How do you start potty training boys?

Any advice on Potty train? My son just turn 3 a few days ago. I have tried and sit him in the toilet but he’ll scream and act like I’m killing him. This is my first child so I have no idea where to start. Thanks in advance!


When hes ready …dont force it …make it fun


You’re putting him on the big toilet yeah if he doesn’t like that try getting him a little kids potty my kids 2 and that’s what we’re currently training on and he’s been doing wonderful

Get some jelly beans. 1 jelly bean for going potty and 2 for go poop. Give him options a little kids potty and a seat that goes on the big potty.

You can’t force it… he has to want to. But try to make it fun first and if he still doesn’t want to then he isn’t ready

Let him run around naked!!


Stop forcing it :woman_facepalming: he isnt ready, just because he turned 3 doesnt mean he is ready. He NEEDS to come to you

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Be patient and don’t rush him. He’ll get there. I would wait till warmer weather (depending on where you are it could be now) but we always did naked potty training (mom of seven). Made it so much easier!!! I would also keep a potty in the main room by the TV so they could just stop and go as soon as they felt the urge. Lots of praising and treats when he goes!!! And our very favorite video was Once Upon a Potty. Every single one of my kids just loved it. We STILL sing the song. LOL


If do big potty get seat that sits on potty. Sticker chart or reward system

I had to do two days of him on my lap on the potty then feed him candy when he sits on it without me… lol

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My son was scared of the big potty, so we bought him one of the kid ones. I would let him sit with a book or one of his favorite toys. Mainly, it’s about consistency. Once every hour. Dont force him on if he screams, but let him know the potty is a good thing. Also, I gave 1 M&M when he went pee pee and 2 M&Ms when he went stinky.

Put some cheerios in the toilet and tell him to hit the target.

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Ya’ll, you CANNOT potty train a child IF THEY AREN’T READY ON THEIR OWN :woman_facepalming:


My son was the same so what I did as I got him a potty chair from Walmart and instead of him sitting down to pee he stands up to pee in it and then slowly I started putting him on the toilet but when I put them on the toilet I put him on backwards and that way he can hold on to the back part of the toilet if that makes sense and then he’ll go there and then when he needs to poop he finally decided he wants to turn around to poop and I let him pick out his own underwear that way he wears them and I hid all the pull-ups that way when he wets himself he’s like oh no I have to go on the potty

My husband made a step stool to put in front of toilet for our boy to stand on and potty like a big boy ,like daddy

I tried my son at 2 years old the first time, he wanted nothing to do with it. Tried again at 2 1/2 years old, still nothing. He started showing interested around Christmas. Right now, we are on week 4 of only 2 accidents and big boy undies! Don’t force it mama, try it (make it fun) and if shows no interest, wait a few months and try again. Good luck!

I put my son in one of my shirts and nothing else, so he’s covered. But he doesn’t want to make a mess. He tells us when he has to go. He has his own potty

We started by putting his little potty in the living room. When he actually started sitting on it I started letting him run around naked. I would try get him to drink as much as he could so he would have to pee then I would put him on his potty ever 15 or so minutes. He had a few accidents (mostly poop) then when we moved his potty into the bathroom he didn’t want to use it anymore he only wanted the big toilet. I was constant at the routine for like a week and it worked for us! He was potty trained during the day just before his second bday and was fully potty trained at night just before he turned 3!

If he’s scared of the normal toilet I would suggest a kids one!

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From a mama that trained 3 boys. Don’t force it. He’ll go when he’s ready. Use pull ups instead of diapers and let him pee on trees outside ( with discretion of course)


Let him run without a diaper when in the house, and have a talk(eye contact) and explain that if he uses the potty he gets praise and hugs and kisses and if he Potty’s on the floor he will have a punishment. Worked for my stubborn youngest just an idea. Good luck mama

He’s not ready and I suggest stopping this since it is probably taking you further from the goal. He sees it as something bad and he’ll never want to do it. Let him run around naked and ask every 20mins or so if he needs to potty. Let dad or you ask him if he wants to go to the potty with you so he can see how it’s done. Don’t force it,it will happen on its own.

