How do you sleep train a clingy child?

I hate bed sharing but it is the only way I get any sleep it is currently 2:30 in the morning, how do you sleep train a child that is ridiculously attached to you. Seriously someone help me I’m dying


Check out Super Nanny Jo Frost. She has some amazing tips on getting your Littles to sleep by themselves. These tips do not work if you don’t follow exactly what she’s saying. It will take some long frustrating nights, but trust the process. Do exactly as she says.

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Once your child has fallen asleep leave. They won’t want you sleeping with them forever…enjoy it! Look at it as a positive instead of a negative


I put a twin bed next to my bed.

That’s biologically normal. Routines help but so does room sharing.

Get a bigger bed. Check both your iron levels


Depending on the child’s age. Make a bed next to you on the floor. It’s the child is an infant puppy a pack and play next to you. If the child is older put them in their bed, read to them, and turn the lights off and stay for a bit when they start to fall asleep. Then leave the room.

Put him in his bed stay with him awhile read a story mabe stay till he falls asleep & if he keeps coming out keep taking him back to his room till he gets it
If 8n a crib put 9n a clean diaper new bottle & sing to him 4 awhile & 8f he keeps crying when u leave let him cry…he’ll eventually cry himself to sleep


Cry it out is the only way. It’s hard for a few days but it gets easier quick.


I would get him out of your bed asap… he will be 8-9-10 years old wanting to sleep with you. I’ve never co slept with any of my kids after the age of 6-8 months and they all have slept in their own beds, they are now 15, 14, 7 and 5. No ma’am, my bed is my bed and yours is yours. Yes enjoy it when they come cuddle but do not get them in the habit of sleeping with you because they will be sleeping with you until they are way older. Mommas need our space too and night time when the kiddos go to sleep is my time by myself.

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Your not dying sweetie
Your just sleep deprived
Stick bubs in his/her cot at night
If bubs wakes up he/she can amuse itself and chances are will go back to sleep

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Just keep sleeping together. Children are meant to be “clingy”


Put them in their own bed. Shut the door. Turn up the TV so you don’t hear the screaming. A few nights of that and done.


My 6 and 4 year old girls still sleep with me every night, my partner usually ends up on the couch or one of their beds :joy:
They feel comfortable & safe sleeping with me, even though it’s sometimes annoying I’m happy that they’re happy. I’m looking forward to them finally getting into their own beds but no doubt will miss it when they do. They aren’t little forever & don’t want to give mamas non stop snuggles forever so I think enjoy the unconditional love & snuggles :heart:

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