How do you start potty training?

My son is 18 months and he started out of nowhere giving my signs on going potty when he pees he grabs himself and poops he bends over or squats and im a new mom and i have no clue where to start on potty training help?? Im all ears!!!

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Buy him a potty. Every time he signals put him on the potty!! :slight_smile:


Get a little potty put it in the bath room, take him with you when u got have him sit. Ready him a book and tell him good job, we yell yay and clap and my daughter loves it.

Try taking him to sit on his potty every 35 or 45 min make it fun

Get a potty seat for the toilet and a travel one…and when u see the behaviour or signs that he needs to go…take him quickly to the potty. Then make a mini celebration for when he finishes and flushes, washes his hands. Get a step stool so he can reach the sink and get onto the toilet by himself. You can get a sticker chart (or make one with his favorite charactors. We had Elmo and friends) and when he does 1 full week of potty, he gets to pick something ojt from the dollar store. A new little toy (doesnt have to be expensive at all lol). Aw…i loved potty training. We started when mine was juat over 2, and he did amazing.

Buy a potty chair and spend 2 days with putting him on it when he shows signs or when you go… Then let him run around naked and see how he does

Let him control it for now, but let him sit on a potty and get him used to the toilet. Takes it at his speed though since he’s stil young. Too much pressure and he’ll give up

I started letting my son assist me when I go potty… Like coming with, handing me the toilet paper, and flushing. And I say potty a lot… “Mommy is going potty”, “Ok, flush the potty.” We are kind of just in the introduction period right now… He is 21 months. Around 2 we’ll start setting him down on the potty, see how that goes… Unless he really wants to get on before then… Not going to push him, he’ll do it when he’s ready.

Put him on the potty and see what he does.

I got my daughter a potty when she was about 18 months. I just sit her on the potty a few times a day. A huge step for us was when she started hiding when she needed to poop. When she hid, i would pick her up and go sit her on the potty. I would sit on the floor next to her and sing a song or read a book. I agree…too much pressure and let him be in control while hes still this little. Every kid learns at their own speed!

Hes ready
Just let him show you
Get him on the potty as soon as he shows you