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Through a couple of of pieces of cereal in the toilet and tell him shoot at them. Making it into a game helps.

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He probably isn’t ready. Boys are much harder to train. My son was ready at 3.5 and it only took a week. When he is ready it will be super easy. Don’t force him or it won’t work. Offer lots of praise and M&Ms.

Put the port in a different room and move it closer to the bathroom day by day. Also give him a toy to keep him occupied

I potty trained both my kids using the 3 day potty training method. I took a week off work, to focus one on one with my child and potty training. I didn’t leave the house at all that week. My son was almost 3 and my daughter was 26 months. A Potty watch is a great thing to have (Amazon sells them for like 10bucks) and I rewarded them with M&Ms and pennies for their piggy bank anytime they went on the potty. Oh and NO DIAPERS OR PULL-UPS, except at bed time. I put mine in underwear while I trained so they could feel the wetness . You can Google “3 day potty training” for more info. Consistency is KEY!!!

I have both a little potty and the toilet available, I let him choose which one he wants to use and reward poops with a lollipop (I tried rewarding pee too, but the kid outsmarted me and would tinkle a little, get a lollipop, say he had to pee again right afterwards and request another lollipop)

I have a training toilet in the room we happen to be in . I don’t necessarily keep it in the bathroom all the time. Let him run around with no diaper on and keep a close eye on him for a first few days. Anytime you see him start to poop or pee grab him real quick and put him on the toilet. This worked for both of my daughter. It might be a little different with a son.


For everyone saying he’s not ready. WTH?? He’s three years old ! Both my daughters were fully trained by two! Why keep wasting diapers when they are fully aware of learning how to use the toilet? Kids are so much smarter than you think. And they learn quickly


You have to wait until HE is ready or potty training won’t work. Once he is ready then put him on the potty every 30min and let him sit there for about 5min to see if he goes. Don’t force it too much though you’ll just stress yourself and him out. Try a reward system give him a mini lollipop or something whenever he goes in the potty. I used the mini lollipops when potty training my kids. You can also try putting the potty out in the open for him to use when he needs it.

just let him watching some kids song for potty training working very good :blush: my baby start with that

don’t force him he will rebel he has to be ready

Get a toddler seat insert for the potty and a step stool. If little ones feet are left just hanging and on a regular seat they may feel insecure and scared. A book to help keep distracted a little may help some too. I used candy reward with all 3 of mine just anything small like smarties, m&m or even stickers.

I started potty my daughter at 14 month old and she was 2 when she’s fully trained. I make big deal when she uses her potty i said her wow you’re big girl now and so proud of you then give her a treat. I also explain to her “as you get older you have responsibility just like mom, nan and cousins”.

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My son is the EXACT SAME. He will be 3 beginning of March. My daughter is 14 months and has gone on the potty. I’ve been trying to get him to see it’s not a bad thing by his sister sitting on it and using it. And she used it with no problem. My son absolutely HATES change. So I’m going at it a little at a time. I’m sure I’ll get my 14month old to be potty trained before him

I’m potty training my 2 year old when we first started he would scream and cry but keep at it. I sit there with my son and keep him company and when he goes I give lots of praise and hi fives then let him flush the potty. He just needs to used to the potty it’s something new to him

My daughter will pee on the small potty that sits on the floor but refuses to use the big potty. Her doctor said not to try and force it. Shell do it when shes ready and that forcing it will just make her scared and not trust me.

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My daughter was the same so she was constantly nakey baby. Warning tho, I had to clean the floor 6 times the first day, 3 the second, and once the 3rd so get some stuff to clean up pee. We are week three into potty training and now working on her not peeing when wearing undies

I would basically give you the advice of let them show you that they’re interested in otherwise it probably won’t work my grandmother was pushing and pushing for me to potty train my son and when we tried he wasn’t successful but then he started to show interest in it and now he pees on the potty he poops in the potty he isn’t peeing in his diaper all night but he gets up in the morning and goes potty . We make a really big deal out of it when he goes potty you know he loves to pick out undies to wear. I would just let them show you their ready unless they’re like eight you know like that’s a bit much LOL


It took “reward incentives” for mine to finally get it. A mini marshmallow for trying, a piece of candy for hits. A potty chart, 5 hits equaled a dollar tree toy. Eventually he got #1 down, so we went to #2 getting candy. After a couple weeks of accident free, consistent behavior we celebrated with new undies and a toy, and ended the rewards. Good luck, and have patience!

