How do you potty train a non verbal toddler?

How do you potty train a non verbal 3 year old boy? He says some words but can’t understand him most of the time.


My sister did both her autistic kids by two. She just stayed on them every day all day. She did the sign for potty from 1 years old and they were trained by two. It’s up to the parents and how dedicated they are.

Following, I have nonverbal 4yo twins :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Potty watch!! My autistic kiddo was non verbal till almost 5 we got him a potty watch that vibrated and sings and lights up at set intervals.


Sit him on the potty take a picture of him laminate it put Velcro on it and make a poster of different things that he needs to do that. He can’t tell you he can go and get the picture and bring it to you. That way you will know when he needs to go potty.


My son didn’t talk but I taught him to sign and I bought a small potty chair and put on one YouTube video and he walked over and went potty immediately. First I kept it close by then after a couple days I moved it to bathroom then after 2 weeks I put him on real potty. He did great. He didn’t talk but he could understand when he needed to potty and would sign or sometimes just point. :person_shrugging: He’s 3 and in speech therapy so now he can talk but he just walks in and goes now. Kids watch and learn everything even if they aren’t ready to talk yet. :heart:


Do you use sign language?

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Whatever you do, DO NOT traumatize your kid when it comes to using the potty. You have to be the judge of what they understand, even if they can’t talk. I have a 5 year old who is autistic and also has a brain injury. We will not be ready for potty training for quite some time- but this is due to his inability to understand. We sit him on the toilet for a minute or two, but he doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to do or whats supposed to happen. We only do this to make sure he doesn’t grow a fear of sitting on the toilet.

Also please know that talking and controlling bowels/bladder are connected. There may be a delay in both.


Potty time on YouTube. It’s sign language

We printed out potty flash cards and a lot of repetition. We were very firm and didn’t go one day with out practicing going on the potty


What does the pediatrician say?

Following because I have a nonverbal 6 year old and I’m tired of changing diapers lol :joy:

Use promp cards one of the potty and one of someone sitting on it he can show you then if he wants to wee on it

Use asl or take him every time you go if hes non verbal its not optional use rewards for going

You look for cues. My son didn’t talk

U do it yaself show him what to do