How do you remove ink from a projection screen tv?

I was just curious if anyone had any tips or tricks to remove pen ink from a projection screen t.v? Lol


Mr clean erasers work amazing on crayon! And markers too

Avon bubble bath on a damp rag takes it off upholstery, might work on screens. Just be sure it’s not too wet.

I’ve used Mr Clean magic erasers before.

“Goof off” should take it off if all else fails. Just test it on a corner first to check to make sure for colorfastness and be careful with it because it’s highly flammable.

Nail polish remover?

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Norwex cleaning cloth. Only uses water. Used to take magic marker from a child face and body

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One part rubbing alcohol,and one part distilled water. Put the solution on a cloth,should come right off.

Magic eraser took sharpie off the couch and TV :rofl:

Try Magic eraser first, then shave cream, then alcohol, then goof off. Start gentle before you pull out the big guns lol