I have 4 year old twins finally at 3 I was tired of buying diapers. It gets expensive. I tried the giving them candy stickers putting them on backwards letting them draw with dry erase markers nothing worked. The only thing that worked for me was letting them run around naked and I told them when they went and flushed it went out to water to feed fish lol. I know it sounds stupid but it worked. Every kid is different I would just keep trying different things. Good luck


Go by the almanac. Will be trained within a week

What worked best for both of my boys was just having them be naked, im a SAHM so they didn’t need pullups i just stayed home while they were potty training. I would notice them start to panick because they had to go potty but didn’t have a diaper or anyhting to catch it so id go put them on the toilet they were scared the first day or two but started getting used to it. Took my second a few days before he would poop in the toilet but he was fully potty trained in a week. Never even needed pullups at night.

I waited until my oldest had an interest. He was almost 3. And then my second he turned 3 yesterday and he just started in underwear for good Monday. We had tired before many times. He wasn’t ready. When they are ready they will let you know. Don’t force it that can make it harder.

Potty seat so it’s lower to the ground they can go when they are ready I was told put them in a room with it and walk away after explaining what it’s for and say hes a good boy that he’s done a good job when he uses it … Some potty seats you can take apart you pit the top on the toilet bottom you flip over into a step

My son would only use a small potty up until almost 3 then we transitioned him to the big one.

Try a potty let him get used to the idea of just sitting on it before making him pee in it…I used to sit mine in front of the tv on it at the start so they weren’t conscious of what they were doing, good luck :blush:

This is the one .y oldest used and he got used to it faster than straight to toilet

No pant, diaper or underwear. Just let him go naked. I’m still trying to potty train my 3.5 year old. It’s been rough, but the only thing we have found that works. Anything else just felt like a diaper to him so he didn’t get the concept. When he had nothing on he was looking for somewhere to go. It was easier to reinforce that the toilet is his new diaper.

The hole in the toilet is very scary for some kids. Get a potty for him. And whether he wants to go toilet or not take him put him on the potty and then u sit on the toilet and just sit with him. Read a story whilst he is on the potty. Then when you are done give him the toilet paper and u take a piece and wipe ur bum. Remember kids copy what we do

My daughter is 2 and I bought snacks and $1 toys and showed her every time she goes potty she get a reward from the potty bag. And she had a chart with 25 squares she had to fill it up and if she did she got a bigger reward like a bigger toy or I was going to take her to Chuck E. Cheese. This just happened like 2 weeks ago and now she doesn’t even expect a toy and she wakes up dry and she rarely has any accidents we still do a diaper when we go out but she usually comes home dry dry. The first couple days were rough but I had a potty song on a timer on my phone and every 5-10 minutes I’d sit her down. By day three she knew what to do.

My son is 3 and I’m having the same problem. Been trying for a while now. It gets discouraging.

My oldest is 3 and i just got her potty trained, this made our 3rd time. She acted interested so i went out and bought all the stuff, it lasted about a week or so and then she stopped so i stopped. She acted interested again during the summer so I pulled everything out and she acted interested for 2 weeks and then stopped so i stopped. I waited until January and asked if she was ready for pull ups and big girl potty and she said yes. So i let her run around in a pull up and left her potty in the living room. Everytime she went, she would get a sucker. She’s been in underwear for almost 3 weeks. Just let them give you signs that they are ready, dont push it!

