How do you protect your dogs paws in the summer heat?

Not human mom related but dog mom related. Were going camping and its going to be 95+ everyday. I ordered our girl some shoes but what else do people do to protect their paws? We will try to stay off the sidewalk and pavement as much as possible but was wondering if there is anything else to try. She also has a life jacket if she wants to go swimming.


I honestly think doggy shoes and staying off pavement is really all you can do. Obviously just make sure he’s plenty hydrated but that won’t help his paws lol

Shoes are all I know and staying off hot surfaces. Something most people don’t realize ahead of time is that sand can get extremely hot and burn feet/paws and also rocks in the direct sun if they are dry. We go camping/swimming with our dogs frequently and it’s crazy how many people we see that force their animals to walk/sit/stand on hot surfaces, sadly most of them don’t pay enough attention to see that their animal is in pain.

Also be sure to keep your dogo’s pads moisturized. They have pet safe moisturizers that you can rub in to keep them from getting dry and cracked in the heat. Other than shoes and staying off the pavement or gravel is about the only thing you can do. If there is grass or shade, walk them in the shade and after a walk or bout of playing, just check their little pads to make sure they aren’t blistered because that could make them very uncomfortable.

Keep him off hot surfaces. Period.