How do you track your elementary aged kids at school?

What do you mamas use for your littles that are on the bus or at school? My older kids are 13 and 15 and have phones for gps but I don’t think our 6 year old is ready for a cell phone but with the way the world is today I would feel better knowing where he’s at.


Look at spacetalk adventure watches. They are really cool!

Following cause I’m also interested!!

Get a tile that you can track with your phone and put it on their backpack or make a necklace or bracelet with it

I have the Gimzo watch for my little-ish guy. It has GPS and call and text ability. It’s through Verizon. I love having the piece of mind and it is limited to the 10 people you allow on it.


For airtag to work, don’t they have to be within range of your phone? Does that count for the other options as well, it can only work within so many feet of your device it’s connected to?


Gizmo watch. Can set a boundary for when they leave it it sends you a notification. Only you can put in their phone is who they can call and you can track literally their every move. Silence it during school hours etc

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I seen some one put air tags in the kids tounge of their shoe & sown it back up!

I like the shoe or necklace ideas the best. They may not have time to grab their backpack. Surely Android has something similar. It’s so sad we need this type of tracking for our kids.

When my son was that age I had a phone with a lock he didn’t know and told him to never take out (surprisingly he didnt) & I used the 360 family app to see his whereabouts since I don’t have iPhone. My sister who has iPhone places an airtag in her kids bags. She used to also have a watch on her youngest & told the teacher & complied with her to make sure he keeps it on.

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They have the kid watches that you program to call whomever on the list. I believe it has a gps.

I have Life360 app on all my kids phones. But they keep sending me notifications for a a free tile, with a subscription for kids returning to school. Which seems to be similar to like an apple AirTag.

My one has a space talk watch

We got our son a gizmo watch. It tracks and it only calls numbers you have programed and only answer those calls. Also you can put in school mode to prevent them from calling out. It’s $10/mo for the watch or $100 out right and$4/mo for the plan thru verizon


Times have definitely changed I was always worried about my girls but I did was when they were very little I took them to school and pick them up when I started allowing the school bus I knew exactly what time school got out gave it a few minutes for the bus to get loaded you have to I knew the route I knew when they should be a writing at the bus stop and I was there if the bus was late I called the school if when the bus showed up if my child did not get off I was on 911 and all over the damn place there’s not a whole lot you can do to perfectly protect your children just do what you can do I was lucky some parents were I understand that but that’s the best I could offer I don’t remember I’m a grandma that’s just the way I did it I would even call the school to make sure they were there

Gizmo watch is the way to go!!

My 8 year old has had a phone since he was 6. It made him more responsible actually. He takes very hood care of it

Apple air tag. They have a bracelet you can put it in

My 6 year old wears a Gabb watch. She can call and text on it but It’s all monitored on an app on my phone. She can only call/text the contacts that I put in the app. And I can gps locate her with it. It’s 8/month!


I would not do apple air tags because anyone with an apple device can see all devices in the area. I’d go with tile or an off brand of the same

T-Mobile kids watch. You can set boundaries, you can text and call, they can only text designated people, they have little mini games, stop watch, etc. you can put it on school mode so they can’t activate those things during class. It was real convenient for us for Public school!

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I just bought my 7yo and air tag for when he’s out riding his bike. I’ll probably send it to him at school. Make some sort of necklace with it or attach it to a shoe out of sight or even just in their backpack. It was like $29

I got my daughter a sync up kids watch from T-Mobile, she can text and call on it you can set up safe zones and monitor location as well as active tracking to watch which routes she takes on the bus as well as when she’s walking around town with her friends. You can set up Guardian accounts which will also be able to track her location so if she happens to be walking near a family’s house they can pull her location up on the sink up kids app there is also an emergency call button that will alert any and all Guardians that you have connected on the account to her exact last location. In case of emergencies of course and she absolutely loves using it because she can send me messages throughout the day at school letting me know how she’s doing you can set it up for school mode which means she is not allowed to call or text any of her friends only Guardians. And you would be the main account holder which means no phone numbers can be added without your explicit permission and you would have to do it through the app on your phone. Another thing I like is you can set up tasks and reminders for chores and she can also have access to a camera on the watch for pictures and or video and there are some educational games on the watch as well. But those can also be turned off based on your preferences

My 7 year old has one (a phone) tucked inside his backpack so not for him to use but it allows me to track where he’s at and so far all it cost me was a sim card which was like $1.08 (it may cost me additional on my carriers plan but it pay for use not prepay or contract

I have an Apple Watch for my 7yr old.

This makes me so sad. Let the kid be a kid. Child abduction rates are not higher than they used to be. Did you wear a tracker as a 6 year old? Why would you do this to your kids? There is no need to give your children fear that you have chosen to carry around. If you won’t spare yourself from this then please spare your kids.

This is a strange question because why do you have to track your kid at school?


I don’t understand having to GPS a child at school? I just put them on the bus and trust that they get to school safe. If anything happens (their bus went into the ditch last year) the school calls and tells me about it. I get notifications on my phone when they get marked absent. Had a notification one day that my daughter was marked absent and I know I put her on the bus so I messaged her teacher who assured me she was there and it was actually another child who was absent but she accidentally marked my daughter instead. I live in a small area though. My 6yo daughter went to paw patrol live with her friend last year and I sent my smart watch with her so she had a way to call me if she had problems and I could use my find my watch option if I needed to


I work for tmobile and we have kids watches the are like phones but you control who they have contact with through an app on your phone you can also track them, set alarm, routines etc they’re on promo rn you only pay the $10-15/month for the service.