My oldest son will be 3 in March and he’s potty trained already some babies take longer then others I had my two girls potty trained way before I could get my son to ya it but I got him a potty seat that looks like a real toilet he loved it I just put underwear on him and kept asking him like a million times a day (it felt like anyway lol) if he had to go potty sometimes he would say yes and when we went he wouldn’t go but other times he did sometimes he even had accidents which he did not like and it can make you tired of having to clean it up but when he would have accidents I’d take him to his potty seat and tell him that’s where you have to go pee pee or poopy not in your underwear it took about a month but he’s finally going on his own I still put a diaper on him at bedtime cause he don’t have that figured out yet but first thing in the morning he’ll pull it off and go potty to me it was way harder potty training a boy then it was my two girls lol good thing I only have one more baby to potty train and it’s a boy too lol also when he did us the potty I made a big deal about it jumping up and down like a crazy person clapping my hands and had him give me high fives and a big ole hug and the smile on his face after all that was priceless it can get exhausting it did for me anyway lol but I never gave up so you hang in there too lol good luck

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My son will be 3 in a few weeks. We started around 2.5 and he was very nervous at first so we realized we had to go at a slower pace so it wasn’t traumatic for him. We have a small potty on both floors and offer the adult toilet as well. Our first step was just keeping his bottoms naked at home, so there was no diaper to rely on. So He started going on the potty. Then we moved to underwear at home, and would only do diapers out in public but not the house. he had 1 or 2 accidents in his underwear and didn’t like it, so he’d start pulling his underwear down to go. Once he perfected underwear in the house, then we added underwear in public too (started with absorbent training underwear in case of an accident). He is doing awesome with that and will let us know he has to use the bathroom while we’re out, no accidents while out, so far. So my advice is one small step at a time. Once he does well with on step, add more to your process.

Little boys cotton boxers. They hate the cold wet feeling of it, plus the reward for going in the potty is getting to wear character boxers! My son was much harder to train, but he was completely out of diapers by 2 1/2.

I let my son “water” the flower garden. It was summer time when I potty train him so he ran around outside in undies and thought it was funny to pee on mommy flowers. By the time winter came around he was potty train

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When you think he can try and aim throw a cheerio in the potty and tell him to hit the target do the same when it comes to pooping…

Huge reason parents fail is because they dont do a routine.

When they go to store they put diapers on because its to hard to do in public.

Well thats why its not working.

Also hes 3. He understands now. So id tell him he can choose to go sit and get a treat.

If he doesnt thrn he cleans himself up. He needs to see how long it takes to clean up and get boared of it each time.

Wait…so in Zimbabwe we do.things wrong kkkkk started potty training both my kids at 1yr6mths…by 2years they are trained…diapers are too expensive…


we did the 3 day naked training and it worked amazingly…within 2 weeks he was fully trained (all day all night) and we havent looked back :stuck_out_tongue:

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Get a potty ( let him help pick it out ) then Don’t ask just say ok let’s go potty and take him every hour or half hour plus every time you go take him to .

We started with books, Potty books. We let him pick out a potty and underwear. I never pushed him, and waited until he was ready. Just remember pooping will take time. We did do surprises at first. Just do reminders if he has accidents “next time let try to make it to the potty”

I let my son go outside. He loved it lol.
I would also sing to him when he pooped or peed made it a huge happy time!
Reward him with candy everytime he would get use the potty he’d get to pick a candy.
Be prepared to stay home for 2 to 3 weeks to get this started and stay focused by asking him every 30 minutes to go try on the potty.

I was having issues but yesterday my little girl whipped of her nappy an run for her potty an she’s been brilliant no accidents nothing they take their time she was 3 last month an I was surprised I tried her on the big toilet she screamed like I was murdering her… so left her to do it herself :grin: then I told her she has to be a big girl an use her potty more often she’ll get a surprise she run for a smyths toys book an picked her toy out that she wants for using the potty… she’s my only child also don’t pressure the little one he’ll do it himself soon

ladies get a man to teach boys how to pee standing up. mine liked to water trees

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We did Cheerios in the toilet! Made it fun!

My kid is 3 and a half and is barely going now. Sometimes you just have to wait. The way he goes now is by knowing he will get a treat or iPad after… call it what you will but it is working and helping make it much more bearable for the both of us. I send him about ever 30-60mins and he still argues with me but eventually will go if he really what’s his toy/treat. It’s been a few days and he goes more consistently and has started announcing that he needs to go. Good luck! Just have patience it will help.