How do you remain connected with your spouse during the end of your pregnancy?

I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy with my first. How do you stay connected and close to your partner during the period of pregnancy and postpartum? We are still intimate when I’m not too exhausted. I reassure him that I am attracted and want him, it’s just hard right now. I know being intimate will be the last thing on our minds once the baby comes. I just want to make sure he feels wanted still! Any advice is appreciated.


Small things like making foods he loves maybe? Getting some cute small gifts every once in a while… target has an amazing new section for guys with lots of minis like deodorant, combs, shaving and beard stuff, even face masks you can get one for him and one for you!!!

Date nights! Dinners and going out and having a good time together. My husband and i went dancing every Saturday night! Small gestures like bringing home his favorite snack or movie night cuddled up watching tv.

Do the little things to show how much you love and appreciate everything he does for you

We took a trip together about two weeks before I gave birth and my mom watched the other children for me so we could have some alone time as a couple before the baby was born. And afterwards it’s a great idea to have a date night at least twice a month if possible

Dates nights have really helped my relationship with my spouse. Once your baby is old enough to stay with someone you trust for a few hours, take your hubby out and just focus on the two of you!

Date nights, dinner out, blowjobs?


My husband and I had a babymoon (like a honeymoon but before baby comes) to celebrate our relationship and have our last him and I time.

Its hard. But i say of you can get thru having a baby with someone and remain together. You guys will be able to get thru anything as long as the loyalty is there

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We don’t get date nights lol. I have a 7 month old and a 2 year old. 3 surgeries since birth and blow jobs are the best! (2 surgery’s just this week) lol we have 4 ounces left in the bottle better hurry up babe! Lmao

Why does he need “reassurance”.


As someone who had high blood pressure with my first pregnancy starting at 30 weeks. And LITERALLY slept all day and night and maybe spent 2 hours with my husband at night, I never had to reassure him I loved him. We would occasionally go on a date if I felt like it, but not once did he question my love for him. He knew I was exhausted, even if I slept all day. He was always supportive and picked up a lot of slack for me.

Your husband should understand that you are exhausted now. He shouldn’t need reassurance that you love him.


I’m heading into my seventh month and belly is huge and its a high risk pregnancy so while yes we are intimate sometimes its not as much as before. To bridge the gap we started going out a bit more sinple things for ice cream to movies etc and we fall asleep cuddling most nights and well we have some hot and heavy make out sessions that usually makes us wanna do more and we try and if we succeed then yay but if not we fall asleep cuddling. Its our third kid.

Tell the pansy ass to get over himself, the majority of you women on this site are pretty insecure. Get a grip

My SO was understanding and knew sex felt different and wasnt enjoyable for me. So we found other ways.
If they can’t release them self I found their mood is effected too, even if their not trying to be moody.

Why is sex So important to yourl?
Lot’s of women writing about intimacy and sex just be close without being intense all the time.


Everybody to their husbands: you get a blowie and you get a blowie and YOU get a blowie!
Me to my husband: I love you enough to let you jack it on my tits. If you love me back you’ll wait until I’m asleep before you start, because the baby’s gonna need to eat in an hour.
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There are so many other ways to show him you love him.

I love this. A woman considering the man’s needs while very heavily pregnant. Very refreshing❤

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Is physical touch his main love language? To remain close its important to know and to act on your partners love language. Even Fifty years down the road this is important

You’re growing a human and tour hormones aren’t the same… he shouldn’t need “reassurance.” He’s a grown man. You don’t even need to give him a “blowie.” If you need to say anything say “I don’t feel sexual right now but that won’t last forever.”

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Don’t listen to these people, you take care of you and your babies health first! But hats off to you for considering his feelings, even if you can’t do anything about, he should understand, but it’s still nice to hear sometimes. Most men don’t know what a woman goes through with child birth, why? We’re not a woman, woman don’t even fully understand it until they experience it!

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Nonsexual intimacy, like cuddling, is great during the home stretch of pregnancy. Unfortunately for us, we haven’t worked out what to do during postpartum to make up for what we can’t do.

Once my baby was born (and after having a c section) I was so tired and exhausted I would just ask him to bring snacks for me. There was no intimidate connection there for awhile because we were so focused on the baby. Plus when your up breastfeeding every 2-3 hours you really want nobody near your boobs except the baby!

If sex is the only connection you have with your man, you might be in trouble. Being “intimate” doesn’t only mean doing the deed. Being held, back rubs, conversations, all add up to caring. There are ways to show love and affection that do not require sex. He should be considerate of what you are going through for your child and be able to offer encouragement and affirmation of love.


Try different positions. Use toys if you can’t find comfortable position. Have a cuddle session a few times a week. Go on dates. Hold hands. Have a full blown make out session. Massages.
Make his favorite dinner & dessert. Cuddle up on couch & watch movie. Send random appreciation texts throughout the week. Send nudes. Lol

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Have you read the book “the 5 Love Languages”?

Turns out my hubby’s love language is Quality Time & Acts of Service. So I would set up dates / activities for him towards the end. I’d pick up movie tickets or pack a picnic dinner. I also started packing his lunch for him.

We have a home gym. So even when I was too exhausted to workout, just me sitting on the gym couch and keeping him company made him feel loved.

We would also go on walks together in the evenings. Even in the winter, I would steal his snowpants and jacket and go for a walk with him

Honestly my hubby understood that the in end I was extremely uncomfortable especially with our second daughter because of how she was positioned. I’d rub his back, and he’d rub my feet. We’d talk and cuddle. I’d ask about his day and just listen. Some times it’s the little things that mean the most. Talking & being honest with each other has got us 17yrs now, 2 beautiful girls and a happy marriage


Doesn’t have to be sex all the time, leave him little notes in work box, just “ I love you !,mow the yard let him watch a sport game or movie, rent something you know he wants & just sit with him, make popcorn, even though you hate the movie, hold his hand while out & about, foot rub, shower together, Its all about the little unexpected things, use your imagination.


Of he loves you he,will understand. You Don’t have to be intimate to let somehow know you love them.

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It’s really hard to give their love language when it’s farthest from your radar!

Remain as affectionate as you can be… a kiss on the neck or an unexpected hug goes a long way towards letting him know that you still love and want him. Intimacy doesn’t occur only in the bedroom.

Hahaha sorry for laughing but that is up to both of you after baby is born you will see there is still time to do everything with your hubby, remember it takes two to tango make him help you with baby and enjoy the time together as a family I have 3 little ones and 14 years together with my hubby and 13 years married, and to top it off another baby on the way… We still find time to give attention to each other…

Other ways other then sex to arouse a man


Karen Ashley Wooddall this blog helps me … Love you

I didnt feel up for sex for a few months after having my first, but I still took care of my husband. I’d shower with him, give him oral, rub his feet at night, (yes he did for me too) give him full body massages, and bake him yummy stuff. We were just fine.

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