How do you start potty training?

how early did other moms start potty training? tips?


Once we move in a month im gonna start. My daughtet will be 18 almost 19months. But she has her own potty right now and is very interested in hers and the one we use. So I figured it wouldnt hurt to try

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Two years old bought little potty and set it across from big potty. Every time i had to go he went too.

My son started showing interest at 15 months then didn’t then started more when he was 2. Then just kept on it if I was going or his cousin’s we’re he would just sit too. Now he’s 3 almost 1/2 and doesn’t wear a diaper to bed most of the time. He couldn’t do pull ups til a few months ago he still thought they were diapers and had more accidents… put him in underwear at 2 years and been doing so well. Started the pull ups and explaining how he wants to keep the picture at 2 1/2 and started understanding more… Accidents happen but overall he’s been potty trained since the beginning of the year

Almost in between [email protected] 3. Since my first 3 kids where 2.5 yrs apart I had to wait til the baby got here n then do it… tips would be 1st being able to roughly know when your child is going… for example with my 1.5 yr old when she poops she squats like we do, but let her run around with nothing on her bottom half and sit her on her potty ever 5/10 min and if she goes give her a good job surprise I always used the motts fruit snacks

My daughter was completely potty trained at 2… she had to be to start at the pre-K I wanted her to go to… whatever method you try consistency is the most important. What works for 10 of us may not work for you. Be patient!

You’ll know when they’re ready. My son was 3 and I was about to pull my hair out!! My daughter started showing interest and was trained at 12 months.

Two years old. Don’t force it. If they are showing signs then encourage them. We let our son pick out his own big boy underwear and his potty. We used M&Ms as rewards. 1 for pee, 2 for poop. I took him every 30 minutes and made him try. We read a lot of books while he sat too. Within a week he was telling us when he needed to potty and we didn’t have to use rewards anymore. Keep it fun and try not to get frustrated.

2 for girls
3 for boys

About a year and a half, he started showering with dad and dad showered him how to pee in the drain. We figured it would help with aim. It wasn’t until he was 3 until he was staying dry during the day. He will be 4 in July and still wears a pull-up to bed but stays dry 99% of the time.

2 yrs old wit real panties. Kids still potty in pullups making it harder to potty train

My son started at a 2. However, his baby sister was born shortly after he started training. After she was born he regressed. It was like he hadn’t trained at all.

Establishing that the bathroom is the place to potty is the first step, only changing the butts in there, taking the poo if you are able to and flushing it in front of them, showing that’s the only place we should be doing business. :slightly_smiling_face: also, we did not use a big potty, that’s only making another step for yourself in the future, putting cotton underwear on after the poop, so they can feel when they pee and not like the feeling. :slightly_smiling_face: Consistency is key!!

I’m doing the potty training at the moment too. What seems to work best, since hes my 4th boy, is sticking them in underwear and taking them literally every 15 minutes until they start to go on their own. My son is 2.5, but he hasn’t been ready til now. Don’t rush it. Pull ups are expensive diapers and dont feel any different. Best of luck.

My daughter just turned 1 and she has pottied in her potty a few times

Ironically. I started PT my oldest when I was about 7 months prego. She got it pretty well but then took a big regression when her brother came. So that being said she turned 3 in March. Literally today I finallllyyyy convinced her to start using the potty again. She was able to feel like she had some control and she went in her room tossed out her pull ups and put on a pair of undies. And the went pee on her own all day. Granted we didn’t leave the house today… buuttttt all kids are different. Once they show an interest try, if it doesn’t work don’t push, as annoying as it is. Just go with the flow. Eventually they’ll be as sick of it as you are :joy::joy:

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My daughter was fully potty trained at 16 months. She had her own potty at 12 months but I let her play with it until she started showing signs that she was ready. That’s when I showed her what it really was for and not a toy. I never used pull ups because I felt it would confuse her so she wore panties. I wanted her to know what it felt like to have an accident that way she could try to avoid it.

Both my son and daughter were trained by 2.5.

Mine is just now getting it and she’s 3. She is only in pull-ups at night. She sleeps very well so I don’t want her to mess that up. But she barely goes at night.

Her brother is 1 1/2. He is interested but we are not there at all.

My daughter isn’t old enough yet, but the method my mom had was “If they can tell you they pottied in their diaper, they’re old enough to use the toilet.”

My boy was fully toilet trained day and night by his 3rd birthday. Started around 2 years but the more I pushed it the less he wanted to go. It happened pretty quickly when I let him do it at his pace. I never used a potty, have always personally hated a potty (I’m a bit of a clean freak) so I used the toilet. Got a toilet step and seat for him and he was very good about it :slightly_smiling_face:

First daughter did it herself at 18 months, and second daughter started wanting to use the toilet a couple weeks before she turned 18 months.

Also agree with a few people here. Don’t use pull ups during the day as it can send them backwards. Try keep them in undies and just use pull-ups over night. If they go a couple of weeks waking up with a dry pull up, try undies overnight too :slightly_smiling_face: I just make sure my boy goes to the toilet before bed and we don’t have any accidents :slightly_smiling_face:

All three of my kids were 3 years old when they were ready to be potty trained. Best advice I can give is that you have to wait until they are ready, if they arent ready than it wont work out.

1st daughter potty trained at 2. Took 2 weeks to fully train. My 2nd… :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: well let’s just say size 7 diapers are a difficult find in stores. I seriously thought she would be in Kindergarten not potty trained. She was 4 1/2 before she got it down pact. My third born was almost 3. My 4th born was about 3 before she was fully trained too. Each kid is different. They will show signs when they’re ready. Not wanting poop or pee in their diaper and expressing it is a big one. Or like one of my girls she would take off her diaper herself and say yuck.

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My son was 23 months :blush: did the 3 day commando method, worked great for us

Every kid is different but its usually better to wait till they’re 2. My oldest was potty trained around 2 years 4 months, my second 2 years 8 months, my 3rd was potty trained for a month around 2 years 3 months then stopped and we’re about to try again and shes 2 and 8 months now. Just don’t force it

Get a kiddy potty as soon as kiddo walks. Put it in your bathroom and every time You go, have her sit on her potty clothes on. Soon she’ll want to do what your doing. Get training pants and boom, its that easy. Well almost. Good luck little momma.

We did a potty chart for my grandson at about 2. We made it for #1 and #2 . If he used the potty, he got a sticker. It worked well.

I wait until they are ready. That has been about 2.5 for three of them. My oldest of four kids was potty trained at 18 months but it took a while and she had several times where she regressed. My youngest just decided last week to be done with diapers. She has only had two accidents in her underwear. I haven’t done anything except ask her a couple times a day if she has to go - she goes pee when she needs.