How do you store your baby bottles?

How do y’all store your baby bottles if you have no more cabinet space? I have plenty of counter space so just need a way to organize them better!


I had a bottle drying rack i kept them on.

A shower caddy works good too

I leave them on the drying rack. I literally don’t ever put them away. Use them wash them then put onto rack.


I haven’t had to store bottles in FOREVER, and my advice would depend on whether you do breast milk or formula. I did formula. What I found saved me both time and space was to wash the bottles and fill them with water. I’d let them sit on the counter and then they were room temperature and ready to go when I was ready to mix the formula. I’d use the bottles each day and each evening, after the babies went to bed, I’d wash them all and refill them with water so they were ready for the next round of feedings. I bought a cheap plastic basket and kept the filled bottles, formula and room temp water bottles all together, in the basket, on the counter.

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I just keep them on the drying rack I have


We just used the dish drainer in the second sink, but that worked for us because 1. We always washed things in the dishwasher and didn’t need to use the sink, 2. We didn’t have extra counter space, and 3. I didn’t care if they were visible/out in the open.

I use the Munchkin Tidy Dry space saving drying rack! They go on there right when they’re unloaded from the dishwasher & we grab from there as needed.

I kept mine on the bottle drying rack on the counter


You can use a shoe organizer that attaches to a door. The fabric ones with pockets

I kept mine in a plastic storage basket

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I take the junk out of my cupboards that I don’t use very often and throw them in a closet somewhere. Then I put the baby bottles in the cupboard because clutter on the counter drives me crazy lol.

Organize them in baskets from the dollar tree.

There’s lots of ways…just depends on your space and what you find easiest!

You can get small bins from the Dollar Store. Just make sure they are dry and use those

I kept em in steriliser x