She peed herself twice, both times screaming like she burned herself with acid, then when I still refused to give back the diapers, she started using the potty.

Every child is different they will get there when there ready.

Honestly I thought girls were so much easier then boys! I have 4 boys ages between 4-15 years old & then my baby girl is 2 1/2 & she has been completely potty trained since she was about 20 months old! It literally just happened she seen her brother (4 year old) going potty & she wanted to try… Ever since she’s just went :woman_shrugging:t2:

To make my daughter want to continue to go on the potty we got little treats & she gets one each time she goes! She’s had a few accidents mostly when we are not home but other then that seeing her brother go & getting treats worked for her!

My daughter regressed in potty training when my son was born. So at 3 she was changing her own pull ups! I tried every incentive that I could think of, nothing helped. Finally I took away her morning hot chocolate and cartoons, and told her she could have them back when she started to use the bathroom. She tested me for one morning, and found out I wasn’t giving in. The next day she was potty trained and I was wishing I had done that months earlier! Day 2 she had her hot chocolate back and was lounging in front of her favorite morning cartoon! :joy:

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My daughter wasn’t potty trained until she was four also. One day I put her in big girl underwear put the training potty in the living room, put blankets on the couch and gave her the tablet. Told her if she felt the urge to go potty to go. She was potty trained in 2 days.

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Just keep praising her when she does use the potty, maybe a reward like a fav piece of fruit or candy they usually don’t get, playing at the playgrounds anything. They absolutely love to do give them more time of when they use the potty and remind her how proud you are of her for using the potty often

My daughter was about three before she was trained. I found a toy she really wanted and used it as an incentive if she stayed dry for week. I got the toy at a thrift store, but it did the trick. She just graduated college summa cum laude by the way, so intelligence is not the issue. I think she just was too smart to willingly move on to the more inconvenient option for her!

Be patient. It will click. My 4 year old just started doing it on her own about 3 weeks ago… Just out of the blue 🤷

My daughter is also 4 and still in diapers. Hoping soon she will try again for the potty.

Take a week off and do the naked thing. Put the potty in a convenient central location in your home, we did the living room. And slowly move it closer to the bathroom. But you have to take the pullups away. Night time is ok to use them. There will be accidents, but praise her everytime she even sits on the potty. Have rewards. We gave stickers and once she got 10 stickers she got a surprise. Than we made it 20 stickers to get a surprise, but you do what works for your child.

I took away my twins pull ups… only put them on for bed. Had many accidents . Until they got tired of being wet.

I put them in underwear so they can feel the wet that stopped mine. Pull ups are only good if you go somewhere.

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Try a sticker chart. For every time she Gose pee give one sticker for poop. Give two and at the end. Of the week. Count the stickers with her. And. If. She has enuf tell her. She can get a prize. From the dollar store. Or. Get small things. And make. Prize bag. And let her pick it out. Or. Put her on the potty back wards. And give her washable markers to draw on the. Toilet lid have her sit. For. Afew mins. At a time. Both worked for a three of my kids

Potty training pants! They are cotton on the outside, terry inside and plastic lined. So they can use them like regular knickers but will feel wet and they won’t cause puddles. I also did Gina Ford potty training in a week and used some of the ideas. Maybe go straight to a toilet with a special seat. She might not develop the nerve telling her she needs to wee until aged five though…

My youngest is going on 7 and would much rather be in a diaper than panties. I deal with pee accidents all day long. And,it is only at home. She doesn’t do it at school. At home she doesn’t want to stop doing anything to go to the bathroom and she doesn’t care about being in wet clothes. Unless I remind her to go or check her to see if she’s wet, she will just stay in it until I notice. Ugh. So frustrating.

ALL undies ALL the time. Stay home for a week with her. Put painter’s plastic drop cloths on the floors. The bed wetter things on couch cushions with fitted sheet over it. Feed her lots to drink n have lots of undies. Bam! That’s how I did it n it worked. My kid went the bed 1ce after that. She got to know the feeling of were undies n uncomfortable real quick.

Commit to the underwear for a 2 weeks. It’ll be messy. Don’t scold for accidents. “Accidents happen. Let’s go finish in the potty and then we have to clean this up.” I had my 2 year old help me clean up accidents.

Have you asked her why she won’t? My daughter was deathly afraid of the automatic flushers, so we carried post it notes and covered them up while she was using the potty.


I’m in the same potty training hell.
She will literally freak out if I put her on the toilet or potty seat.


Bare bottom it for a few days. She’ll go to the potty.


Yes to the food issue. Children do not have the same taste buds as adults. Pretty much most of your taste buds don’t develop until about 8 years old. That’s why baby food is bland. So drop a daily vitamin on her if you are truly worried. But remember, vitamins are not limited to a few foods. As to potty training. I let them do it themselves. They will potty train themselves if you let them.

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With the eating cut out the afternoon tea snakes my mum did that with my sister which worked

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My son’s pediatrician gave me this tip that helped he said back in the old days before disposable diapers people only used cloth diapers and children were potty trained faster than they are today. The reason is because soiled cloth diapers feel uncomfortable, disposable diapers absorb it and children become un-motivated. Go out let her pick out cute underwear, let her know the diapers are gonna go byebye and put her in them buy a bunch so you can wash them and have a good clean supply still. She will eventually get tired of feeling uncomfortable and will stop going in it.


Wait till she is ready


Let her pee her pants without a diaper … I did that with my daughter when she was 2 almost 3 and she did it twice and ever since she’s been potty trained since day & night now she’s almost 5 without ANY accidents. With food my daughter loves to dip her food in sause like ketchup barbecue etc that’s how I got her to eats meats.


