How do you start pacifier weaning?

Best way to get child off paci/binkie?
Or limit use on for bedtime.
(15month old)


I have a 19mo and 7mo that take pacis. Our dentist said by age 3 to take them away. Only have it out at the times u want to offer it honestly.

It’s not easy but try to distract as much as possible when it’s asked for and keep where it can’t be seen. There will be fits but just have to try to get through it as best as possible

Take it away for short periods of time first and increase the time it’s gone day by day. Start with nap times than move to bedtimes also. If your baby asks for it distract with toys or something.

We tied pacifier to couch for my sister and niece. And let them have it in bed … i think they were just over 3 when got rid of them

Cut a tiny hole in the nipple!

Hide it. And detracted

I’m currently dealing with this and have been since 14 months…we make him leave it in his crib when he wakes up. Usually he doesn’t notice it’s gone after we go downstairs and start our day. I do keep one in the diaper bag for emergencies JUST IN CASE nothing else works, but I’ve rarely had to use it in the almost 3 months we’ve been doing it.

Just throw them away!!! May lose sleep for a night or two but thats all it takes.


Look up the paci fairy method used in that old show the nanny.

Throw them all in the trash. He will whine about it at first and totally forget about it the next.

I started weaning my daughter off by only allowing her to have it to sooth if she hurt herself and before/ during naps/bed. That was right around 2 years old. Then went to only naps/bedtime. Got her fully off of it when we were in Disney (age 2.5) and told her Mickey needed it for the little babies that came to visit. Also have a friend who used the “Pavo fairy cane and took them all.” Just make sure you’ve removed them all, if not they will be found.

I started by just giving during nap and bed time. Took it away as soon as they woke up and got it back when it was nap and bed time. Then after a while I took it away at nap time. Then we did a count down to take it away at night time. Told him it was a baby paci and he was a big boy now. It is harder on you than it is on them!! Seriously it is.

Out of sight, out of mind. Toss them. I did around 12 months (10 months adjusted age) & it did not phase him at all. The sooner you take it away, the less attachment they’ll have to it.

I cut the very tops off when I’m ready to wean and tell them it’s broke. Take a couple of days before they stop asking but has been the easiest way for us (getting ready to wean child #3)

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The day my daughter turned 1 it went in the trash

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Try and gather them all up have child put them in a ziploc bag(incase youd like to keep them) and let them throw them in the trash and say bye bye pacis(or whatever the child calls it)

Never give it to them in the first place

Just take it away. Usually with in a week they forget about it.

I’m just here for the tips kuz my first was addicted to the paci… I stressed bc I had no idea how I was gonna break her from it. Then at 15 months she got hand foot and mouth and it hurt her to suck on one so she quit doing it all on her own. I don’t wanna hope my next gets hf&m so I need tips lol

Take it and throw it away

I’m dealing with this with my 3 year old. We also have a 17 month old and we’re trying to take hers, too. It’s difficult dealing with the screaming.

I just got rid. My daughter had one but I got rid of it during the day when she was 9 months old. Cold turkey. If they scream they scream. Then I just threw them away when I didn’t want her to have one at night. I don’t pander to tantrums or screaming. After about a week they forget or just get a grip. No big deal. My son never took to a dummy so I don’t have to worry with him.

I told my son the dog ate them all

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Cut the tips off and they won’t want them after that !


Don’t give em one in the 1st place. They r germ carriers

My son gave his to the rabbit and I refused to buy anymore after she chewed it up lol

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I waited until my son was almost 4 -but he had anxiety issues, and needed that comfort. Problem with a soother is that if it is taken away too early the child can start sucking his/her thumb, and that can distort growing teeth.

Stop giving it to them 💁

Cut the tip. It worked great for my daughter. She noticed something sad different and then I threw all out but that one. And slowly took it away at nap time and then bedtime. Then told her we lost it and I couldn’t find it. She was 2

cold turkey was the only thing that worked for my son…my daughters got sick of it when they were like 4-6 months old so not an issue there lol.

One of my baby brothers “fed” his to the goats . Threw it in their fenced in area outside and knew he couldn’t have it back after that, I think he cried a little over it but from what I can remember it did the trick .
If you can’t say a pet ate it you could have him/her just throw it away and take out the trash with you , it’ll probably be rough at first but it probably will be no matter how you do it .

With my first one he lost it and I just never looked for it but with my second and third they kinda weened themselves off of it (my third was never readily into it) but I would just stop giving it to him/her during the day. Just try to distract with toys or books.

Poke a hole in it and let them get over it on their own. Poke a hole in every single one.

Throw straight in the garbage

With my first I just threw them away and dealt with the crying for about 2 days. My second I tried something different and cut holes in the end (a friend suggested it) she hated that and quit on her own.

My daughter would not give hers up at all, she asked at 3 for the grufflo book and I told her that the baby elves need more dummy’s in the north pole so mummy and daddy elf can make all the presents for Christmas so maybe they will swap the book for the dummy and on the 1st December she put her dummy in the letter box and then at bed time she saw her grufflo book and has never asked for it again…

Throwing them away was the easiest for us.

Chilli sauce on the end of it

Just throw it away he will cry for awhile but nothing is worse then children try to speak around it you have to make alot if tough love decisions as a parent here’s one.

Just throw them all away.