How do you suction a babies nose?

How often can I suction my 8 week olds nose? I’ve been having to about every 2 hours because she caught the rhinovirus from her brother. She’s been having a hard time eating and sleeping. I’ve been using saline too to help get it out.

Saline and suction (nose frida is my personal favorite) before every feed/ nap…

I don’t think there was a set amount. If my baby (now 18,16, and 11) sounded stuffed up then I would I use the suction on them.

It was a life saver when our baby had rhino

Nasal spray and a nose frida


Suck on her nose and spit.

My pediatrician told me today to suction with every feed and every nap.

Unlike other commenters, I was told the opposite. I have a 9 week old who just had cold and congestion. All three of the doctors I seen throughout the few weeks she was sick, told me to limit suctioning because it can cause inflammation narrowing the passages and causing more congestion. They encourage saline every couple of hours and suctioning before feeds and sleeps if they are struggling to breath out of their nose. I couldn’t stand hearing her try and breath through it so I probably still suctioned more than they recommended, but just a possibility to be aware of it can cause inflammation.

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The nose Frida is the best if you don’t have it! The bulb sucks and is super unsanitary

If the suctioning doesn’t work then I do suggest running hot water in the bathroom shut the door put towel underneath and sitting in there with the baby because it’ll help uncongest the nose. If baby was 3 months old I would suggest baby vicks but baby isn’t 3 months old yet. Also try rubbing baby’s forehead bridge of nose , eyebrows, cheekbones, hairline and bottom of head also. Cold mist humidifier can also help. You can try stroking a little bit inside baby’s nose with a cotton swab to try and get baby to sneeze. A warm bath also.