My daughter is afraid of toilets and bathrooms…she is also 3 turning 4… I started potty training about a month and a half ago and what works for her is using a potty in another room. She wears underwear, and after the first week of accidents in her underwear/pee running down her legs she runs to the potty when she has to go. I also rewarded her with a small piece of chocolate or stickers to enforce the “yay you peed/pooped in the potty!” And she has done amazing. Remember, every child is different and it takes a little bit to get the hang of it!


My oldest daughter has special needs but she wanted to start school so bad at 4. We had her big goal (school) and small goals (toys,stickers). She did it. As far as food, my kids need to eat so much before I’ll allowed either PBJ or yogurt. Our pediatrician suggested it.

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For potty training, I put the potty in our living room with the tv on and had my daughter in underwear from morning til night, we stayed in that area all day and I would put her on the potty seat every couple of hours or so… she had a few accidents the first couple of days, but after that she was good because she did not like the feeling of being wet in her underwear…
As far as the food, I have the same issue with my daughter… one thing I do and she actually likes is to make smoothies with frozen fruits and veggies and if she doesn’t like it in smoothie form you can make them into popsicles… the combo I use that works well is sweet potato, peas, spinach, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, black berries, raspberries and blueberries, they sell the mixed fruit bags in Walmart, I also add a splash of water and orange juice for sweetness… Don’t know what to tell you about meat cuz my daughter will only eat bacon :woman_shrugging:t2:… hope 1 or both of these tips helps, good luck!


I reward my daughter with m&ms

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Get some dry erase markers and sit her on the toilet facing the tank and let her draw on the lid of the seat. Wipes right off and might keep her there longer.


Potty most children afraid of toilet at first

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Can’t really help with potty training a girl. I do remember my mom letting my sister run around in just a dress with nothing on under it, she also wanted to pee like dad behind the garage so she put her seat back there when we were outside. I was told “Don’t street too much, they won’t get married in diapers” lol
Can’t really help on the eating thing either, we are starting year 7 of this phase. Our doctor said as long as there is no drastic drop or gain we’re good. We take vitamins and I can get him to drink an ensure (or any of the protein drinks) to help. Another thing doctor said was to give them something they will eat with things they won’t and eventually they will eat it lol not in our case. Though in the last year or so he has asked to try things, we don’t force it. 9 times out of 10 he won’t eat it again.
It’s more of a pick your battles with kids, I was pushed when younger with the food thing and now I hate trying new things and usually won’t.

I used regular underwear. She picked it out & we talked about making it yucky.
Took 2 days but I waited until she was ready.

following for potty training girl. my daughter is 2, she will sit on the toilet or potty but won’t do anything.

I just let my girl run around in panties and eventually she just started doing it

My oldest two girls were super easy, no idea why. But my youngest was extremely hard to train. We bought undies and kept pull-ups for night. She would take her undies off and put a pull-up on just to pee in her pants. We ended up doing the naked thing with her. This kinda backfired in the long run, but worked with potty training. After peeing on herself a time or two, she wasn’t happy. We lived on a one level house, and bought several potty chairs. We kept them in almost every room so she could get to them quickly. When she got up in the morning, the clothes came off and she ran around the house naked. As I said, after she peed down her legs a few times, she started running to the potty. How it backfired on us was that from allowing her to run around naked, she grew to hate clothes and didn’t wanna wear any. We got her to wear her undies because we let her pick them out with her favorite colors and characters on them. But she would always strip to her undies at home. But the potty training worked. No drinks after 7pm, and sit on the potty before bed. We had a few night accidents but they didn’t last long either.

I let my daughter run away naked. But the potty in the room we were in and in a weekend she was potty trained

Put her in underwear and encourage going every half an hour. If she wets herself she’ll soon realise its definitely not like being in a nappy and it’ll encourage her to go more.

Every two hours sit her on the potty. When she goes tell her good job you went to the bathroom Hi five. It takes a bit but very worth it . Took my daughter about 2 weeks :slightly_smiling_face: mommy of 3

I used the sticker idea and when the papers were full, i had 2 different stickers i for poo a d 1 for pee, when they filled the papers with stickers i got them a prize. It worked for my girls

i only had to pribe one i said if tries go potty id buy a toy i did buy her a toy but she didnt get till yrs later because i forgot but got potty trained. tell her she a big girl and big girls go potty in toilet in bathroom or potty chair.

No cake or sweets or treats unless theyre using the toilet. They get a sweet or small treat each time they use it. Are you using the toilet or a potty? I would work with the toilet if you can. Buy a special seat and step so they don’t feel scared. Remember they may not develop the nerve to tell them they need to go until aged five so she might feel overwhelmed. Going to nursery and seeing other kids go might help too. On the food thing, get them to help you make the food, try raw veggies and make a plate to try (not for a meal but for fun). Cooking food means they will want to eat what they made.

I’m going thru the same thing my daughter just turned 3. She can be wearing underwear and just pee and not care :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: she will tell me there is a puddle on the floor but that’s it. Whenever I make her sit on the potty she does nothing…

Get her a potty chair they are great for kids who won’t go on the toilet. They feel more secure with their feet on the ground😃

From my experience it’s just been natural progression - my little girl is 4 in November and she’s just starting to use the potty but it has to be on her terms :see_no_evil: sometimes she will cry her eyes out because she doesn’t have a pull up on but other times will allow me to do a few hours potty training with just big girl pants on. My mistake was thinking I could control when she potty trains :joy: