How do you potty train a toddler?

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, my child is 4 almost 5…he will not poop in the potty…he will pee but not poop…I have tried everything and I mean everything you could think of to get him to go. he just won’t do it. please help any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


I know you said you’ve tired everything but have you tried letting him walk around with a bare bottom. That helped my son a lot.

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My granddaughter is 4 pop in potty some times and then others she wont.i think they get hang of it in time

Have you bribed him with candy? Mine are not routinely given candy so it worked for us. Even chocolate covered raisins. (I figured they were a little more healthy than say an m&m :joy:)

My daughter was afraid too poop in the potty. Just give it time, he’ll do eventually the trick is not to force it.

Mine just turned 4 and we have the same.problem. at my wits end.

Show them how you do it. Let them be the one to flush. Make it a big deal to get to flush. :slight_smile: Big WoW ! ! Big deal to make it dissapear ! ! (No need to flush with just a pee) (Gotta poo to get to do the flush) Most kids, especially boys, like the “action”. That just might work for you. Good Luck. :slight_smile:

I hid the pull-ups when i knew my son really had to poop & told him he had no choice but to poop in the potty. It took him about an hour or longer sitting on the potty, but he couldn’t hold it & didn’t have a choice but to go. It’s been almost a year & the only accidents he has had is when he had an upset stomach. My son will be 5 in 2 months

have them to wash your own shity pants out and then smell her hands


Yep let him poop his pants and make him clean it. At 5 unless he has something wrong… usually 6 months after pee comes poop training… and he needs to figure it out for school.

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Have him sit backwards on the toilet. Give him a dry erase marker and have him doodle on the lid. Easy wipe off and entertainment for him. :innocent:

My son wouldn’t go in a potty but he had to go on the big boy potty but with out the little thing that you put on it

I put the kid potty in the livingroom and let them watch their favorite show while sitting on it. Went without really knowing it, then realized it wasn’t that bad!

Keep his little butt on that potty til he goes

I would help him take his pull up off and bring his poop to the potty and dump it in there.Keep reassuring! Do not punish .

I bought 3 potties in different colors and styles (let my boys help choose which one they liked). Had them all out in different common areas in the house and let my boys run around in the buff. They chose where to poop. I also watched for THAT facial expression and encouraged them to choose a throne before the event. Star chart with a reward of a new hot wheels car or the like after 5 successes. Good luck and know that each child gets it right in their time.

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My sister had this problem with her middle child. It was fixed by absolutely no candy of any kind till she pooped in the potty and then 1 small piece.